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Updated December 2, 2014 - 11:19 PM EST
Obama to Name Ashton Carter to Replace Hagel
Iran Targets ISIS in Clear Sign of US Cooperation
  Iraq: 5,640 Killed in November, 465 More on Monday
  ISIS Kills 16 Iraqi Troops Along Syrian Border
  Wife and Suspected Son of ISIS Leader Baghdadi Arrested
  US Rejects Syria No-Fly Zone, Actively Discussing Buffer Zone
Netanyahu to Dissolve Parliament, Call Elections
  Sinai Militants Seized Egypt Warship, Aimed to Attack Israel
Aid Groups Exit Afghanistan as Security Worsens
  Kabul Police Chief's Resignation Rejected
Feds 1789 Law to Demand Apple, Google Decrypt Phones
  FBI Warns Soldiers to Hide Identities Online
  Obama Resists Demands to Curtail Police Militarization
Boston Bomb Case: Doubt Cast on Story of Todashev Killing
In Afghanistan, a Continuing Trend of US Military Incompetence  by Ivan Eland
Mexico's Acceptance of Mass Murder  by Claudio Lomnitz
The Risk of Misreading Russia's Intent  by Paul R. Pillar
Due Process Versus Secret Courts  by Wendy McElroy
COIN Is a Proven Failure  by Daniel L. Davis
New Defense Secretary: No More Stupid Wars  by Bruce Fein

More Viewpoints

Japan's Prince Akishino Airs Antiwar Convictions Ahead of 49th Birthday
Obama Dealt Major Setback in Closing Guantanamo
US Shootings by Police, Prison Conditions Trouble UN
Edward Snowden Wins Swedish Human Rights Award for NSA Revelations
NFL Won't Discipline Rams Players for Ferguson Protest
The War at Home
Jeh Johnson Not Interested in Replacing Defense Secy. Hagel
US Loses Bid to Revoke Megaupload Founder's Bail Conditions
Obama Asks Congress to Fund 50,000 Police Body Cameras
A-10 Warthog Retirement Debated After Replacement's Role in 'Friendly Fire' Deaths
Airmen Missing From WWII Accounted For
Suicide Attack at Afghan Funeral Kills Nine: Police
Afghan Leaders Formalize New Relationship at NATO
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Court Grants Injunction Limiting Protests
Hong Kong Protesters Warned Not to Return to Clash Site
India Maoist Rebels Kill 14 Policemen in Chhattisgarh
Imran Khan Claims PM Wanted to Come for Meeting
North Korea Refuses to Deny Sony Pictures Cyber-Attack
New Battle Rages at Donetsk Airport
War-Hit East Ukraine Schools Turns to Web for Education
Ukraine Urges Greater Military Aid From Europe, US: Minister
US Army Plans to Send Abrams Tanks and Bradleys to Eastern Europe
Moldova: Pro-EU Parties Edge Pro-Russian Rivals, No Majority
War on Whistleblowers: Berlin Gets Serious in the Search for Moles
Putin Says Russia Will Scrap South Stream Gas Pipeline
UK Anti-Terror Police Arrest Five Men in Dover and East London
Nigeria Rocked by New Boko Haram Raid and Suicide Attack
Minister: Military Alliance vs. Boko Haram Readies
Controversy Over Nigeria's Kano Mosque Death Toll
Egyptian Militants Say Killed American Oil Engineer
Tunisian Policeman Beheaded by Militants in Kef
Blasts, Gunfire in North Kenya Kill One and Wound Others
Namibia's Ruling Party Wins Landslide Election
Iraq: 5,640 Killed in November, 465 More on Monday
In Fight Against ISIS, Iraqi PM Sacks 24 Officials
Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Accuse Shi'ite Militias of Provocation After Shooting
Kurds Tighten Border as Displaced Iraqis Strain Resources
Yazidi Child Soldiers Face Down ISIS From Sinjar Mountain in Iraq
Shi'ite Paramilitary Forces Arrive Outside Kirkuk
250 Fort Bragg Soldiers to Deploy to Support Iraq Operations
1.7 Million Syrian Refugees Face Food Crisis as UN Funds Dry Up
Inside Kobani: Kurdish Civilians Endure ISIS Fight
ISIS Commander in Charge of Hostages Expelled: Report
Global ISIS Reaction
US-Led Coalition Conducts 55 Strikes in Iraq and Syria
US F-16 Pilot Killed in Crash on Combat Mission Against ISIS
New Zealand Troops Would Face Significant ISIS Risk: PM Key
Indian Student Who Joined Islamic State Wound Up Cleaning Their Toilets
A French Town Reels After Teenage Girl Vanishes, Apparently to Join Jihadists
Israeli Woman Dispels Reports of Capture by ISIS
Dutch Court Sentences 20 Year-Old for Fighting in Syria
US Sends 3,000 'Smart Bombs' to Israel
French Parliament to Call for Recognition of Palestinian State
Israeli Lightly Wounded in West Bank Stabbing Attack; Bus Attacked Near Shilo
Ex-Mossad Handler Blames Pollard for Bungling '85 Escape Plan
Arab Taxi Driver Attacked With Pepper Spray in Jerusalem
Desperate for Cement and Bulldozers, Gazans Face Winter in Ruins
Middle East
British Ambassador Seeks to 'Clarify' UAE Terror List
Bahrain Activist Jailed in Absentia for Assault
Mexico Protests Target State Offices, Oil Refinery
Protests Hammer President's Popularity as Elections Loom
Colombian General Captured by Rebels Resigns
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In Afghanistan, a Continuing Trend of US Military Incompetence

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Two Parades and a Drone

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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