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Updated January 2, 2015 - 11:17 PM EST
Obama Sanctions NK Over Debunked Sony Hack
  North Korea, South Korea Back Summit for Improved Ties
76,000 Estimated Killed in Syrian War in 2014
Iraq 2014: 48,590 Killed and 26,516 Wounded
  ISIS Forces Near US 'Non-Combat' Troops in Anbar
True Cost of the Afghan War May Surprise You
  Afghan Troops Kill 28 Civilians in Wedding Party Rocket Attack
US Consulate Staff Attacked by Israeli Settlers
  Netanyahu Confident ICC Will Reject Palestinian Membership
  Palestinian Crushed to Death at Overcrowded Israeli Checkpoint
How To Read the Senate Report on CIA Torture  by Alfred W. McCoy
Did You Know We Won the Afghan War This Weekend?  by Peter Van Buren
Should Obama Release Photos of US's Horrific Torture Program?  by Michael Mechanic
Is War in the Cards for 2015?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
The NSA's Ongoing Efforts to Hide Its Lawbreaking  by Conor Friedersdorf
How the Israel Lobby Protected Ukrainian Neo-Nazis  by Max Blumenthal

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US Warns Bahrain Opposition Leader's Arrest Could 'Inflame Tensions'
Thousands of Ukraine Nationalists March in Kiev
Despite Thaw, US Base at Gitmo Still Stings for Cubans
Boston Bomb Trial Delay Request Rejected by Judge
Berghdal Ransom Claims Get Attention of Pentagon's IG
Iraq 2014: 48,590 Killed and 26,516 Wounded
An Iraqi Monk Uprooted by ISIS Shocked by Its Swift Advance
Prominent ISIS Leader Reported Killed in Kobani
Syria Opposition Group: Assad Must Go for Any Peace Plan to Work
Video Purports to Show Two Italians Held by Syria Captors
Middle East
Lebanese Army Shells Militant Positions Near Syria Border
Turkish Man Fires on Erdogan's Istanbul Offices
US Warns Bahrain Opposition Leader's Arrest Could 'Inflame Tensions'
Al Jazeera Journalists in Egypt
Egypt Court Orders Retrial For Al Jazeera Journalists
Al-Jazeera Pair Apply for Deportation From Egypt
Gambia President Accuses 'Terrorist Groups' of Coup Attempt
Three Kenyan Soldiers Wounded in Gun Attack Near Somali Border

2 Suicide Bombers Attempt New Year Attacks in Nigerian City of Gombe, Witnesses Say

Libya Sees More Progress in Extinguishing Fire at Eastern Oil Terminal
US 'Strongly Opposes' Palestinian Bid to Join ICC
Experts Clash Over Palestinian Demographic Statistics
Joining ICC Wouldn't Guarantee Palestinians a War Crimes Case
Erdan, Edelstein, Regev Fly High on New Likud List
Israeli Army Chief Slams Gaza Leaks, Says Army Is 'Not Reality TV'
Fans Love Underdogs, but Few Face Greater Odds Than the Palestinian Soccer Team
Lapid Links Settlement Funds to Corruption
Palestinians Blast Nigeria for Abstention in UN Vote
Hamas Employees Strike Over Expected Job Losses
Afghans Take Over Full Security Charge, Mortars Kill 20 Civilians
French Ceremony as New NATO Afghan Mission Takes Over
Afghan Interpreter Identifies Colleagues in Beheading Footage
India, Pakistan Exchange List of Nuclear Facilities
Activists Plan to Balloon-Drop 'Interview' DVDs to North Korea
Sweden Hit by Third Mosque Arson Attack in a Week
Ukraine Says Rebels Keep Up Attacks Into New Year
Poll: One in Eight Germans Would Join Anti-Muslim Protests
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