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Updated December 25, 2014 - 11:29 PM EST
World War One's Christmas Truce, 100 Years Ago
  Playing the Christmas Truce: Those Who Refused To Fight
No, North Korea Didn't Hack Sony
ISIS Downs Jordanian Warplane, Pilot Captured
  US Preparing Surge of Military Contractors to Iraq
  Syria Claims Troops Killed 81 ISIS Fighters
  170 Killed, 158 Wounded in Iraq; Bombers Target Sahwa Gathering
Arrests Batter Top Parties in Israel's Elections
  Israel Approves 380 New Settlement Homes in East Jerusalem
NORAD’s Annual Santa Watch Getting Surprisingly Warlike
Officials: Obama Hopes to Free More Gitmo Detainees Soon
Violent Protests in NE India After Rebels Kill 63
Soldiers Against War: The Story of the World War I Christmas Truce  by John V. Denson
Anything Learned From 'Christmas Truce'?  by Greg Maybury
When Soldiers Say No to War  by Camillo Mac Bica
Thank You for Making War!  by Adam Hochschild & Tom Engelhardt

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Google Alert: Internet Giant Alerts FBI to Colorado Threat Against Police
Sony Emails Show How the Studio Plans to Censor 'The Interview'
Libya May Become 'Next Syria,' Warns FM
Oil's Swift Fall Raises Fortunes of US Abroad
Air Base Prepares in Case F-35 Can't Take Hot Fuel
170 Killed, 158 Wounded in Iraq; Bombers Target Sahwa Gathering
Suicide Bomber Kills 33, Wounds 55 South of Baghdad
Grisly Finds in Iraqi Yazidi Village Wrested From Militants
After a Tough Year, Iraqis Seek Some Holiday Cheer
For Iraqi Christians, a Season Shrouded in Memories of Christmas Past
In Defiance of ISIS, Iraqis Celebrate Christmas Alongside Christian Brothers
Entire Families Answering the Call to Join ISIS
Moscow, Damascus Discuss Plans for Syria Talks
US Military Claims Jordan Jet Was Not Shot Down by ISIS Group
Captured Jordanian Pilot's Family to ISIS: Show Mercy
Israel Police Hold Dozens of Public Officials in Corruption Probe
Likud Comptroller Disqualifies Netanyahu From Leadership Race Over Use of Party Funds
Five-Year-Old Palestinian Shot With Rubber Bullet
Palestinian Killed in Clash With Israeli Troops Near Gaza Border
Well-Oiled Bribery Machine Centered Around Yisrael Beiteinu
Finance Ministry Skirted Rules in Settler Funding Request, Knesset Legal Adviser Says
Christmas Pilgrims Gather in Bethlehem After Hard Year
Gaza's 'Santa Claus' Spreads Cheer Among War-Weary Kids
Kurdish Rebels Threaten Renewed Violence in Turkey
Watch Your Tongue, Ankara Tells PKK
Middle East
Iran FM Says Nuclear Deal 'Within Reach'
Death Sentence for Saudi Linked to 2006 al-Qaeda Plot
Two Killed in Nicaragua Canal Protests
Priests March, Protest Attacks in Southern Mexico
Cuba Relations With Catholic Church at High Point
Chile Compensates Assassinated General's Daughters
Insurgency, Fraud Pose Risks for Credible Nigerian Election
Traffic Ban to Avoid Christmas Attacks in Northeast Nigeria
Nigerian Girl, 14, Recounts Would-Be Suicide Bombing
Christmas Truce 1914
Letter Details 'Extraordinary Sights' of Christmas Day First World War Truce
The Christmas Truce: An Overview
WWI Truce Rewind: Soldiers Play Soccer in Afghanistan
100 Winters, 100 Springs: Nature Slowly Reclaims WWI Battlefields and Relics
WWI Shoot-Em-Up Video Game to Give Players Chance to Re-Enact Christmas Truce in the Trenches and Play Football With Their Online Rivals
India to Deploy 5,000 Troops to Assam After String of Attacks
After School Massacre, Pakistan Moves to Set Up Military Courts for Terrorism Cases
Afghan Leader Tells UN Agency to Relinquish Control of Funds, Officials Say
China Expresses Concern After Protests at Myanmar Mine
Japanese PM Unveils New Government, Defense Pick May Rile China
China Police Stop 'Extremists' Leaving Country, One Shot Dead

South Korea Seeks China's Cooperation in Probe Into Cyberattack on Nuclear Operator

New Minsk Peace Talks Under Way
Russia Says NATO Turning Ukraine Into 'Frontline of Confrontation'
Ukraine Briefly Cuts Power to Crimea Amid Dispute With Russia Over NATO
Eastern Ukraine: Humanitarian Disaster Looms as Food Aid Blocked
Man 'Armed to the Teeth' Arrested in Cannes Market as France Deploys 300 More Soldiers
The Independence Fire Still Burns in Post-Referendum Scotland
The War at Home
ACLU, Human Rights Watch Urge Obama to Prosecute Officials Over CIA Torture
Police Officer Who Shot Man in Missouri Did Not Have Body Cam Activated
St. Louis Unrest After Police Killing of Teenager
Navy SEAL Who Claims to Have Shot Osama bin Laden Under Investigation
Final Voyage: Navy Pays One Cent to Scrap Aircraft Carrier
US to Pay $3.2 Million to Contractor Freed From Cuba Prison
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