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Updated December 9, 2014 - 11:19 PM EST
US Expects Blowback as Torture Report Released
  Senate Report on CIA Torture: Full Redacted Text
  17 Disgraceful Facts Buried in the Senate's 600 Page Torture Report
  Thousands of Marines on Alert Ahead of Release of Torture Report
Defying US, Iraq Plans Winter Offensive in Mosul
  Rivalries Resurface in Iraqi Town Recaptured From ISIS
  In Iraq to Fight ISIS, Iran General Violating UN Travel Ban
  Officials: ISIS Executes 19 Tribesmen Near Kirkuk
Obama Extends NSA Spying Powers Yet Again
  Bill Challenging Official Secrecy Passed After Senator's About-Face
US Not Considering Sanctions Against Israel
  Russia Demands Israel Explain Weekend Attack on Syria
Massive Spending Bill Hits Snag as Deadline Draws Near
US Won't Review Policy After Getting Hostages Killed in Raid
US, UK Face Pressure to Reduce Nuclear Arms in Vienna
Afghan War Continues, Despite NATO's 'Ceremonial End'
The Failure of Counterinsurgency: Afghanistan  by Ivan Eland
'Dead Bodies and Wasted Money': How I Learned Firsthand the Worst Lesson of War  by Michael Carson
Why Is Israel Preventing Rights Experts From Entering Gaza?  by Amira Hass
A Russophobic Rant From Congress  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Ukraine's Made-in-USA Finance Minister  by Robert Parry
Forget North Korea – the Real Rogue Cyber Operator Lies Much Closer to Home  by John Naughton

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Experts: Nuclear War Risks Rise Due to Global Tensions and Insecure Stockpiles
Feds: Nuke Site Cleanup Request Is Too Expensive
Three US Teens, Recruited Online, Are Caught 'Trying to Join ISIS'
20 Australians Die Fighting for ISIS Groups: AG
Who Are East Jerusalem's 'Permanent Residents'?
CIA Torture Report
5 Questions on CIA Torture Report You Wish You Didn't Have to Ask
Military Braces for Possible ISIS Backlash Over CIA Torture Report
UK Among US Allies Fearing Revelations Over Role in CIA Rendition Program
US Embassies Brace for Backlash Over CIA Torture Report
Dismissing Senate Report, Cheney Defends CIA Interrogations
Pakistan Says No Hand in Kashmir Attacks
Terrorist Leader Killed in Pakistan Had South Florida Background
Tight Security for India PM Narendra Modi's Kashmir Rally
Twitter Suspends Account of Man Accused of Orchestrating Mumbai Terror Attack
Hong Kong Court Orders 'Umbrella Movement' Protest Sites to Be Cleared
8 Sentenced to Death for Attacks in Western China
Indonesia Security Forces Shoot Violent Papua Protesters, Four Dead
US Sanctions Aimed at Changing Power, Russian Envoy Says
Russian Liberal TV Channel Forced to Quit Premises
Russia Says Would Accept Money or Warships to Solve Mistral Dispute With France
Ukrainians Go Underground: Families Living in Cellars in Donetsk Abandoned by the Government in Kiev
Canada to Train Ukrainian Military Police
Russia Says Committed to Ukraine Ceasefire Talks This Week
US: Libya Peace Talks May Be Doomed by Meddling Powers
Kenyan Counter-Terrorism Police Admit to Extrajudicial Killings
Nigeria Releases Aircraft Carrying French Choppers
Canada Closes Cairo Embassy Over Security Fears
Indigenous Leader Says Activist Killed in Ecuador
Amazon Indians Report More Death Threats After Activists Slain
125 Killed and 57 Wounded in Iraq as Kurds and Arabs Seek Control of Eastern Towns
US Says Allies to Send About 1,500 Troops to Iraq
Fears of Arab Refugees Changing Kirkuk's Population Balance
Clint Eastwood: 'I Was Against Going Into the War in Iraq'
ISIS Beheads 4 Christian Children in Iraq for Refusing to Convert to Islam, Claims 'Vicar of Baghdad'
Syria and Allies Call for UN Sanctions on Israel Over Alleged Strikes
Rich Countries Urged to Take 5 Percent of Syrian Refugees
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Stranded by UN Food Aid Cut
Palestinians Become Observers at ICC Meeting
Knesset Votes to Dissolve, Sets New Elections for March 17
Poll: Joint Livni-Herzog List Could Beat Out Likud
Israelis Show Little Enthusiasm for Early Elections
Haredi Party Doesn't Rule Out Joining Labor Coalition
Does Netanyahu Belong to the Same Club as Putin, Erdogan, and Sissi?
Ambassador Says US Didn't Know About Talks to Free Hostage Killed During Yemen Raid
Yemen Hostage Rescue: US 'Won't Review' Raids Policy
Yemen al-Qaeda Leader Criticizes ISIS Beheadings as Un-Islamic
Middle East
Bomb Wounds Lebanese Man in Border Town: Official
Police Killed by Home-Made Bomb in Bahrain
Jordan Charges Top Brotherhood Figure Over Anti-UAE Comments
US Believed FBI Mole Passed Secrets to IRA in Thatcher Murder Plot, Files Reveal
Daniel Ellsberg and John Cusack Visits Assange in Embassy
Churches Criticize German Arms Shipments
Greek Police Investigate Beating of Handcuffed Protester
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The Failure of Counterinsurgency: Afghanistan

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South Stream Blues

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The Failure of Police Reform

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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