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Updated December 3, 2014 - 11:12 PM EST
Obama to Name Ashton Carter to Replace Hagel
  Republicans See a New Ally at the Pentagon
  Pentagon Courts Contractors For ISIS Ground War
  Sen. Rand Paul Introduces War Declaration Against ISIS
How the US Helped Create a Ghost Army in Iraq
  US Coalition Brags About ISIS Shutting Cell Phones Off in Mosul
  Iraq Reaches Oil Deal With Kurdistan Region
US Eyes Same Syria Rebels CIA Already Trained
  ISIS Caliph Baghdadi's Possible Wife, Son Captured in Lebanon
Ukraine Votes in New Govt, Tentative Ceasefire Reached
  US Army to Send 100 Tanks to Eastern Europe to 'Counter Russia'
Netanyahu to Dissolve Israel's Parliament, Call Elections
Iran: Nuclear Documents Forgeries Full of Mistakes
US Conflict Minerals Law Drove Congo Miners to Poverty
Neocons Triumphant in Washington and Geneva  by Philip Giraldi
No to War, Hot or Cold, With Russia  by Dennis Kucinich
'You're the Bomb!' Are You at Risk From Anti-Terrorism Algorithms?  by James Ball
The War Against the 'Trolls'  by Justin Raimondo
The Moral Path to Peace  by Claes G. Ryn
The Great Police Violence Cover-Up  by Michael Hirsh

More Viewpoints

The Parchin

by Robert Kelley
Anti-Defamation League Has Blacklist of Groups That Link Ferguson to Palestine
Police Investigating if Michael Brown's Stepfather Intended to Incite Riot
St. Louis Rams Deny Apologizing to Police for 'Hands Up' Gesture
Sinking of Kremlin Gas Project Leaves Southeast Europe High and Dry
Libya Warehouse and Factory Hit in Airstrikes
UN General Assembly Calls on Israel to Join Nuclear Treaty
French MPs Vote to Recognize Palestine as a State
Israel Vents Their Fury With France After Parliament Votes to Recognize Palestine as a State
Israeli Arab Parties Meet to Discuss Joining Forces
Hamas: Collapse of Israeli Govt Indicates That We Won the War
Haaretz Investigation: Secret Flight Operating Between Israel and Gulf State
Don't 'Talk Up' Taliban Attacks Says Ex-UK Army Chief
Canadians Warned to Leave Afghanistan as Violence Crosses Country
Pakistan Says Key Commanders Among 30 Militants Killed in North Waziristan Blitz
Pakistan Protest Leader: I Won't Allow Army in Tribal Areas if Elected PM
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Occupy Founders Tell Students to Retreat Amid Fears of Violence
3 Hong Kong Protest Leaders to Surrender to Police
Voters Ignore Violence, Turn Out in High Numbers in India's Kashmir
Bangladesh Court: UK Journalist Guilty of Contempt
Foreign Technocrats Given Ukrainian Citizenship Before Cabinet Vote
Ukrainians Feel the Pinch as Winter Closes In
Syria Death Toll Now Exceeds 200,000: Monitor
'Hell Is Never Far Away' – the Medic Risking Her Life for Aleppo
Jihad Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be, Say Disgruntled ISIS Recruits
Syria Lifts Ban on Lebanese Bananas
205 Killed Across Iraq Tuesday
US: Iran Launches Airstrikes Into Eastern Iraq
Two Mass Graves Found in Jalawla
Facing Financial Crisis, Iraqi Ministers Halve Their Salary
Middle East
Saudi ISIS Supporters Claim They Shot Danish Man
Gunmen Kill Six Lebanese Soldiers on Border With Syria
Expelled US Official to Return to Bahrain
Egyptian Court Sentences 185 to Death for Attack on Police
Sisi Sees New Future for Egypt After Mubarak Verdict
Al-Shabab Massacres 36 Non-Muslims at Kenya Quarry
Kenyatta Replaces Security Chiefs After Kenya Massacre
77 Dead in Attacks on Nigerian Cities
Female Teenage Suicide Bomber Caught in Northern Nigeria
Falling Oil Prices Hit Russia Much Harder Than Western Sanctions
Mikhail Gorbachev Blames American 'Triumphalism' for Bringing About a New Cold War
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The War Against the 'Trolls'

Ivan Eland
In Afghanistan, a Continuing Trend of US Military Incompetence

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War in Mockingjay and the Hunger Games Series

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Two Parades and a Drone

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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