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Updated December 26, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
NSA Reports Improper Surveillance of Americans
Rebels in Syria's Aleppo Announce 'Total Merger'
  Kurds Kill 44 ISIS Fighters in Northeast Syria
  US Preparing Surge of Military Contractors to Iraq
  Iraqi Police: US Airstrike Kills ISIS Governor of Mosul
Israeli Court Orders Illegal WB Outpost Demolished
  Corruption Arrests Batter Top Parties in Israel's Elections
No, North Korea Didn't Hack Sony
  How Kim Dotcom Saved Christmas From the Lizard Squad
Afghan Officials: NATO Air Strike Kills 5 Civilians
Report: Ukraine, Rebels Agree to Prisoner Swap
22 Troops Killed in Speedboat Attack on Libyan Oil Terminal
Selling 'Peace Groups' on US-Led Wars  Margaret Sarfehjooy & Coleen Rowley
Today Cuba, Tomorrow Iran  by Stephen Kinzer
Evil Torturers Catch a Break  by Robert Hennelly
Abolishing the CIA  by Robert Koehler

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Lone Opponent of Afghan War Feels Vindicated
At Home and at Work, Black Police Officers on Defensive
Female Veterans Battling PTSD From Sexual Trauma Fight for Redress
F-35 Fuel Temperature Sensitivity Forces USAF to Repaint Tanker Trucks
Al-Qaeda Claims New Butt Bomb
Christmas in Gaza: A Season Without Hope as Fears Grow That Conflict With Israel Will Soon Reignite
Police to Probe Shooting of
5-Year-Old Palestinian
Yisrael Beytenu May Not Make the Cut, 'Post' Poll Finds
Kahlon's Party Continuing to Swell With New Members
Ambassador Ron Dermer Flouts Regulations by Endorsing Netanyahu on US Media
Firebomb Attack Wounds Israeli Father and Daughter in West Bank
Israel to Purchase Four German Missile Boats to Protect Offshore Gas Facilities
Israel Balks at US Request to Praise New Cuba Policy
Somalia: African Union Troops Killed in Al-Shabab Attack
Bomb Kills Two Egyptian Troops in Sinai
13-Year-Old Girl: My Father Gave Me to Boko Haram
UN Set to Cut Force in Darfur as Fighting Rises
South Sudan Dropped From US Free Trade Benefits Program
Mauritania Condemns Man to Death for 'Insulting the Prophet'
Swedish Mosque Hit by Arson in Eskilstuna, Injuring Five
Russia Says Kiev's Move to Join NATO Dangerous for Europe
Peshmerga Troops Found in Mass Grave; 52 Killed Across Iraq
Syria's War Enters New Year More Fragmented Than Ever
Child Fires Rockets From Car-Mounted Missile Launcher in Iraq Against ISIS Targets
Turkey, Iraq Pledge More Military Cooperation in Fight Against ISIS
Pope Condemns ISIS in Christmas Day Message
Lebanon's Hezbollah Detains 'Israeli Spy' in Its Ranks
Hezbollah Sheikhs in Christmas Tour of South Lebanon Churches
Middle East
Saudi Women Drivers Referred to Terrorism Court
Iran's Army Begins Massive Drill
Shi'ite Militia Abduct Senior Yemen Intelligence Official
Turkish Police Arrest Teenager for Insulting President Erdogan
Bahrain, Kuwait Sign Cooperation Accord
Assam Violence Displaces Thousands
India's Military Hunts Rebels After Deadly Attacks in Remote State
Musharraf Demands Free Hand to Army Against Terrorism
Protesters in Mexico Slam German Weapons Supplier in Missing Students Case
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