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Updated December 31, 2014 - 11:28 PM EST
US Remains at War, But Less Public About It
  26 Killed as Afghan Battle Spills Over Into Wedding Party
  Why the US Really Isn't Done in Afghanistan
  2014 – the Deadliest Year for Afghan Civilians on Record
FBI Rejects Evidence on Sony Hack
  FBI Fixated on North Korea for Sony Hack Despite New Evidence
  What if North Korea Didn't Hack Sony?
US Spyware Found on Merkel Aide's USB Drive
  German Bundeswehr's Role in Targeted Killings in Afghanistan
Palestinian Statehood Vote Fails With US Veto
33 Killed in Suicide Bombing in Central Yemen
Intel, Defense Whistleblowers Mired in Broken System
US Urges War Against Rwandan Militia in East Congo
CIA: Most UFO Sightings in 50's, 60's Were Our Planes
Why I Still Dislike Israel  by Philip Giraldi
As Anthrax Case Crumbles, FBI Digs in on North Korea Claims  by Marcy Wheeler
Another Year of Morbid Symptoms in the Middle East  by Tony Karon
The Sony Hack Fraud  by Justin Raimondo
Foreign Aid Is a Failure  by Veronique de Rugy
Congress AWOL on Predator Drone Killings  by Bruce Fein

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Feds Gave $450,000 for Defunct Women's Cricket League in Afghanistan
Russia Threatens to Halt Cooperation With US on Iran, Syria
Journalists' Killings Rise to 118 in 2014: Press Group
Cuba Talks Were Shaken by the Release of Bergdahl
Hundreds Reported Killed During Liberation of Duluiya in Iraq
Iraqis Bicker Over Liberating Mosul
US Military Drops Weapons in Areas Held by ISIS in Iraq
Iraqi Official Report: Thousands of Yezidis Still in ISIS Captivity

Syria: Army Lets Civilians Escape Siege

Likud Comptroller Clears Netanyahu to Head Party in Primary
Israeli Police Arrest Jerusalem Church Vandal
Middle East
US Calls for Release of Americans in Iran, Denies Swap Deal
Bahrain Wefaq Chief Held 'For Promoting Violence'
Hifter's Libyan National Army Accused of Targeting Field Hospital in Airstrikes Near Sirte, Killing Two Doctors
Suicide Bombing Outside Libyan Parliament in Tobruk Wounds Three: Spokesman
Libya in $6 Million Push to Tackle Oil Port Fires
Drone Strike Is Said to Kill Shabab Leader
Gunfire Erupted at Gambia Presidential Palace Amid Reports of Failed Coup
Extremists Kill 2 Muslim Clerics in Uganda
Why Rape Is a Deadly a Threat: Congo's Cheap Weapon of Mass Destruction
The Dump That Holds the Secrets of Colombia's Disappeared
In Colombia, a Palm Oil Boom With Roots in Conflict
Mexico Questions 37 Over Shootout in Troubled Western State
The War at Home
Military Hardware Still Flowing to Local Police After Ferguson
Peace Activist Kathy Kelly Heads to Prison for Protesting US Drone War
New York City Arrests Drop by 66% Amid High Tensions
Air Force Lawyer Chastised for Speaking Out on Sex Assaults
A Veteran's Chemical Burns Expanded Military Doctors' Knowledge, but His Care Faltered
Pentagon Meets Resistance on Benefit Cuts
Secret Papers: UK Studied Chemical Weapons Buildup in 1980s
Britain Orders Falklands Defense Review After Military Deal Between Russia and Argentina
UK: More Than 400,000 Freedom of Information Requests Made Since 2005
Two Men Held in UK Over Terror Offenses
Obama Suggests Putin 'Not So Smart'
Putin Critic Navalny Among 'Hundred Held' at Moscow Protest
Kremlin Critic Navalny Given Suspended Sentence, Brother Jailed
US to Station 150 Armored Vehicles in Europe
German Opposition Urges Probe Into NATO 'Hit List'
Mumbai Suspect Rearrested in Pakistan
PPP Opposes Military Courts in Senate
Pakistan PM: Military Courts Will Try Only Hardcore Terrorists
Afghan Security on Alert as New NATO Mission Takes Over
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Justin Raimondo
The Sony Hack Fraud

Ivan Eland
Hysteria Over Sony Hacking Is Unwarranted

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Playing the Christmas Truce

Nebojsa Malic
Why We Fight

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Questioning the Powerful

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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