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Updated December 8, 2014 - 11:29 PM EST
White House Okays Release of CIA Torture Report
Israel Attacks Syria, Bombs Damascus Airport
  UN Details Israeli Military Ties With Syrian Rebels
  Syria Repels ISIS Attack on Eastern Air Base
  ISIS Executes 12 Shi'ite Militiamen North of Baghdad
Obama Extends NSA Spying Powers Yet Again
13 Killed in 2nd Failed Hostage Rescue in Yemen
America's Military: A Force Adrift
US Drone Strikes Kill 13 Along Afghanistan-Pakistan Border
Inspired by ISIS, Young Afghans Turning Away From Taliban
Kerry: US to Wait Until After Israeli Vote to Push Peace Deal
House Chooses New Cold War With Russia  by Ron Paul
The Myth of the 'Liberal' New Republic  by Jacob Heilbrunn
Why Hasn't the IAEA Followed Up Iran's Inspection Offer?  by Gareth Porter
Pearl Harbor and the Engineers of War  by Justin Raimondo
Back to Bahrain – UK Building New Naval Base  by Patrick Cockburn
Operation Endless War  by Jim Hightower

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Uruguay Accepts Six Gitmo Prisoners for Resettlement
Hagel: Unlike Iraq, Afghans 'Want Us Here'
FBI: Antiviral Powerless Against Sony Hackers
Netanyahu Takes Credit for Lack of Iran Nuclear Deal
Washington Post Reporter Charged by Tehran Court
Militiamen Among 103 Killed Across Iraq
Syria to UN: Israel Struck Targets to Distract From Coalition Breakup
Here's One Place Where Gasoline Prices Are Rising: Islamic State
A Mad Max-Style Endurance Race From the Jordan Border Through the Heart of ISIS Territory
Iran Rejects US Claims It Made Concessions for Talks Extension
Iran to Hike Military Spending Despite Lower Oil Prices, Sanctions
Biden: Israel's House Demolition Policy Is 'Collective Punishment'
Israel Opens Eight Investigations Into Gaza Deaths
Herzog, Livni Close to Deal on a Joint Centrist Slate
Likud With MK Feiglin at Helm Would Get 18 Knesset Seats, Internal Poll Says
Leave or Let Live? Arabs Move in to Jewish Settlements
Middle East
Gunmen Open Fire on Refugee Camp in Lebanon, Two Wounded
135 Arrested for 'Terrorism' in Saudi Arabia
Mexico Says Evidence Proves Missing Students Were Burned Up
Pakistan Denies Report of US Drone Strike
Pakistan Taliban Chief Latif Mehsud Handed Over to Afghanistan by US
Pakistan PM Okays Talks With Protest Leader
Religious Leaders View Afghanistan's New President, Ashraf Ghani, With Suspicion
North Korea Denies 'Righteous' Hack Attack on Sony
Egypt Sentences 4 Muslim Brotherhood Members to Death
UK Embassy in Cairo Suspends Public Services for Security Reasons
Prison Break Frees 200 Inmates in Central Nigeria
Russia Disowns Chad-Bound Arms-Laden Plane Arrested in Nigeria
Group: 34 Killed by Rebels in Latest Congo Attack
Clashes Kill 8 in Libya's Zawiya
Heathrow Plane in Near Miss With Drone
UK Counter-Terrorism Police Charge Man, 28, Over 'Fraud'
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Pearl Harbor and the Engineers of War

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South Stream Blues

Lucy Steigerwald
The Failure of Police Reform

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In Afghanistan, a Continuing Trend of US Military Incompetence

David R. Henderson
Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

Ran HaCohen
Yet Another War of Deceit

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