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Updated December 13, 2014 - 11:21 PM EST
Obama Rejects Senate War Bill as 'Too Limiting'
  Omnibus Bill, and War Spending Buried Within, Pass House
  The Pentagon's Slush Fund
US Data Shows Little Progress Against ISIS
  Syrian Rebels' Makeshift 'Hell Cannons' Killing Hundreds of Civilians
  ISIS Deploys First Suicide Tank Bomber Against Syrian Air Base
Two US Troops Killed in Afghanistan Attack
  Broke Again, Afghan Govt Seeks Donors 'Bailout'
Justice Dept's Torture Photo Deadline Looms
  Feds in 2-Front Fight Against Release of Records on CIA 'Torture'
  Amid Details on Torture, Data on 26 Who Were Held in Error
  US Hid UK Links in Torture Report at Request of UK Spy Agencies
AG Won't Force James Risen to Reveal Source
Ukraine to Double Military Budget, Conscript 40,000 for War
NY Protest Against Police Killings Follows DC March
From Bush to Obama, Eyes Wide Shut  by Marcy Wheeler
Once Again, the Only Solution Is: Abolish the CIA  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Senate Report Shows That the US Answered Evil With Evil  by Eugene Robinson
America Held Hostage  by John Feffer
Do They Really Oppose Torture?  by Ron Paul
Want to Know the Reality of US Torture? Ask Shaker Aamer  by Clive Stafford Smith

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Gorbachev Blames US for Provoking 'New Cold War'
Twitter Backer of ISIS Is Identified as Clean-Cut Indian Executive
UN Peacekeepers Fire at Protesters in Haiti
Yemen Raid: Somers' Family Says Ransom Offer Made
Pope Declines Dalai Lama Meeting in Rome
The Torture Report
Report: CIA Medics Aided, Complained About Tactics
US Gives Up First CIA Torture Victim to Afghanistan
After US Torture Report, Poland Asks What Its Leaders Knew
For One Detainee, the CIA Torture Report Was a Victory
Edward Snowden Lawyer Calls on Europeans to Prosecute US Torture Architects
The War at Home
At Christmas Party, Bachmann Lobbies Obama to Bomb Iran
Report: Hackers Targeted Sheldon Adelson's Casino Over 'Bomb Iran' Remark
Police Officers Across US Upset at Being Seen as Brutal Racists
Ukraine President Says Ceasefire Holding, Calming Conflict With Russia
Miners Swell Rebel Ranks in East Ukraine as Pits Close
Russia Accuses US of Destroying 'Carcass of Cooperation' With Ukraine Bill
Poroshenko Vows Quick End to MH17 Probe
EU Urges Speedy Reforms in Ukraine
Ukraine's Chocolate King President Finds Promise Tough to Keep
UK Audit Clears Islamic Relief of Terror Funding Claim
Shots Fired at Israeli Embassy in Athens
Set Aside Hate, China's Xi Says on Nanjing Massacre Anniversary
China, Vietnam Clash Again Over South China Sea Claims
Chinese Court Frees Uyghur Linguist Following Appeal
US Envoy Says No Sign North Korea Wants to Reopen Talks
South Korea Acquits Family Convicted of Spying 35 Years Ago
Indonesian Who Published Anti-ISIS Cartoon Is Summoned Under Blasphemy Law
UN Backs Agreement for NATO to Train Afghan Forces
Weekend Reviews
How Neoconservatives Led US to War in Iraq
War in Mockingjay and the Hunger Games Series
Films Illuminate Struggles, Sorrows of Iraqi Refugees
ISIS Releases Drone Footage of Suicide Bombings in Kobani
EU Bans Export of Jet Fuel Used by Syrian Air Force
More Than 1,000 Canadians May Still Be in Syria
Aleppo Fighting 'Freeze' Needed to Prevent Catastrophe: UN Syria Envoy
ISIS Puts James Foley's Body Up for Sale for $1 Million
169 Killed Across Iraq; Hundreds of UK Troops Returning
Rocket Fire on Iraqi Shi'ite Pilgrim City Kills One
Report: ISIS Beheads 4 Christian Children in Iraq
Higher Prices, Shortages Create Pressure for ISIS in Iraq
Cash-Strapped Iraq Seeks to Defer Kuwait War Reparations
Jewish Home, Shas Consider Alliance to Counter Rebellious Party Members
Lapid Reportedly Pressing for Merger With Kahlon
Explosion Damages French Cultural Center in Gaza
Kerry Says He's Trying to Diffuse Tensions Over Possible UN Resolutions
Palestinian Wounds Five Israelis in Suspected Acid Attack
Israeli DM Downplays Palestinian Threat of Halting Security Coordination
UN Human Rights Chief: Israel Must Probe Palestinian Protesters' Deaths
Middle East
Anticipating Nuclear Deal and End to Sanctions, Iran Awaits a Business Boom
Turkey's Erdogan Signals Fresh Moves Against Gulen Supporters
Nigeria's Boko Haram Refugees: Fleeing in Their Thousands
Boko Haram Fuels Displacement Crisis in Niger's Diffa Region
ICC Suspends Darfur Crime Investigations Over 'Lack of Action'
Police Stations, Prisons Reopen in Libya's Second City
One Policeman Killed, Two Wounded in Attack on Kenya Coast Camp
What Shall We Do With Drunken Sailors? Canada to Ban Booze on Warships
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