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Updated December 10, 2014 - 11:25 PM EST
CIA Tortured Many, Lied Often, Gained Little Intel
  CIA Interrogation Report: The 20 Key Findings
  Senate Report on CIA Torture: Full Redacted Text
Rectal Feedings, Sex Assault: The Messy Details
  17 Disgraceful Facts Buried in the Senate's 600-Page Torture Report
Senate Won't Follow Up on CIA Torture
  Senate Report Shows CIA Infighting Over Interrogation Program
  CIA Cited Israeli Court Rulings to Justify Torture
  CIA Agents Blast Report, Defend Torture
Obama Wants Options for Ground Troops in Iraq
  Sen. Paul Slams Kerry's Limitless ISIS War Authorization Call
  Iraq PM Pushes Hagel for More Arms, More Airstrikes
Israeli Troops Beat Palestinian Minister to Death
US Arms Still Flowing to Thailand Despite Recent Coup
Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad  by Philip Giraldi
Thank You for Making War!  by Adam Hochschild & Tom Engelhardt
10 Truly Terrible Things the CIA Did in Our Names, Because Freedom  by Tim Dickinson
The United States of Torture  by Justin Raimondo
Obama's Reaction to the Senate Report: Torture Is Good  by Chris Floyd
Thinking Outside the Oslo Box  by Mark LeVine & Mathias Mossberg

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Iran, Iraq, Syria to Continue Cooperation Against ISIS
Ex-CIA Operative Says Prison Was Punishment for Whistleblowing on Torture
Canadian Bank Closes Student's Account Because He's Iranian
Governments Turn Up the Heat on Atheists: Report
Israeli DM Hints at Syria Strikes: We Will Get to Anyone Who Arms Our Enemies
Sunni Islamists Kidnap Three Hezbollah Fighters
ISIS Beheads Man for Blasphemy in Syria
UN Syria Envoy Denies Aleppo Truce Plan Would Benefit Assad
ISIS Says It Threw 'Gay' Man Off Rooftop Then Stoned Him to Death
UN Resumes Food Aid for Syrian Refugees
109 Killed Across Iraq Tuesday
President Barzani: We Won't Back Down From Kurdish Independence
Israel Indicts US Citizen Suspected of Planning Attacks on Muslim Holy Sites
In Poll, Herzog Only 1% Behind Netanyahu as Preferred PM
Israel Decries 'Unfounded' Amnesty International Gaza Report
Amnesty: Israeli Strikes on Gaza Buildings 'War Crimes'
Labor Wants to Cement Slate With Livni's Hatnuah Next Week
Irish Government to Accept Motion to Recognize Palestinian State
Suicide Attacks on Military Base Kill 7 in Yemen
How Yemen's Houthis Control Sanaa and Alarm the West
Why Didn't US Know About South African Who Died in Failed Yemen Rescue Mission?
Middle East
Iran Reveals It Is Negotiating With Its Rebel Kurdish Groups
Explosions in Bahrain Villages Kill Two
Turkish Soldier Near Syrian Border Kills 2 Colleagues Then Kills Self
Syrian Spillover Fails to Kill Beirut's Party Scene
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
Hong Kong Protesters Given Thursday Deadline to Clear Sites
Taiwan Says to Buy Two US Frigates Despite China Anger
China Condemns US Report on South China Sea Claims
China Releases One of Its Longest-Serving Political Prisoners, Relative Says
China Jails Students of Uighur Scholar Ilham Tohti
China's Stealth Fighter Could Take Down Foreign Rival: Industry Exec
Persecution of Pakistan's Religious Minorities Intensifies, Says Report
Pakistan Gunmen Kill Polio Worker in Faisalabad
Made Rich by US Presence, Many in Kandahar Now Face an Uncertain Future
Senate OKs Obama Ambassador Pick for Afghanistan
Bomb Blast Kills Nine in Bus in Southern Philippines
The War at Home
Bill Would Deport Troops' Undocumented Family Members
Sony Pictures Cyber-Attack: Cancel 'Terrorist' Film or Else, Say Hackers
Terrorism Insurance Talks Break Down
In 179 NYPD-Involved Deaths, Only 3 Indicted, Just 1 Conviction
CIA/Senate Torture Report
Senate Report Finds CIA Torture Produced 'Fabricated' Intel and Thwarted No Plots
Report Says CIA Used Media Leaks to Advantage
Off the Grid: Nine CIA 'Black Sites' Where Detainees Were Tortured
Shocking Cases in CIA Report Reveal an American Torture Program in Disarray
Senate Torture Report: No, bin Laden Was Not Found Because of CIA Torture
CIA Torture Report: the Doctors Who Were the Unlikely Architects of the CIA's Program
CIA 'Took Credit for UK Intelligence Work'
America Reacts
Civil Rights Groups Call for Prosecution of Torture Architects
CIA Unlikely to Lose Power in Wake of Interrogation Report
Will History or the Law Judge CIA's Interrogations as Illegal Torture?
Torture Report Divides Republicans
Senator Compares CIA's Actions to 'War Crimes'
Sen. McCain's Statement on the Senate Torture Report
The World Reacts
Overseas, Torture Report Prompts Calls for Prosecution
US Embassies Issue Warnings After CIA Report Release
US Senate Report on CIA Could Help Poland's Probe
No Torture Report Violence; Europe Bemoans Delay in Detailing CIA Program
British Ex-Guantanamo Inmate Says CIA 'Torture' Report Won't Help
Yemeni Guantanamo Prisoner Told He Can Be Released
Carol Rosenberg Describes Covering Guantánamo – a Beat Like No Other
Nuclear Weapons
Ready-To-Launch Nuclear Weapons Pose Grave Risk, Say Former Defense Chiefs
India's Weapons Plans Raise Specter of Nuclear Arms Race in South Asia
Austria Pledges to Work for a Ban on Nuclear Weapons
Denmark Calls on All States to Ratify, Comply With Non-Proliferation Treaty
Moldova Police Arrest 'Uranium-Smuggling Gang'
Ukraine Attempts New Ceasefire in the East
Ukraine Says Russia Has Resumed Gas Flow
'Day of Silence' for Ukraine Army, Rebels; Russian Gas Flows Resume
Putin Calls Austrian Leader to Discuss Ukraine, South Stream
Armenian Soldier Killed in Nagorno-Karabakh
Kosovo Chooses New Government After Six-Month Stalemate
UN to Widen Libya Peace Talks by Including Rival Parliament
Last French Hostage Lazarevic Freed in Mali
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Fires Deputy, Seven Ministers
EU-Cuba Talks Delayed by Dispute Over Cultural Event
Tension Mounts in Haiti as Clock Ticks on Electoral Impasse
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The United States of Torture

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The Failure of Counterinsurgency: Afghanistan

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South Stream Blues

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The Failure of Police Reform

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Richard Epstein's Faulty Case for Intervention

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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