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Updated December 1, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
Iran Targets ISIS in Clear Sign of US Cooperation
Iraq: 50,000 'Fictitious' Soldiers on Army Payroll
  Sadr Bloc Demands US, Iran Stop Intervening in Iraq
Islamists Dominate New Syrian Rebel Coalition
  ISIS Suffers Losses in Kobani, Still Has City Surrounded
Afghan President Sacks Most of His Cabinet
  Kabul Police Chief Resigns After Latest Taliban Attack
Egypt Protests as Charges Dropped Against Mubarak
'Common Core' for Jihadists  by Justin Raimondo
Seeing the Reality of the Vietnam War, 50 Years Late  by Jonathan Schell & Tom Engelhardt
Obama's Dumb, Rash, and Unilateral War  by Jacob Sullum
Who Wants To Be Defense Secretary?  by Ron Paul
Katharine Gun's Risky Truth-Telling  by Sam Husseini
Cashing in on the ISIS Crisis  by Emily Schwartz Greco & William A. Collins

More Viewpoints

Moldova: Pro-EU Parties Edge Pro-Russian Rivals, No Majority
Netanyahu Ally Says Israel May Need Early Elections
China Refuses to Let British Lawmakers Visit Hong Kong
Amnesty: Egypt Forcibly Evicted 1,165 Families From Rafah by the Gaza Border
Pope Says It Is Wrong to Equate Islam With Violence
US and Israel
More White Evangelicals Than American Jews Say God Gave Israel to the Jewish People
Abbas Accuses US of Blocking Creation of Palestinian State
New Jersey Rabbi Steven Pruzansky Calls for Expulsion of Palestinians
Israel Approves Purchase of 14 More F-35 Fighter Jets
Netanyahu Warns He Will 'Draw Conclusions' if Cabinet Stays Disloyal
Abbas: Only Hamas Is Responsible for the Gaza Strip
Settlers Get 30 Months in Prison for Arson in Palestinian Village
Tel Aviv Synagogue Vandalized in Protest Against Jewish Nation-State Bill
Khamenei Tells Iran Armed Forces to Build Up 'Irrespective' of Diplomacy
Russia to Give Grain to Iran in Return for Oil: Minister
Police: Iran Hospital Manager Hurt in Acid Attack
South African Aid Worker and His Two Children Killed in Afghan Suicide Attack
Attack Plane Built for Afghanistan Comes Under Scrutiny
Imran Khan Warns of Shutting Down Entire Pakistan on Dec. 16
Pakistan Rules Out Talks With Protest Leader
China/Hong Kong
China's Xinjiang Passes Rules, Plans Fines to Curb Unrest
Hong Kong Protesters Clash With Police at Government HQ
China's Xi Strikes Conciliatory Note, Broadens Diplomatic Focus
Vietnam Detains Blogger for 'Bad' Content
Menace or Myth, Myanmar Frets Over Rohingya Militant Group
Antiwar Priest Back From Latest Protest of Naval Base in South Korea
Large, Unauthorized Convoy Enters East Ukraine From Russia: Ukrainian Military
Hundreds Protest UK Trident Nuclear Weapons at Faslane
Colombian General and Two Others Freed by Rebels
5 Mutilated Bodies Found in Southern Mexico
Incumbent Vasquez Wins Uruguay's Run-Off: Exit Polls
Sunday Iraq Battles Leave 110 Killed
Iraq's Divisions Will Delay Counter-Offensive on ISIS
In Kirkuk, Thin Support for Planned National Guards Initiative
Displaced Top 2 Million as Winter Hits Northern Iraq
US Warplanes Hammer ISIS Stronghold in Syria, Activists Say
Syrian Air Raids Kill at Least 12 in Southern Town
Destitute and Trapped Syrian Refugees Dread Winter's Cold
Straining to Make Room for Refugees as the War in Syria Floods the World
Inside ISIS's Capital: Red Bull-Drinking Jihadists, Hungry Civilians, Crucifixions, and Air Strikes
Global ISIS Reaction
Germany Says 300 Jihadists Facing Trial, Anti-Terrorism Laws Working
Egypt Court Declares ISIS a Terror Group
Israel Looking Into Reports That Canadian-Israeli Gill Rosenberg Was Captured by ISIS
Canada Says Citizen May Have Been Captured in Syria
Middle East
Bahrain's Pro-Government Bloc Dominates Vote
Kurdish Deal With Turkey Within Reach but Legal Guarantees Key: Ocalan
Tradition Saves Camels' Spot in Jordan's Desert Forces
DR Congo
US Conflict Minerals Law Left Congolese Miners Jobless
Inter-Ethnic Conflict Racks Congo's Mining Heartland
About 400 Killed in Past Six Weeks of Fighting in Libya's Benghazi: Medics
One Person Killed as Egypt Police and Anti-Mubarak Protesters Clash
Central African Militia Says to Lay Down Arms, Become Political Party
Suspected Boko Haram Militants Raid Northern Christian Town in Nigeria
Sudan's Bashir Slams UN Peacekeepers, Demands They Leave
Blast in Eastern Kenya Wounds One: Police
French Soldier Dies in Burkina Faso Helicopter Crash
Ivory Coast Army Protests Sow Fears of Return to Unrest
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'Common Core' for Jihadists

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War in Mockingjay and the Hunger Games Series

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Is Obama Weak on Foreign Policy?

Nebojsa Malic
Two Parades and a Drone

David R. Henderson
Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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