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Updated December 7, 2014 - 11:11 PM EST
Israeli Warplanes Attack Multiple Sites in Syria
13 Killed in 2nd Failed Hostage Rescue in Yemen
  US Drone Strike Kills Nine in Southern Yemen
  Death of American Hostage in Yemen Renews Focus on US Policy
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 236 Die Across Iraq
US Confirms Plans to Delay Afghan Withdrawal
NSA Program for Hacking Any Cellphone Network
Ashton Carter an Adviser at 'Stealth' Consulting Firm
'A Fan of Blowing Things Up': New DefSec Nominee Ashton Carter Was Ready to Restart Korean War  by Simon Maloy
The Israeli Plebiscite  by Uri Avnery
Beyond M.A.D.: Reviving Nuclear War  by Robert C. Koehler
South Stream Blues  by Nebojsa Malic
The New Pentagon Chief and the Beauty of DC Bipartisanship  by Glenn Greenwald
The Internet Does Not Increase Terrorism  by Ronald Bailey

More Viewpoints

US Express Fears as ISIS Takes Control of Northern Libyan Town
Sen. Rockefeller Under Fire for Blocking FOIA Bill
Interpol Calls for Egyptian Cleric's Arrest in Qatar
British MPs Call for Overhaul of Surveillance Laws
ISIS Eclipses Iran as Threat Among US Public
Bombers Return to Baghdad; 236 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS Fighters Kill 16 From Iraqi Tribe
ISIS Seizes Part of Key Air Base in East Syria
Kurdish Region May Seek to Leave Iraq: Parliament Head
Danish Soldiers Begin Training Kurdish Troops
ISIS Looks for Oil Experts to Help Run Important Revenue Source
Global ISIS Reaction
EU Interior Ministers Warn of Returning ISIS Fighters
Canada Rules Out Syria Airstrikes
Back From Jihad, Jordanians Pick Up Their Lives
America's Toughest, Ugliest Warplane Is Going Back Into Battle
Pope Says 'Christians Are Being Driven From Mideast'
Lebanese Troops Pound Militant Hideouts
Anger in Lebanon After Jihadists Say Policeman Killed
Lebanese Block Roads to Demand Release of Soldiers
UK to Establish Permanent Military Base in Bahrain
Bahrain Announces New Government
Military Police to Investigate Killing of 50 Palestinians During Gaza Op
Clinton: US-Israel Ties Should Deepen, Intensify
Poll: 65% Israelis Don't Want Netanyahu as Prime Minister
'Netanyahu Attempting to Block Sa'ar's Likud Leadership Candidacy'
Netanyahu to Kerry: Pollard's Life in Danger, Let Him Die a Free Man
Israeli Ex-PM Barak Lambasts Nation-State Bill, Anti-ISIS Alliance
Poll: One-State Solution to Conflict Finds Rising Support in US
Obama: US, Jordan Share Concern Over Escalation in Jerusalem
Middle East
Kurdish Protester Killed in Clashes With Turkish Police
Slain US Photographer Chronicled Yemenis' Everyday Lives
One of 43 Missing Mexican Students 'Identified'
Mexican Farmer Immolates Self During Protest
Thousands March in Haiti Amid Political Discontent
The War at Home
Mothers of Slain Children to Press Feds for Police Reforms
Police: SUV in Boy's Death Had Anti-Muslim Message
Hackers Send E-Mail to Sony Employees Threatening Their Families
Snowden Film Citizenfour Wins Top Documentary Award
US Military
Pentagon Gives California Police Grenade Launchers, Snowshoes
Study to Create Women's History Museum Tucked Into Defense Bill
Saudi-Born US Naval Engineer Allegedly Gave Undercover Agent Info on How to Sink Carrier
Al-Qaeda Operative, Who Once Held US Green Card, Killed in Pakistan
Over 400 Terrorists Surrendered in Khyber Agency: Pakistan
Pakistan Suffered $80bn Loss in 'War on Terror': Govt
Official: 4 New Polio Cases Detected in Pakistan
Back to a Myanmar Prison by Choice
Rights Groups: Myanmar Should Investigate Military Killing Girl, Prosecution of Father
China Denounces Philippine 'Pressure' Over Sea Dispute Arbitration
Germany: Three Guilty for Aiding FDLR in Rwanda
US Ready to Help Hungary Build Energy Independence: Diplomat
France's Hollande to Meet Putin in Moscow: Kremlin
Clashes Erupt in Athens After Protest to Mark 2008 Police Killing
Egypt Court Sentences Seven Jihadists to Death in Sinai Case
Egypt Adds New Measures Against Terror Recruitment
Death Toll From Suicide Attack in Somali Town Rises to 15
Somali Prime Minister Voted Out of Office by Lawmakers
Nigeria Detains Russian Cargo Plane With Military Shipment to Chad
Zimbabwe's President Alleges US Plot Against Him
US Condemns Gambia Over Disappearances, New Anti-Gay Law
Americans Still Dying
Army Staff Sergeant From Noblesville (IN) Killed In Combat in Afghanistan
Air Force Pilot From Colorado Killed in F-16 Crash During Mission Against ISIS
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War and Peace Scorecard

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South Stream Blues

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The Failure of Police Reform

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In Afghanistan, a Continuing Trend of US Military Incompetence

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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