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Updated December 27, 2014 - 11:24 PM EST
ISIS Has Governing Woes, But Retains Territory
  US Massing Thousands of Vehicles in Kuwait for ISIS War
  Syria Kills 50 in Airstrikes on ISIS-Held Towns
Afghan Officials: NATO Air Strike Kills 5 Civilians
  13 Years, $1 Trillion Spent, Obama Declares Afghan War a Success
NSA Drops Christmas Eve Surprise
  ACLU Says NSA Used Holiday Lull to Minimize Impact of Documents
  After Scrutiny, CIA Mandate Is Untouched
  Guantanamo: The Mysterious Case of Prisoner 212
After Swap, Ukraine Peace Talks Abruptly End
  Russia's New Military Doctrine Views NATO as Key Risk
US Drone Strikes Kill Nine in North Waziristan
How Kim Dotcom Saved Christmas From the Lizard Squad
The Middle East Harvests Bitter Imperialist Fruit  by Sheldon Richman
Finding Christmas Light in the Darkness of Bethlehem  by Michael Weeder
'Terrorism' Hysteria Over Sony Hack  by Paul R. Pillar
CIA Torture? For the Arab World, That's No Surprise  by Rachel Shabi

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Newest US Stealth Fighter '10 Years Behind' Older Jets
Pentagon Set to Resume Special Foreign-Born Recruiting Program
US Helped Jailed Cuban Spy Artificially Inseminate Wife
Second US Missile Defense Radar Deployed to Japan
Hackers Target Tor After Disrupting Xbox, Playstation Networks on Christmas
45 Killed in Iraq as ISIS Threatens Those Who Won't Fight for Them
ISIS Claims Iraq Suicide Bombing That Killed 38
Iraq Faces New Crisis as Winter Descends on Millions Uprooted by Islamic State
Where 2 Million Internally Displaced Iraqis Have Relocated
How a Syrian Boy, 14 and Sheathed in Explosives, Escaped ISIS' Hold
Syria Refugees Suffer Bitter Cold of Lebanon Winter
Yisrael Beiteinu Graft Scandal Deepens
Israel Set New Date for West Bank Outpost Demolition
Palestinian Wounds 2 Israeli Police Officers in Jerusalem
Hamas Says It Will Uphold Ceasefire if Israel Does
Russia Says It Backs Palestinian UN Statehood Bid
Israeli Gas Future Hangs in Balance After Regulatory Turnabout
Avigdor Lieberman: Hard-Right Israeli Minister's Fate in Balance After Aides Arrested for Fraud
Erdogan Tells Europe to Stop Criticizing Turkey
Turkey Teenager Accused of Insulting President Released
Iran Expands 'Smart' Internet Censorship
Third Priest Killed in Dangerous Southern Mexico
Colombia's FARC Rebels Free Soldier Captured During Attack
Paraguay: Guerrilla Group Frees Hostage
Doubts Deepen Over Chinese-Backed Nicaragua Canal as Work Starts
Pakistan Military Wins Free Rein Against Terrorists
23 Militants Killed in Army Air Raid in NW Pakistan
Pakistan Kills School Massacre 'Facilitator'
China Police Fire on Tibetans After Self-Immolations
Chinese Leadership Offers Support for Hong Kong Leader
China Raises Nepal Aid Five-Fold in Regional Diplomacy Push
Senior Chinese Leader Says Vietnam Ties Need 'Correct Path'
Philippine Communist Rebels Say Peace Talks May Resume Soon
India Seeks Help From Bhutan, Myanmar to Hunt Down Militants
Human Rights Groups in Egypt Brace for Crackdown Under New Law
First Phase of Egypt-Gaza Buffer Zone to Cost $70 Million
Egypt Bans 'Inaccurate' Exodus Film
Trade and Tension at Europe's Troubled African Borders
Sudan Defends Decision to Expel Two United Nations Officials
Egyptian Coptic Teen Seized in Libya Found Dead, Says Hospital
Ukraine and Rebels Trade Prisoners in Donetsk
Russia Promotes Conventional Forces in New Doctrine
Report: Ukraine Suspends Trains to Crimea, Citing Security Concerns
Russia Labels Leading Rights Group 'Foreign Agent'
Police in Kosovo Stop Driver With Explosives
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