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Updated December 23, 2014 - 11:09 PM EST
Lacking Evidence, Obama Threatens N. Korea
  Up and Down: US Coy About North Korea's Internet Woes
  FBI Steered Itself Toward Blaming North Korea for Sony Hack
  Why the Sony Hack Is Unlikely to Be the Work of North Korea
  Sony Pictures Authorizes Christmas Opening for 'The Interview'
Kurd Offensive Stalls Over Heavy ISIS Resistance
  ISIS Counterattacks Refinery as Fight for Iraq Swings Back and Forth
  Iraqi Hezbollah Leader Assassinated in Diyala
  US Denies Reports Ground Troops Fought ISIS
Secret CIA Doc Could Unravel the Case for Torture
NYC Mayor Aims to Placate Police, Calls for Protests' End
New Ukraine Peace Talks Set for Later This Week
Taliban Push Into Afghan Districts That US Had Secured
Okinawa: Small Island Trying To Block US Military's 'Pivot to Asia'  by Christine Ahn
Barack Obama's Cuba Surprise  by Amy Davidson
Torture's Fallacies – and Criminality  by Lawrence Davidson
The Magical World of North Korea  by Michael Malice
Defending Torture Is Indefensible  by Ivan Eland
Netanyahu Shatters Israel's Image  by Alon Ben-Meir

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Bowe Bergdahl Court Martial Possible as US Army Refers Case to General
Obama Mulls Reshuffle of 'State Sponsors of Terrorism' List
Irony 101: Torture Lawyer to Teach 'Ethics'
Russia Bails Out Bank Following Ruble Slide
Dozens Injured in 3 Separate Attacks in France
NYC Police Shooting Aftermath
NYPD Union President Patrick Lynch Is Completely Nuts: a History
NYPD Chief Backs Mayor as Tensions Rise After Slayings
New York Mayor Fires Back at Police Union Chief
NYPD Union Has Attacked Every Mayor in Recent History
North Korea
North Korea Accuses UN of Discussing Its Rights, Not US Torture
North Korea Skipping UN Security Council Meeting
China Condemns Cyberattacks, but Says No Proof North Korea Hacked Sony
US at UN Calls North Korea 'Living Nightmare;' China Overruled
Chinese Military Reportedly Building Facilities on Islands Near Senkakus
Senior Chinese Leader to Visit Vietnam Amid Sea Tension
Chinese Military Plane Crashes; 2 Deaths Reported
Police Fire on Myanmar Protesters, One Dead, 20 Hurt: Reports
Protests in India Over Conversions Set Back Reform Agenda
Afghan Army Launches Operation in Eastern District as Blast Kills One in North
The Party's Over in Kabul as Expat Era Fades Away
15 'Terrorists' Gunned Down in Karachi Raid
Pakistan to Execute 500 Terror Convicts in Coming Weeks: Officials
Pakistani Taliban Threatens Media With Dire Consequences
Germany Sees No Need to Ease Russia Sanctions Despite Minister's Concerns
Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine Note East Ukraine Ceasefire Holding: Kremlin
Ukraine Threatens to Cut Off Power to Rebel-Held Regions if Usage Not Curbed
Why Ukraine's Internally Displaced Have Given Up Hope of Returning Home
China Foreign Minister Says Willing to Help Russia
Russia Watchdog Blocks Web Pages Calling for Navalny Support Protest: Activists
Catalonia Leader Probed Over Independence Vote
Spain Searches for Franco-Era Graves
Complaints Flood in Over British Royal Legion's Antiwar Advertisement
Italy: 14 Arrests After Neo-Fascist Militant Cell 'Planned Christmas Terror Spree'
Record Numbers at German Anti-Islam Rally
Case of Two Irish Soldiers Killed in Lebanon in 1981 to Be Reviewed
Iran-Backed Cleric Among 53 Killed in Iraq
Archbishop of the Chaldeans: People of Mosul Colluded With ISIS
Iraq TV Show Makes 'Terrorists' Confront Victims
Iraq Says Jordan to Begin Training Iraqi Troops Soon
Billion-Dollar ISIS Fight Gets US Inspector General
Displaced Iraqis Celebrate Christmas in Abandoned Shopping Mall
In Struggle for National Identity, Iraqis Rally Around Many Flags
World Health Org Says Syria Approves Medicine Deliveries to Aleppo, Other Areas
Global ISIS Reaction
Syrian Civil War Has Cost Lebanon $20 Billion
Two Jihadis Deported From Britain Turn Up Fighting for ISIS in Iraq
Czech Sends Anti-Tank Missiles to Kurdish Forces Fighting ISIS
Leaked CIA Manual Explains How to Slip Ben Gurion Security
New Kadima MP Demands Party Approve Any Deal With Labor Party
Coca Cola to Open Gaza Factory
Landmine Explosion Wounds Seven Soldiers in Southeast Turkey
Police's Gas Canister Wounds Child in Turkey
Turkey's Erdogan Says Birth Control 'Treason' Against Turkish Lineage
Middle East
Falling Oil Prices May Mean Age of Plenty Is Over for Gulf Arabs
Lebanon Holds Seven Over Syria Abductions
US Navy Chopper Crashes in Kuwait, Minor Injuries
Al Jazeera Suspends Egypt Channel as Doha, Cairo Mull Closer Ties
Gunmen Shoot, Seriously Wound Egypt Military Officer
Bombs in North Nigeria Bus Station, Market Kill 27
China Sends 700 Peacekeepers to South Sudan
Libya Fighting Spreads to Third Oil Port, 11 Killed in Benghazi
Burundi Arrests Brother of Suspected France Islamist Attacker
Cameroon Army Says Dismantles Boko Haram Training Camp
Dozens of Suspected Kenyan Separatists Charged With Police Camp Raid
Robert Mugabe Dismisses More Government Officials in Zimbabwe
Big Changes Coming to Cuba Tourism With US Opening
Wife of Cuban Agent Freed From US Expecting Two Weeks
Court Orders Partner of Sydney Hostage-Taker Jailed
The War at Home
FAA Drone Approvals Bedeviled by Warnings, Conflict, Internal E-Mails Show
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Why Did They Torture?

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Defending Torture Is Indefensible

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Why We Fight

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The Obscenity of Respectable Politics

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