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Updated December 14, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
Congress Quietly Bolsters NSA Spying in Intel Bill
  Records Reveal Why Court Shut Down Bush-Era Spy Program
  'CIA Paid Me to Use Polish Airstrip as Rendition Zone'
  Diego Garcia Guards Its Secrets as Truth on CIA Torture Emerges
ISIS Fighters Shoot Down Iraqi Helicopter
  Syrian Rebels' Makeshift 'Hell Cannons' Killing Hundreds of Civilians
Ukraine's Military Budget Will Be $3 Billion in 2015
  Ukraine Downplays Role of Far Right in Conflict
Hostage Situation in Sydney Financial District
Two US Troops Killed in Afghanistan Attack
NY Protest Against Police Killings Follows DC March
From Bush to Obama, Eyes Wide Shut  by Marcy Wheeler
Once Again, the Only Solution Is: Abolish the CIA  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Senate Report Shows That the US Answered Evil With Evil  by Eugene Robinson
America Held Hostage  by John Feffer
Do They Really Oppose Torture?  by Ron Paul
Want to Know the Reality of US Torture? Ask Shaker Aamer  by Clive Stafford Smith

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Schmidt: Google Now Best Way to Evade NSA
The Inside Story of How British Spies Hacked Belgium's Largest Telco
How the CIA Spent the Last 6 Years Fighting the Release of the Torture Report
Spy Messages Could Finally Solve Mystery of UN Chief's Death Crash
The Torture Report
Congress Just Radically Expanded the NSA's Spying Powers Without Anyone Paying Much Attention
CIA Report Describes Medical Personnel's Intimate Role in Harsh Interrogations
AMA Rebukes Doctors for Role in CIA Torture
Britain's Links to CIA Torture Must Be Shown, MPs Tell US Senate
Gitmo Lawyer: 'The Torture Pervades Everything'
Ten Years On, a Survivor's Fear of Torture Doesn't Go Away
Torture Victims Will Bear Psychological Scars Long After CIA Report Scandal Fades
The War at Home
Thousands Rally in US Over Police Killings
2016 Contenders Quiet on Police Shootings Protests
California Chabad Group Must Pay Nearly $850,000 for Misusing Homeland Security Grant
Taliban Shoot Dead Supreme Court Official in Kabul
Taliban Kills 12 Demining Workers in Afghanistan, Police Say
Pakistan Police Claim Killing Four Taliban Fighters Near Muzaffargarh
Pakistan: Six Unidentified Bodies Recovered in Nowshera
Militants Kill Policeman in Khuzdar, Police Targeted in Quetta
Madrid Mosque Was Used to Recruit Combatants for Syria and Iraq
Angry Activists 'Appalled' Over Mass Arrests at London Solidarity Die-In
Russia's Deputy FM Vows Retaliation for Any New US Sanctions
Sweden: Another Foreign Military Jet in Near-Miss With Passenger Plane
Tens of Thousands of Poles Protest in Warsaw Over Alleged Election Rigging
Bosnia Charges 15 Ethnic Serbs With Wartime Killings
One Shot Dead in Haitian Anti-Government Protests
Weekend Reviews
How Neoconservatives Led US to War in Iraq
War in Mockingjay and the Hunger Games Series
Films Illuminate Struggles, Sorrows of Iraqi Refugees
Kurdish Forces Kill 16 Jihadists in Syria
UN Envoy Visits Syria for Aleppo Truce Talks
Saddam's Cousin Among 97 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Fighters Storm Town in Western Iraq, Kills 19 Police: Officials
ISIS Smuggling Oil Via Turkey, Iraq Says
ISIS Imposes Strict New Order in Mosul, and Deprivation Is a Result
Shi'ites Defy ISIS Threat to Make Iraq Pilgrimage
Iraq Torture Claims: New Allegations Against British Soldiers to Go to International Criminal Court
Iranian Kurdish Parties Accuse Tehran of Mass Assassinations
France, US Uneasy Bedfellows in Quest for Iran Nuclear Deal
Iran Extends Visas for 450,000 Afghan Refugees
Israel Soldier Sends Death Threats to Meretz MK Frej
US, Europe Pressing PA to Continue Security Cooperation With Israel
Lieberman Against PM: We Were Dragged Along in Gaza Op, Didn't Take Initiative
PA Official: External Efforts Delayed Palestinian Play
Hamas Launches Test Rockets Towards the Mediterranean Sea
Yemen Attack Kills Six Al-Houthi Militiamen
Yemen Troops Kill Saudi-Bound Qaeda Suspects Dressed as Women
Turkish Authors Accused of Criticizing Government on Behalf of West
Militias Battle in Central Libya Near Oil Terminal
Libya Chaos May Engulf Sahel, UN Warns
Nigerian Troops Win Back Cities From Extremists
Attackers Cross Lake Chad to Strike Cameroon
Egypt Sends 439 to Military Trials Over Violence
Americans Still Dying
Fourtunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed Last Week
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