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Updated December 4, 2014 - 11:21 PM EST
House OKs Expansion of Military Ops Against ISIS
  Kerry Praises ISIS War, Says It’ll Take Years
  Sen. Rand Paul Introduces War Declaration Against ISIS
  Pentagon 'Monitoring' ISIS Training Operations in Libya
  Sen. Corker: US Was Poised for 10-Hour Syria War in 2013
Iran Joins 'Great Satan's' Fight With Raids Over Iraq
  Doubts Grow Over ISIS Caliph's Captured 'Wife'
  How Exxon Helped Make Iraqi Kurdistan
House Condemns 'Authoritarian' Russia
How NSA Hacks Cellphone Networks Worldwide
Right vs Center Israel Election Set for March 17
Egypt to Criminalize 'Insulting Revolutions'
Over 150 Killed in Boko Haram Raid on NE Nigeria City
The Mockingjay of Palestine: 'If We Burn, You Burn with Us'  by Ramzy Baroud
NYT Shows How Propaganda Works  by Robert Parry
'Every Time You Use Bitcoin, You Undermine Violence'  Amanda Johnson interviews Roger Ver
The Failure of Police Reform  by Lucy Steigerwald
Inventing Threats, Protecting Defense Budgets  by Bruce Fein
In US-Supported Egypt, 188 Protesters Sentenced to Die After Mubarak Is Freed  by Glenn Greenwald

More Viewpoints

CIA 'Torture Report' Could Be Out Monday
Pentagon Fears Blowback From 'Humane' Gitmo Video
Child Landmine Victims Rise, Afghanistan and Colombia Rank Worst
Rail Linking Central Asia to Persian Gulf Opened
Hungary Summons US Envoy Over McCain's 'Dictator PM' Comment
Mystery Surrounds NASA's Secret Mission in Africa
The War at Home
Emails Show FBI Worked to Debunk 'Conspiracy Theories' Following Michael Hastings' Death
Text of 2015 NDAA Authorization
NYPD Cop Who Choked Eric Garner Wasn't Indicted — but Man Who Recorded Incident Was
Expiration Date for DHS Spending Bill Could Be Moved Up
Missouri Governor Says National Guard Scaling Back, Monitoring Unrest
Federal Judge: Glenn Beck Must Face Saudi's Lawsuit Over Boston Marathon Bombing
US Military
Former VA Official: Burn Pits Could Be the New Agent Orange
US Military Sex Assaults Up 8 Percent Since Last Year
Navy: Women Secretly Filmed in Shower Aboard Sub
Army Exosuits Planned for 2016
North Korea vs. Sony
Sony Pictures Denounces 'Brazen' Cyberattack but Downplays North Korea Role
Sony Knew in Advance of North Korea Hacking Risk
FBI Warns of 'Destructive' Malware in Wake of Sony Attack
Sony Hack: Better Call Saul Creator's Scripts and Employee Salaries Leaked Onto Internet
Afghanistan Unrest: Kabul Installs New Police Chief
Aid Workers in Afghanistan Fear for Their Lives as Troops Pull Out: Survey
Indian Forces Kill 6 Militants Crossing Into Kashmir to Disrupt Vote
Rattled by Chinese Submarines, India Joins Other Nations in Rebuilding Fleet
Hong Kong's Occupy Central Founders Surrender to Police
Pakistan Army: 15 Terrorists Killed in North Waziristan
Amnesty Report Condemns Police Torture in Philippines
HRW: Kiev Fails to Probe Cluster Bomb Use Against Donbass Civilians, Should Invite ICC
Reports: Gun Battle Breaks Out in Chechen Capital
Obama Says Poor Economic Situation May Change Putin Ways
UK: 'RAF Iraq Veteran' Charged With Terror Offenses
Four Killed in Suicide Attack on UN Convoy in Somali Capital
US Warns South Sudan Minister About Sanctions
Libya Moved From Dictatorship to Non-State: UN Envoy
Assad Says US-Led Strikes on Syria Ineffective
Thousands of Syrian Refugees Stranded in Turkish Minefield: Rights Group
The West Is to Blame for Syrian Conflict, Says Saudi Prince
US Presses for Destruction of Syrian Chemical Weapons Facilities
Poverty Fuels Tensions as Syrian Refugees Brace for Another Winter
110 Killed, 67 Wounded in Iraq Airstrikes and Attacks
Iraq's Leader Requests More Aid in Fight Against ISIS
The Perils of Delivering Pizza in Baghdad
Global ISIS Reaction
White House Sidesteps Paul's War Measure
Singapore Sends Personnel to Combat ISIS in Iraq and Syria
Don't Anticipate Deployment to Iraq, New Zealand DM Says
Minnesota's Somali Community Acts to Counter ISIS Recruiters
Deradicalization of Militants in Denmark: Homework, Football, and Islam
Australian Parliament Debates Recognition of Palestine
'Bibi' Looks Right to Hold on to Israeli Power
Center-Left Bloc Considers Uniting Behind 'Anyone but Bibi' Platform
Project Launched to Clear Gaza Rubble
Ex-Netanyahu Ally Looks to Be Israeli Kingmaker
Two Israelis Stabbed in West Bank Supermarket Attack
Jewish-Arab School Attack Scars Jerusalem's Troubled Co-Existence
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Affiliate Threatens to Kill US Hostage After Rescue Attempt in Yemen
Turkish MPs Pass Bill Shaking Up Judiciary, Boosting Police Powers
US Teacher Killed 'With a Sharp Tool' in Abu Dhabi Shopping Mall
Lebanese Soldier Killed While Dismantling Bomb Near Syria
UN Watchdog Seeks $5.7 Million to Monitor Extended Iran Nuclear Deal
Mexico Sends Federal Troops Into Towns Plagued by Drug Gangs
Relatives Search for Mexico's Missing
Venezuela Indicts Opposition Leader Machado, Alleging Plot to Kill Maduro
Colombia, Marxist FARC Rebels to Restart Peace Talks This Month
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The Failure of Police Reform

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In Afghanistan, a Continuing Trend of US Military Incompetence

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Two Parades and a Drone

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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