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Updated January 13, 2015 - 11:17 PM EST
CentCom Twitter Taken Over by Pro-ISIS Hackers
  'ISIS' Hackers Don't Know the Name of Their Own Terror Group
Iran Eclipses US as Iraq's Ally in Anti-ISIS Fight
  Syria Denies Nuclear Allegations; Weapons Experts Skeptical Too
  Lebanon Raids Prison Over Potential Bombing Links
French Police Say 6 'Terrorists' Could Be at Large
  Europe's Answer to 'Attack on Free Speech' Is Internet Censorship
  PM Confirms France Opposed Netanyahu's Attendance at Paris Rally
ISIS Increasingly Active in Southern Afghanistan
  $3.6 Billion Afghan Police Problem: Broken Systems and Corruption
How Gitmo Became US's Interrogation 'Battle Lab'
  Interview of Joseph Hickman, Witness to Murder at Gitmo
Cuba Frees 53 as Part of US Rapprochement Deal
Libyan ISIS Captures 21 Christians
Senate Prepares for New Iran Sanctions to Kill Nuclear Talks
A Week Later: A Nigeria Massacre Finally Makes Cable News
Israel Moves Quickly to Exploit Paris Attacks  by Ali Abunimah
Why I Won't Serve Israel  by Moriel Rothman-Zecher
#foxnewsfacts, Fiction, and Hysteria in Wake of Paris Attacks  by Dan Murphy
Lessons from Paris  by Ron Paul
Is Another Eurozone Crisis at Hand?  by Ivan Eland
Protecting the Press Within the Journalistic Sphere  by Bruce Fein

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FBI Broadening Surveillance Role, Report Shows
NYPD, Other Law Enforcement on Alert After ISIS Threat Resurfaces
New US Sanctions on Iran Now Could Torpedo Nuclear Deal: US Envoy Power
Shouts of 'Torture' Disrupt Senate Session
'Silk Road Reloaded' Just Launched on a Network More Secret Than Tor
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Among 206 Killed in Iraq
Obama Envoy in Erbil as Mosul Offensive Looms
In Mosul: ISIS Press Youth, Students Into Military Service
US Senators Press Iraq PM to Supply Kurds
German-Kurdish Military Start Ground Coordination Against ISIS
Kurdish Peshmerga Fighters Ask Germany for More Weaponry
Kurdish Forces Kill ISIS Militant Notorious for Beheading Prisoners
Germany and Sweden to Send Troops and Increase Aid to Kurds Battling ISIS
Coalition Launches 24-Hour Air Blitz on ISIS
11 Die of Freezing Tempratures in Syria
Syria Slams Turkey Over Paris Attacker Wife Crossing Border
Obama Reassures Israel on Iran Talks, Palestinian Court Bid
Israeli AG: Hannibal Directive Forbids Killing Kidnapped Soldier
Israel Bans Muslim Groups Over Jerusalem Shrine Tensions
Netanyahu Out of Step With French Leaders at Paris Rally
Qatar 'Home' to Hamas Chief Meshaal: Minister
Erdogan: Netanyahu Fomented Terror in Gaza, Now Marching for Peace in Paris
Middle East
Nusra Front Threatens Action Against Lebanese Soldiers After Prison Raid: Twitter Account
Three Missing Teenage Girls Joined PKK
Saudi Prince: $100-A-Barrel Oil 'Never' Again
Afghan President Finally Nominates Cabinet Ministers
A Look at Major Nominees for Afghanistan's New Cabinet
US-Funded Afghan Police Payroll at Risk of Waste and Abuse: Watchdog
Ex-Afghanistan National Football Coach in Hospital After Knife Attack
US Wants Pakistan to 'Do More' to Eliminate All Militant Groups
Separatist Gunmen Kill 7 Pakistani Troops
US Concerns Over Rising Pak-India Tension
Kerry Vows Aid for Displaced Pakistanis
Pakistan Intelligence Chief Meets Afghan Leader as Relations Thaw
Xinjiang Unrest: Police Shoot Six Dead
Chinese City in Restive Muslim Region Bans Burqa
China Bristles at Japan's Defense Minister Remarks
China Slams Philippines for Criticizing Island Project in South China Sea
China Quietly Toughens Travel Restrictions on West Africans
FM: China Will Not Take Path of 'Western Colonists' in Africa
South Korean Leader Urges North to 'Stop Hesitating' on Talks
Dozens of Children Among 98 Rohingya Smuggling Victims Found in Thailand
Spying and Hacking
TSA Ordered to Review Security After France Terror Attacks
WikiLeaks Advisor: Russian Spies Tried to Recruit Snowden
Pelosi: DHS Bill Threatens Security at 'A Time of Rising Terrorism'
US Central Command Says Hack Did Not Compromise Operational Military Networks
Hack of Centcom Was Not First Claimed by Cybercaliphate
Military Hack: A New Era of Cyber Vandalism?
