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Updated January 9, 2015 - 11:05 PM EST
Feds Seek to Charge Petraeus for Classified Leaks
Al-Qaeda Source: AQAP Directed Paris Attack
  Blowback: Paris Killings Likely Revenge for French Interventionism
  More to Come? Thousands of Westerners Fighting in Iraq, Syria
Paris Suspects Dead, Dual Hostage Crises End
  How Paris Attack Suspect Turned Killer
  Revenge Attacks in France See Mosques Come Under Fire
War's Not Over: US Marines Quietly Return to Afghanistan
  Pentagon Shuts Bases, But 'Savings' Dwarf Planned Spending Growth
Boko Haram Destroys Nigerian City, 2,000 Reported Slain
PA Blocks Gaza Reconstruction, Demands Control of Strip
FBI's 'New Evidence' of North Korea Hacking Still Flimsy
Are Free Speech 'Martyrs' Worthier Victims Than War Casualties?  by Lucy Steigerwald
Colonial History, Foreign Policy Make France a Target  by Vincent Durac
There Are None So Blind  by Philip Giraldi
Charlie Hebdo and the Profiteers of Tragedy  by Justin Raimondo
Close Guantanamo – Then Give It Back to Cuba  by Amy Goodman
The Ominous Republican Hold on Congress  by Sheldon Richman

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US Kills EU Watchdog's Probe Into EU Cops Sharing EU Citizens' Data
Expect More US Casualties in Afghanistan, Top NATO Commander Says
Tunisian Military Receives US Aircraft to Bolster Defense
Euro Sinks to Fresh Nine-Year Low
Why the Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Is Silent
Battles and Bombs Leave 249 Killed and 108 Wounded Across Iraq
ISIS Attacks Checkpoints in Iraq's Samarra
The US Military Is Back Training Troops in Iraq, but It's a Little Different This Time
Suicide Attacks Leave 15 Dead in Iraq
Dempsey: US Eyes New Ways to Aid Iraq Forces
No Deaths Reported in Syria as Storm Quells Fighting
Al-Qaeda Militants in Syria Attack Besieged Shi'ite Towns
Britain's MI5 Chief Warns al-Qaeda in Syria Planning Mass Attacks on West
Al Qaeda-Linked Militants Blow Up 13th Century Muslim Tomb in Syria
Medical Aid Unable to Enter Syrian Rebel-Held Aleppo: WHO
Two Suspected Syria Jihadists Go on Trial in Berlin
Gazans Left Homeless by War Suffer in Winter Storm
Bitter Harvest: Israeli Bombs Sowed Grief for Gaza Farmers
Defense Minister Ya'alon: No Place for Criminal Probe of Gaza War's 'Black Friday'
Explosive Device Discovered Near Israeli Embassy in Uruguay
Violence Grows in Yemen as al-Qaeda Tries to Fight Its Way Back
Yemeni Police Arrest Six Suspects in Police College Bombing: TV
Middle East
Iran's Supreme Leader Is Skeptical of Nuclear Talks With US
US Asks Saudis to Cancel 1,000-Lash Sentence for Liberal Activist
Stricter Entry Requirements New Territory for Lebanon
Suspected Kurdish Militants Attack Turkish Police in Southeast
Pakistan Says Exercising 'Utmost' Restraint to Avoid Civilian Causalities at LoC
Pakistani Man Accused of Blasphemy Gunned Down and Killed
American Set to Be Deported From South Korea for Pro-North Views
No Birthday Celebrations for North Korea's Kim This Year
North Korea Seems to Be Closer to Missile-Launching Submarine
Seven Dead in Bangladesh's Election Anniversary Protests
Impeachment of Ousted Thai PM Could Test Fragile Calm
Sri Lankan President Concedes Defeat After Decade in Power
Nepali Single Mothers Say Law Change Would Make Children Stateless
The War at Home
Army to Build Dedicated Drone Runway at Fort Bliss
Tamir Rice Shooting: Cleveland Police Handcuffed Sister as 12-Year-Old Lay Dying
450 US Troops Returning From Ebola Deployments
'Do You Support ISIS?': CNN's Don Lemon Stuns Muslim Human Rights Attorney
Terrorist Attack in Paris
France's Fight Against Terrorism Incites Attacks, Analysts Say
France Says Paris Suspect Trained With al-Qaeda in Yemen
French Police Detain 9 in Massive Hunt for 2 Suspects
Paris Policewoman Dies After Second Shooting in France
Explosion Rocks Kebab Shop Near Mosque in East France
French Intelligence Is Tracking 1,000 Who Have Been to Iraq, Syria: Expert
Alleged Ringleader Had Long 'Obsession' With Terror Attack
Jihadist Flags, Bombs Found in Paris Shooters' Car
French Terror Suspect Was Failed Rapper-Turned-Jihadist
Paris: World Reaction
Terror Suspects in Charlie Hebdo Massacre Were on US 'No Fly' List
Islamic Leaders Condemn Paris Attack, Some Warn on Backlash
Al-Qaeda's North Africa Branch Praises Gunmen for Paris Attack
Jihadists Have Declared War, World Must Respond: Canada's Harper
Aid Agencies: More Than One Million Flee, Ukraine Close to 'Humanitarian Catastrophe'
Talks With Russia in December Showed 'Some Signals' of a New Approach: EU
Russia Sanctions Can Only Be Lifted if Minsk Fully Implemented: Merkel
George Soros: West Should Give Ukraine $50 Billion in Aid to Thwart Russian 'Attack'
Serb War Crimes Prosecutor: 'We Stirred Up Hornet's Nest'
Bosnia Leads Global Search for Missing With Expertise on Bones
ISIS Branch in Libya Claims Execution of 2 Tunisian Journalists
Turkey Urges Remaining Citizens to Leave Libya After Airline Threat
Boko Haram Kills Dozens in Fresh Raids in Nigerian Town
Boko Haram Burns Down Houses in Nigerian Towns Near Baga
Nigeria's Boko Haram Killed More Than 100 During Weekend Attack
From Egypt's Leader, an Ambitious Call for Reform in Islam
Ugandan Muslim Clerics 'Go Missing' in Kampala
Rights Groups Urge US to Seek UN Arms Embargo on S. Sudan
Optimism on Sudan Peace Fades as New Talks Approach
Chad Appeals for Aid for Refugees Who Fled Boko Haram Attacks
UN: Ethnic Cleansing of Muslims in Central African Republic
US-Cuba Talks in Havana Set for Jan. 21-22
US Farmers Will Push Congress to End Embargo on Cuba
Cuba Frees at Least 25 Dissidents
Dissidents Free but Questions Hang Over US-Cuba Deal
Mexico Holding 13 Police Officers in Journalist's Kidnapping
Haiti Political Crisis Stalls Homebuilding for Quake Survivors
China Agrees to Invest $20bn in Venezuela to Help Offset Effects of Oil Price Slump
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Charlie Hebdo and the Profiteers of Tragedy

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Are Free Speech 'Martyrs' Worthier Victims Than War Casualties?

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What Makes ISIS Tick?

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Why We Fight

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Questioning the Powerful

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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