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Updated January 11, 2015 - 9:16 PM EST
Police Source: Terror Cells Activated in France
  Netanyahu, Lieberman, Bennett All Headed to Paris for Rally
  Several Attacks on French Muslim Targets After Magazine Killings
Paris Has US Agencies Clamoring for More Cash
  Attacks Increase Concerns Over Foreign Fighters Returning Home
North Lebanon Suicide Attack Kills Nine
Feds Seek to Charge Petraeus for Classified Leaks
Slump in NY Arrests, Fines Hits Lawyers, Bail Bondsmen
When It Comes to Its Morality, Israel Prefers Not to Be Tried  by Asher Schechter
A Little Bit of Oil Speculation  by Séamusín Reilly
Four Reasons the War in Afghanistan Isn't Really Over  by John Knefel
Will France Repeat America's Mistakes?  by Ray McGovern
Charlie Hebdo: Middle East Blowback?  by John Feffer
In Memory of the Charlie Hebdo Victims  by Sheldon Richman

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US Dismisses Guantanamo Conviction After Prisoner Sent Home
US Army Plans to Shift 3,000 Troops to Europe
Angry British MPs Challenge 'Stitch-Up' Over Delay of Chilcot Report on Iraq War
Drawing the Prophet: Islam's Hidden History of Muhammad Images
ISIS Attack Fails in Gwer; 139 Killed Across Iraq
Pentagon: Arms Supply to Kurds Should Go Through Baghdad
The Devastating Legacy of Unexploded US Ordnance in Iraq
Syrian Opposition Groups Divided Over Moscow Peace Talks
Syria's al-Qaeda Wing Claims Lebanon Attack: Twitter Account
Syria Car Bombs Kill 16: Monitor
US-Led Air Strikes Focus on Kobani, Syria: US Military
Storm Adds to Misery of Gaza's Most Vulnerable
Cold Weather Claims Lives of Two Babies in Gaza
Middle East
Thousands Protest in Yemen Against President, Shi'ite Rebels
Iran, Venezuela Vow to Neutralize Oil Price Problem
Bomb Found Outside Istanbul Shopping Center
Kuwait Jails Ex-Minister Over Article Criticizing Govt
House of Saud Divided: Generational Shift Seen in Royal Succession Battle
Afghan President Discusses War Against Terror With Pakistani Political Leaders
Kabul International Airport to Be Protected by Azerbaijani Peacekeepers
Disputes Damage Hopes of Rebuilding Afghanistan's Bamiyan Buddhas
New Courts Offer Pakistan's Generals the Power They Used to Seize
Nine Military Courts Being Set Up Across Pakistan in First Phase
US Vows Continued Counterterrorism Support for Pakistan
Ex-Pakistan Taliban Members Join ISIS Group, Behead Man
15 Militants Killed in Pakistan Tribal Areas
Two Doctors Among Seven Gunned Down in Karachi
Pakistan TTP Claims Attack in Rawalpindi
Three Pakistan Security Personnel Killed in Gwadar Attack
Wagah Blast 'Mastermind', Two Others Killed in Lahore
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Army Defied Order to Keep Rajapaksa in Power: Sirisena Aide
Sri Lanka Wakes Up to New Era Under President Sirisena
Tamils Celebrate Toppling Rajapaksa
Sri Lanka's New President Welcomes Dissidents Home
Sri Lankan Expatriates' Hopes High After Regime Change
India Takes Direct Control in Kashmir After Vote Deadlock
Japan Wrestles With Wartime Legacy as It Starts Selling Weapons
North Korea Offers to Suspend Nuclear Tests in Return for End to US Drills
Libya's Factions Agree to New Talks in Geneva Next Week
Italy Would Consider UN Peacekeeping Libya Role, Renzi Says
Bomb Strapped to 10-Year-Old Girl Kills 19 in Nigeria
Another Massacre? Why Nigeria Struggles to Stop Boko Haram
Escape From Boko Haram: 'I Kept Stepping on Dead Bodies'
2 Headless Bodies Found in Egypt's Sinai
Gunmen Kill Two Soldiers in Attack on Ivory Coast Border Town
Mother of Man Who Led Gambia's Coup Bid Detained
Tanzania Backing Disarmament of Rwanda Rebels in DR Congo
Terrorist Attacks in Paris
As Search Goes On, French Premier Declares War on Radical Islam
Boumeddiene Entered Turkey Jan. 2, May Be in Syria: Turkish Source
Hamyd Mourad Released Without Charge After Being Named as Suspect in Charlie Hebdo Attack
Charlie Hebdo Attack: Extra Troops for Paris
Muslim Worker at Jewish Store Hid Customers in Cold Store
Paris Policeman's Brother: 'Islam Is a Religion of Love. My Brother Was Killed by Terrorists, by False Muslims'
Paris Reacts
Muslims Fear Backlash After Paris Shooting
Mosque Attacks in France Map
Over 700k Rally in France After Attacks
French Imams Rail Against 'Crazies Who Have Seized Our Religion'
French Unity Against Terrorism May Not Last Far Beyond Paris March
'We Vomit' on Charlie's Sudden Friends: Staff Cartoonist
Paris: World Reaction
Hamas Condemns Charlie Hebdo Attack
Paris Attack Rallies Islamic Extremists, May Boost Support
Afghanistan Rally Hails Charlie Hebdo Attackers as 'Heroes'
German Muslims Denounce Paris Attack as 'Abuse of the Religion of Peace'
Pakistani Cartoonists Tread Fine Line in Land of Blasphemy Laws
Koran-Burning Pastor Pulls His Image From Mall French Fry Stand Post-Charlie Hebdo
Charlie Hebdo Attack Prompts Anonymous to Declare War on al-Qaeda, ISIS
Russia Says Ukraine Has Violated Loan Terms, No Decision on Repayment
Russia Likely to Demand Early Repayment of Ukraine's $3 Billion Debt: RIA Novosti
Ukraine, Russia Raise Stakes Ahead of Peace Talks
Chechen Leader Denounces Editor for Polling Readers on Muhammad
Gorbachev Warns Tensions Over Ukraine Could Spiral Into Nuclear War
Around 35,000 Germans Rally in Dresden Against Racism and Xenophobia
German Police Arrest Alleged ISIS Terrorist
Two Arrested After Anti-Terror Raids in Sydney
Canada Arrests Ottawa Twin Brothers on Terrorism Charges
Clashes in Western Mexico Call Govt Strategy Into Question
Haiti Protesters Again Rally to Demand President's Departure
The War at Home
Advice to Student F-18 Pilots: Bomb the Right Target
Health Panel: Agent Orange C-123s May Hold Risk Years After Vietnam
Minnesota Bill Would Ban NSA-Police Partnership
Army, Hawaii Leaders Make Case Against Military Downsizing in State
Code Pink Protesters Arrested in Front of Dick Cheney's Home
Missouri Leaders Pressured Ferguson for Chief's Resignation
Hagel Creates New Agency to Find America's POW/MIA
Weekend Reviews
Leo Strauss: Hawk or Dove?
On the Untouchable Lords of Secrecy
Shining Light Into the Dark World of US Drone Warfare
Zionism and Its Discontents. a Century of Radical Dissent in Israel/Palestine
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed Last Week
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