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Updated December 6, 2014 - 11:15 PM EST
Hostages Killed in US Rescue Attempt in Yemen
New US Command Signals Escalation in Iraq, Syria
  Iran Confirms Strikes Against ISIS in Iraq
  ISIS Sieges Key East Syrian Air Base
  In Kobani Stalemate, Turks and Kurds Carry on a Propaganda Battle
  Al-Qaeda Executes Lebanese Soldier Over Capture of 'Caliph's Wife'
Obama Picks Ashton Carter for Defense Secretary
  New Pentagon Chief Urged Bombing North Korea
Kerry Puts Brakes on Release of Torture Report
  Obama Faces Deadline on Halting NSA Snooping
  UK Tribunal Says Spying Programs Are Legal
US: Iran Made Major Nuclear Concessions
Israel's Kahlon Says He Is Center-Right Peace Candidate
Third Day of Protests in Aftermath of Eric Garner Decision
'A Fan of Blowing Things Up': New DefSec Nominee Ashton Carter Was Ready to Restart Korean War  by Simon Maloy
The Israeli Plebiscite  by Uri Avnery
Beyond M.A.D.: Reviving Nuclear War  by Robert C. Koehler
South Stream Blues  by Nebojsa Malic
The New Pentagon Chief and the Beauty of DC Bipartisanship  by Glenn Greenwald
The Internet Does Not Increase Terrorism  by Ronald Bailey

More Viewpoints

Uruguay Leader Reiterates Guantanamo Offer
UN Rights Experts Seek Review of US Police Practices
Sen. McCain Rejects ISIS Vote During Lame Duck Session
Jonathan Pollard Hospitalized After Losing Consciousness
Battles, Airstrikes Leave 65 Dead Across Iraq
Sunnis Fear Permanent Displacement From Iraqi Town
Up to 50,000 Displaced Iraqi Families Left Without Aid Despite Access: MSF
Iraq Official Says War Hurts Economy
Global ISIS Reaction
Fight Against ISIS Is a Third World War, Says Jordan's King
German Man Sentenced to Three Years Nine Months for Activities in Syria
UK Jihadists Who Bought Arabic for Dummies Receive Steep Sentences for Syria Mission
Gulf Countries' Failure to Take Syrian Refugees 'Shameful': Amnesty
Arabs, Europeans Move to Fill US Void on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Livni: Hatnuah Will Join a Center-Left Bloc to Beat Netanyahu
Oil Spill One of Worst Pollution Disasters in Israel's History, Official Says
Israel Bans Irish Politician Gerry Adams From Visiting Gaza
Middle East
ISIS Commander Threatens Lebanon Over Arrest of Wife
UK Says Signs Deal to Expand Naval Presence in Bahrain
Lebanon Army Dismantles Bomb in Tripoli
Sister, Father of Yemen Hostage Plead for His Life
Ashton to Stay on as EU Special Adviser on Iran Nuclear Talks
China Presents US With List of Alleged Fugitives
China Arrests Ex-Security Chief for Corruption, Leaking Secrets
North Korea
Sony Pictures Hack: North Korea Finally Denies Involvement, but Experts Not Convinced
UN Security Council Members Push to Put North Korea Rights on Agenda
German Government Votes in Favor of Post-NATO Afghanistan Mandate
Eleven Indian Soldiers, Police Dead in Attack on Camp in Kashmir
Azerbaijan Jails Reporter Who Angered Top Officials

Swiss Hostage Escapes From Filipino Extremists

Anti-Government Protesters Clash With Haiti Police
The War at Home
Hagel Skips White House Ceremony for His Successor
US to Keep Racial Profiling in Border Policy Over Objections
Congress Cuts Pensions for Generals, Admirals That Ballooned During Wars
American Intelligence Agencies Building New Supercomputer
Sen. Grassley: Pentagon Officials Botched Investigation of bin Laden Raid Leak
ISIS Could Expand in Libya: EU Anti-Terrorism Chief
Eastern Libyan Government Conducts Air Strikes on Border With Tunisia
How Was Libya's al-Qaeda Chief Arrested?
Suicide Bombers Kill Up to Seven in Somali Town
Kenya Bus Attack Survivor: 'I Played Dead'
In Kenya, Police Kill Suspects With Near-Impunity
ICC Drops Uhuru Kenyatta Charges for Kenya Ethnic Violence
Kenyan Pilot Missing in Action After Jet Crashes in Somalia
Chad Denies Funding Boko Haram
Why Nigeria Cancelled US Military Training
Egyptian Media Claim First Leak From Inside President Sisi's Office
Signs That Attackers Came From Within Mitigate Alarm in Chechnya
Chechen Leader: Militants' Families to Be Deported
Marseille Scraps Plan to Require Homeless to Wear Yellow Triangles
France to Pay $60 Million for Holocaust Victims Deported by State Rail Firm
Georgian Leader: Russia Expanding Power in Ossetia
Ukraine, Feeling Winter Chill, Pays $378 Mln for Russian Gas
Pain of Russian Sanctions Tests German Businesses
Hungary PM, Reeling From Pipeline Setback, Blames Brussels
Bosnia Says It Arrested 15 Involved in 1993 Massacre
Mexico City Police Chief Resigns Amid Criticism
Spurred by Mass Abduction, Mexicans Scour for Remains of Their Dead
Factbox: Massacres in Mexico's Drug Gang Violence
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South Stream Blues

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The Failure of Police Reform

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In Afghanistan, a Continuing Trend of US Military Incompetence

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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