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Updated December 21, 2014 - 11:07 PM EST
US Ground Troops Battle ISIS in Western Iraq
  Iraq's Shi'ite Fighters Desert Over Shortages
  Group Accuses Iraqi Govt of Expelling Sunnis From Baghdad
Hans Blix: Unverified Intel Used to Pressure Iran
White House Rejects N. Korea Offer of Sony Probe
  North Korea Hacked Sony? Don't Believe It, Experts Say
  State-Sponsored or Not, Sony Malware 'Bomb' Used Slapdash Code
  Cyber-Security Expert: North Korea Probably Not Behind Sony Hack
US Sends 4 Gitmo Prisoners Home to Afghanistan
  Fears Build as CIA's 'Ghost Prisoners' Vanish Into Afghan Jails
  Afghan Leader's Two-Man Government Raises Concerns
  Brits in Afghanistan: Worse Than a Defeat
Man Kills 2 NYPD Cops as 'Revenge' for Garner
US Drone Strike Kills Six in North Waziristan
Cuba Parliament Backs Decision to Normalize US Relations
It's Time for the US Military to Leave South Korea  by Kyle Mizokami
How Torture Puts Americans at Risk  by Todd E. Pierce
America, Nation of Torturers  by Charles Davis
Why We Fight  by Nebojsa Malic
Splendid Isolation  by Uri Avnery
Time for America to Quit Iraq, Afghanistan Wars  by Stephen Kinzer

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Blackwater Lobbyist Will Manage House Intel Panel
Obama Blasts Guantanamo Provisions as He Signs Defense Bill
Why the Sony Hack Isn't Big News in Japan
Results of Bergdahl Probe Could End With Desertion Charge or $300k Back Pay
Nightlong Battle in Kobani Leaves 33 ISIS Militants Dead
ISIS Has Executed 100 Foreigners Trying to Quit: Report
ISIS Executes Syrian for Aiding Regime Air Strikes
Syrian Refugee Children at Risk of Becoming Stateless
Syria's Ancient Sites, Damaged by War, Now Draw Looters
Mass Grave Found in Sinjar, 166 Killed Across Iraq
Yazidis Cheer Kurds on Iraqi Mountain for Breaking ISIS Siege
Food, Water Head to Sinjar Mountain After ISIS Ousted
Clint Eastwood: 'I Was Against Going Into the War in Iraq'
Palestinians in Gaza Fear IAF Attack Marks Beginning of End of Ceasefire
Egypt to Reopen Gaza Crossing Sunday
Hamas: Israeli Strike in Gaza Is a 'Dangerous Escalation'
Kerry Said to Warn UN Vote on Palestine Would Strengthen Israeli Right
IDF Training Civilian Response Squads in Gaza Border Communities
Middle East
Bomb Blast in Bahraini Shi'ite Village Wounds Three Policemen
Saudi Forces Kill Four Militants in Awamiya: Interior Ministry
Gulf States and Qatar Gloss Over Differences, but Split Still Hampers Them
Turkey's Erdogan 'Closely Following' Legal Case Against Rival Cleric
Hezbollah Tries Mossad Informant Who Foiled 5 Attacks Against Israelis
North Korea
North Korea Denies Hacking Sony, US Stands by Its Assertion
US Asks China to Help Rein in 'Korean Hackers'
North Korea Says to Boost Nuclear Power to Counter US Hostile Policy
Chinese Annoyance With North Korea Bubbles to the Surface
China Invests in Region Rich in Oil, Coal and Also Strife
China Offers $3 Billion in Aid and Loans to Neighbors
Pakistan, Afghanistan to Carry Out Coordinated Actions Against Militants
Pakistan Taliban Chief Killed in Air Strike
Air Strikes Kill 21 Militants in Khyber Agency
Pakistan Militants Lose Hashish Monopoly
Anti-Taliban Protesters in Islamabad Demand Action Against Pro-Militant Cleric
'All Our Homes Are Mourning': the Aftermath of the Peshawar Tragedy
Indian PM Modi's Party Unlikely to Form Jammu & Kashmir Govt: Polls
54 Indian Soldiers Believed to Be in Pakistani Jails
Australia Gunman's Target May Have Been Channel Seven
Weekend Reviews
Neoconservatism's Theory Gap
Worse Than a Defeat
Obama Says Opening to Cuba Will Take Years to Bear Fruit
As Cuba-US Relations Thaw, Vietnam May Offer Lessons
Obama's Republican Ally on Cuba
Castro: 'Essential Problem' of Embargo Must Be Resolved
Hopes, Fears, Doubts Surround Cuba's Oil Future
Cuban Cigar Boom? Not Yet, Stores and Customers Say
Cuba Says US Must Respect Its Communist System
Obama Wagers on More Cigars to Win Over Congress on Cuba Embargo
Many Cubans Optimistic – and Cautious – About New US Ties
For Cubans in Miami, the Gulf to Their Homeland Narrows
Cuban Exiles at Miami Rally Denounce Obama for Rapprochement
Ukraine to Spend Five Percent of 2015 Budget on Defense and Security
Russia Calls New Sanctions on Crimea 'Collective Punishment'
Russia Dismisses New US Sanctions as Useless
Putin Urges Russia's Secret Services to Tackle Modern Challenges
Western Firms Slash Russia Investment Over Ruble Fall
Canada to Impose More Economic Sanctions, Travel Bans Against Russians
UK Must Probe Its Role in CIA Torture, Says UN Legal Expert
2 Car Bombs Rock Southern Sweden's City of Malmo
Spaniards Protest Their Nation's New Security Law
French Police Shoot Dead Knife-Wielding Man Who Yelled 'Allahu Akbar' in Police Station
Egyptian Jihadists Thank US for Terror Designation
Egypt Receives 10 Apache Helicopters From US
Egypt's Powerful Intelligence Chief Replaced
Egypt Official Says Nearly 10,000 Detained This Year
Egypt Pledges to Mend Ties as El Sisi Meets Qatar Envoy
Nigerian Forces Battle Islamists in Northeast Town, Killing 35
Extremists in Nigeria Lining Up Elderly and Shooting Them
2014 Sees Dramatic Uptick in Boko Haram Abductions
Boko Haram Survivor From Gwoza Speaks of Brutal Captivity
DR Congo
Hundreds Killed in Eastern DR Congo Attacks
Two Men Burnt Alive in Dr Congo After Attack: Official
South Sudan Rebels Killed 11 in Bentiu and Raped Women, UN Says
UN Removes Former Somali Warlord From Sanctions List
Colombia Rebels Begin Indefinite, Unilateral Ceasefire
Panama's Noriega in Prison 25 Years Post-Invasion
Americans Still Dying
Soldier From Mesa (AZ) Killed by IED in Afghanistan
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