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Updated December 18, 2014 - 9:29 PM EST
Hawks Vow to Block Normalization of Cuba Ties
  Cuba's Castro Hails Prisoner Exchange With US, Praises Obama
  How Obama Will Relax US Cuba Policy
  Americans Are Ready to End the Cuban Embargo
US Airstrikes in Syria Plummet as Targets Dry Up
  Majority of Slain in Syria Civil War Were Pro-Assad Fighters
  Inside Iraq's 'Killing Zones'
Palestine, Jordan Submit Resolution for UN Vote
  Geneva Conventions Invoke Rights of Palestinians
US Blames North Korea for Hacking Sony
  North Korea Almost Certainly Did Not Hack Sony
  Panic Over 'Movie 9/11' Ends Planned Release of 'The Interview'
Nigeria: Boko Haram Kills 32, Kidnaps 185
US Drone Strike Targets Pak Taliban in Afghanistan, Kills 11
Inquiry Rejects Torture, Murder Charges Against UK Troops
The Obscenity of Respectable Politics  by Lucy Steigerwald
Is Govt Faithful to the Constitution?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
US Paid Torture Doctors Millions. Why Is It Last in the World in Punishing Them?  by Dr. Steven Miles
Obama's Cuba Opportunity  by Philip Peters
US TV Provides Ample Platform for Torturers, but None to Their Victims  by Glenn Greenwald
Torture and Impunity  by Amy Davidson

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Dr. Never: Ron Paul on US Interventions
Obama: Go to the Movies
Congress Sets Limits on Overseas Data Collection
Marco Rubio Calls Out Pope on Cuba
UN Vote on Death Penalty Moratorium Puts US in Awkward Spot
Yemeni Shi'ite Rebels Take Over State-Run Newspaper
Cuba: 'Normalizing Relations'
How Pope Francis Helped Broker Cuba Deal
Cuba to Release US Spy Imprisoned for 20 Years
Key Dates in US Relations With Cuba
Cuba Initiative Could Mean Changes for Guantanamo Base
US Reaction to Cuba Move
US-Cuba Policy Overhaul Sends Shockwaves Across Miami
Republicans Livid Over Cuba Talks, Call It Appeasement
The Promise for US Businesses if Cuba Sanctions Are Lifted
Rubio: No Dough for US Embassy in Havana
US Travel Industry Carefully Eyeing Cuba Tourism
Viva Cigars! Easing of Cuba Trade Would Be 'Huge'
Pakistan School Attack Puts Political Wrangling Put on Hold
Pakistan Seeks Afghanistan's Help to Track Down Taliban Leaders
Pakistan's Imran Khan Ends Sit-In After 126 Days
Dalai Lama: China Hardliners Hold Xi Back on Tibetan Autonomy
Tibetan Man Dies in Self-Immolation Protest
Afghanistan Violence: Taliban Kill 10 in Helmand Bank Attack
US Approves Sale of Global Hawk Drones to South Korea
Official: South Korea Won't Maintain F-35 Fighters in Japan
Philippines, South Korea Eye Stronger Partnership Amid Chinese Protests
EU to Tighten Sanctions on Crimea in Time for Leaders Summit: Officials
Rouble Rise Prompts Hopes That Russian Economic Crisis Is Easing
EU's Mogherini Says Detects Some 'Willingness' From Russia to Resolve Ukraine Conflict
Ukraine Leader Wants to Join Euro-Atlantic Security Alliance
Europe Must Stick to 'Bitter' Sanctions on Russia: German Finance Minister
Colombia FARC Rebels Declare Indefinite Unilateral Truce
Canada PM Says Parliament Attacker May Not Have Been Lone Wolf
Haiti President Meets With Opposition Amid Unrest
Australia Orders Sweeping Investigation After Deadly Hostage Siege
The Torture Report
CIA Health Professionals' Role in Systematic Torture, Including 'Human Subjects Research'
If Obama Won't Prosecute CIA Torture, Can the ICC?
Brazil Released Its Own Torture Report This Week, and the US Is Implicated
Operation to Free Yazidi Town Begins; 131 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Sunnis at Risk in Battle Against ISIS
Iraq Kurds Launch Sinjar Offensive After Coalition Air Strikes
German Cabinet Agrees to Send Troops to Train Iraqi Kurds
Iraq Seeks One-Year Deferral on Gulf War Reparations
Syria Conflict: 230 Bodies 'Found in Mass Grave' in Deir Al-Zour
US Slaps Sanctions on Swiss, Dutch Companies Over Syria
Police Took 'Syria-Bound Girl' Off Plane on London Runway
Texas Plumber Has 'No Idea' How ISIS Militants Ended Up With His Old Truck
Israel, US Boycott Conference in Geneva for Palestinian Human Rights
EU Court Takes Hamas Off Terrorist Organizations List
Israel Warns EU Vote on Palestine Is Damaging to Peace
Israel Suffers Sharp Rebuffs From Europe
Palestinians Seek Arab Backing for UN Resolution
Haaretz Poll: Joint Lapid-Kahlon Ticket Would Be Largest Knesset List
Bennett Mocks 'Hipsters', Left in New Election Video
In Diplomatic Snub, Liberman Refuses Meeting With Swedish Counterpart
Israeli Arab Media Personality Set to Join Labor Party
On Arab Uprising Anniversary, US Back to Business as Usual With Egypt's Military
30 Dead and 270 Wounded From Libya Dawn's Forces in Attack on Oil Ports
54 Nigerian Soldiers Given Death Penalty for Mutiny
Divided Kenyans Disagree Over Strategy to End 'Terror' Attacks
The War at Home
LAPD to Equip Officers With Body Cameras
The Navy's Newest Toy Is a Terrifying Sharkbeast From Hell
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