Paris Terror Aftermath
Paris Terror Sparks Attacks on Muslims, Communal Rifts
France Ramps Up Security Across Nation, Warns of High Risk of More Attacks
France to Deploy Thousands of Troops to Protect Jewish Schools and 'Sensitive Sites'
Suspected Paris Accomplice Hayat Boumeddiene Crossed Into Syria: Official
French Police Chief Committed Suicide After Charlie Hebdo Attack
French Comedian Dieudonne Probed for Paris Shootings Remark
In Wake of Paris Attacks, French Surveillance Gets a Closer Look
British Anti-Terror Drills to Study Paris Attacks
Joining ISIS
1,400 From France Have Joined Jihadis or Want to Go to Syria or Iraq
Veteran Algerian Militant Hails Paris Killings
Another Pair of Teens Offer Themselves as 'Wives' to ISIS
Germany Seeks to Keep Jihadi Suspects From Traveling for 3 Years
Turkey Cannot Be Blamed for Paris Suspect's Entry to Syria: PM Davutoglu
Vatican Denies Reports of Islamist Attack Warnings
No Significant Progress in Four-Way Ukraine Talks in Berlin
Interpol Says Ukraine's Yanukovich Now Wanted Person
Russia Unlikely to Extradite Yanukovich: Interfax
Armenia Says 2 Killed in Skirmish on Border With Azerbaijan
Russian Soldier Suspected of Killing Family of 6 in Armenia
What Do UK and Iran Have in Common? Both Want to Outlaw Encrypted Apps
UK Prime Minister Shames Fox News Expert for Islam Bashing
UK Anti-Terror Bill Risks Free Speech on Campus: MPs
German 'Anti-Islamization' March in Dresden Draws Record Numbers
Basque Separatists' Trial Suspended After Lawyers Detained
Hungary PM Orban Says Immigration a Threat, Must Be Stopped
Egypt Police Officer Kidnapped by Militants in Sinai
Egypt Acquits 26 Men in Trial Over Police Raid on Gays
Nine Days Later, Bodies Still Litter Bushes From Boko Haram's 'Deadliest' Massacre
Boko Haram Push Across Border to Attack Cameroon Army
Survivors of Nigeria Attack Describe Killings
Nigerian Archbishop Accuses West of Ignorning Boko Haram Attacks
Warning of Jihadist Threat, Libya PM Pleads for Help
Hundreds of Tanzanian Girls Return After Escaping Genital Mutilation
Uganda Says It Wants to Try Rebel Leader Who Surrendered
Police Disperse Protesters Ahead of Congo Parliament Election Debate
The War at Home
Funding New Submarines Outside the US Navy Shipbuilding Budget?
How a Free Army Helicopter Cost Newark Police More Than $2m
CNN Strikes Drone Deal With FAA
Navy SEAL Dies During Parachute Training in Florida
Canadian Police Make Third Terror Arrest
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