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Updated December 22, 2014 - 10:01 PM EST
FBI Steered Itself Toward Blaming NK for Hacking
  North Korean Internet Attacked; White House Won't Comment
  What the FBI Didn't Tell US About the Sony Hack Attack
  Obama: Sony Attack 'Not an Act of War'
  These Experts Still Don't Buy FBI Claim That North Korea Hacked Sony
NY Police Declare Their Own Safety 'Top Priority'
  Two NYPD Cops Get Killed and 'Wartime' Police Blame the Protesters
US Ground Troops Fight ISIS in Western Iraq
  Peshmerga Seizes Parts of ISIS-Held Town of Sinjar
  20 ISIS Fighters Killed in Latest Failed Attack on East Syria Airbase
Obama Signs Bill to Ban Closing Gitmo, Says He'll Ignore It
Sunni Tribesmen Kill 42 Houthis Near Yemeni Capital
Mumbai Attacks: Piles of Data, but an Uncompleted Puzzle
Driver Hits Pedestrians in France's 2nd 'Allahu Akbar' Attack
For Better Cuba Relations, Open the Door and Get Out of the Way!  by Ron Paul
Obama Does the Right Thing Over Cuba  by Eric Margolis
CIA Is Getting Away With Keeping Every Important Secret About Torture  by Sheldon Richman
How the Iraq War Began in Panama  by Greg Grandin
Torture's Time for Accountability  by Ray McGovern
Obama Touts Partnership With Egypt's Repressive Military Regime  by Doug Bandow

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WikiLeaks: CIA Travel Advice to Operatives
MPs Bid to Force Release of Chilcot Inquiry of Iraq War
Gaza Remains a 'Pressure Cooker' as Israel-Hamas Tensions Continue
US Firm Finds Malware Targeting Visitors to Afghan Government Websites
Hacking Sony
Why the Sony Hack Is Unlikely to Be the Work of North Korea
Sony Hackers Snooped for Months, Then Planted 10-Minute Time Bomb
US Mulls Putting North Korea Back on Terror List
North Korea Warns US Not to Take Sony Action
Sony Calls Hack a 'State-Sponsored Criminal Act'
Film of Graphic Novel Pyongyang Killed in Wake of Sony Hacks
NYC Police Shooting
NYC Gunman Who Killed Officers Boasted About His Plans
When He Arrived in New York on Saturday, Police Say Ismaaiyl Brinsley Brought a Long History of Trouble With Him
Feds Deny NYPD Cop Killer Had Ties to Black Guerilla Family Prison Gang
The War at Home
For Police Reformers, California City Shows a Rough Road
WikiLeaks Publishes CIA Tips for Traveling Spies
Obama Vows 'Do Everything I Can' to Close Guantanamo
Obama Signs Defense Bill That Keeps Guantanamo Bay Open
Roadside Bomb Kills Seven Civilians in Afghanistan
Taliban Kill Seven Afghan Police in Outpost Attack
Afghan Taliban Decry 'Biased' UN Report on Civilian Casualties
Afghan Journalist Wounded in French Center Attack Dies
US Warns Its Citizens Against Potential Threats in Pakistan
Four Militants Hanged in Pakistan as Execution Campaign Widens
Pakistan Makes Arrests in Taliban School Carnage
Three Killed in India Bomb Blast
Xi Jinping Defends 'One-China' Idea in Macau, Amid Protests
The End of Tolerance? Anti-Muslim Movement Rattles Germany
Drone Spotted Over Belgium Nuclear Plant
Belarus Blocks Online Sites and Closes Shops to Stem Currency Panic
ISIS Executing Deserters in Iraq; 190 Killed in Various Attacks
Syria Claims to Down Israeli Drone Over Quneitra
German Journalist Returns From ISIS Embed
Turkey Builds 'Upgraded' Syria Refugee Camp
UN Asks Israel to Pay Lebanon $856 Million in Compensation Over Oil Spill During 2006 War
Lebanon Says It Needs French Helicopters Quickly to Fight Jihadis
Lebanon's Christians Take Up Arms in the Face of ISIS Threat
630 Gazans Enter Egypt as Rafah Reopens for Two Days
Livni: Western Wall Will Stay Under Israeli Sovereignty Forever
Israel Parliament Gives $3 Mn to Settler Tourism Plan
Ya'alon: Herzog and Livni Would Turn West Bank Into 'Hamastan'
Israel Police Detain Eight Anti-Arab Extremists
Middle East
Saudi Oil Chief: No Conspiracy Behind Oil Prices
Jordan Carries Out First Executions in Eight Years
Delivery of Helicopters Shows Mending of US-Egypt Ties
Egypt Allows in Travelers From Gaza for First Time Since October
Essebsi Declares Win in Tunisia Election, Rival Contests
Old-Guard Politician Seen Leading Tunisia's Interim President in Runoff Election
Tunisia Troops Kill Gunman in Polling Station Attack
Libya's Official Government Targets Rival Forces Trying to Seize Ports
Video Shows Boko Haram Killing Nigerian Captives
Sudan Rights Group Says Raided After Opposition Unity Deal
Rubio Slams 'Obama-Paul' Cuba Policy
Renewed Ties Hit a High Note for Cuban Music Lovers
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