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Updated January 16, 2015 - 11:16 PM EST
ISIS Gaining Ground in Syria, Despite US Strikes
  Hundreds More US Military Trainers Head to Iraq
  400 US Troops Will Deploy to Train Syrian Opposition
Week After Paris Attacks, a Scramble for Intel
  French Arrests Draw Charges of Free Speech Hypocrisy
  Two Reported Dead in Belgium Anti-Terror Raid
  ‘Lone Wolf’ Attacker Warning Followed Up by Convenient FBI Arrests
CIA Chief Exonerates Himself With Sham Probe
  CIA Manager Testifies More Than 90 Knew About Covert Mission
  Secret Cybersecurity Report: Encryption Vital to Protect Private Data
US Eases Trade, Travel Bans on Cuba
US Drone Strikes Kill 13 in Pakistan Tribal Areas
EU Energy Crisis After Russia Reduces Gas Shipments
US Consulate Ignores Israeli Law to Arm Palestinian Guards
How US Prison Officials Approved a CIA Torture Chamber  by Carl Takei
AQAP vs ISIS: Who Was Really Behind the Charlie Hebdo Attacks?  by Charlie Winter
Understanding the Paris Violence  by Sheldon Richman
The Uses of Charlie Hebdo  by Justin Raimondo
The Military-Industrial Complex in Iraq  by Peter Van Buren & Tom Engelhardt
Bureaucrats With Berettas  by Kelley Vlahos

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'CIA Killed Prisoners, Made It Look Like Suicide': Guantanamo Guard
Are All Terrorists Muslims? It's Not Even Close
FBI Chief Criticizes NY Times on Qaeda Source
Pope: Religion Should Not Be Insulted
Obama, Cameron to Discuss Encrypted Online Services
Kerry Supports Syrian Peace Talks in Russia
UN to Resume Peace Talks With Syria
ISIS Beheads 'Guerrilla Cell Leader' in Eastern Syria
Two Italian Hostages Held in Syria Have Been Released: Govt
134 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Thrown Into Heart of Politics
A Visit to the Front: Iraq's Kurds Bolster Defense Outside Kirkuk
Canadian Airstrikes Against ISIS Targets Increase
German Parliament Concerned Training Mission in Iraq Could Be Unconstitutional
US Lawmakers Push Ahead on Iran Sanctions: Senior Senator
Kerry Says May Meet Iran's Zarif Again This Week
Sen. Mark Kirk on Iran: 'Nuclear War' Is 'More Likely' if Iran's Power Plants Not Destroyed
Hezbollah Chief Says Senior Member Was Spying for Israel
Former Lebanese Militia Chief Loses Bid to Sue Israel
Nasrallah: Hezbollah Ready for War Beyond Galilee
New Polls Put Center-Left Bloc Ahead of Netanyahu's Likud
Arab League Backs UN Resolution in Support of Palestine
A Settler Himself, FM Avigdor Liberman Drops the A-Bomb
Netanyahu Joins Bennett's Attack: Labor List Is Radical Left, Anti-Zionist
70 Bedouin Ordered to Leave Homes Near West Bank Settlement
Swedish Foreign Minister Not Welcome in Israel, Offical Says
UN Alarmed by Israeli, Palestinian 'Downward Spiral'
For Palestinian Cartoonists, Religion Is Off Limits
Twelve-Year-Old Shot Dead in Turkey's Kurdish Southeast
Turkish Premier Equates Israel's Netanyahu to Paris Attackers
Turkey Casts Doubt on Chinese Account of Turks' Arrests in Smuggling Plot
Middle East
The Great Wall of Saudi Arabia?
Tensions Surge in Jordan as Refugees Compete for Scarce Water
Afghan Leader Seeks to Sideline Powerful Bloc in Break With Past
$500,000 US Training Center in Afghanistan Is 'Melting': IG
Peshawar School Attack: Two More Hangings in Pakistan
US Welcomes Reports of Pakistani Plan to Ban Haqqanis
Bangladesh Paramilitary to Target Firebomb Throwers; Toll at 24
China Enlists Citizens to Patrol Border With North Korea
Court Dissolution of Left-Wing Party in South Korea Raises Alarm
The War at Home
Cyber War Games to Be Staged by UK and US
Father of Ohio Terror Suspect Defends 'Mama's Boy'
Contractor Says He Bribed 'Scores' of Navy Officials
Ship-Supply Contractor and Navy Captain Plead Guilty in Scandal
Hagel to Military: Brace for Changes in Pay
Condoleezza Rice Testifies in CIA Leaks Trial
In Twitter Hack, Pentagon Learns Perils of Social Media Exposure
Military Police From Guantanamo Get Training in Worcester (MA) to Become Local Police Officers
Paris Terrorism Aftermath
What's the Evidence al-Qaeda in Yemen Organized the Paris Attacks?
Charlie Hebdo Gunman Cherif Kouachi Shown on Tape in 2008 Terror Trial
France Sees 19,000 Cyberattacks Since Terror Rampage
French Watchdog Asks: Did TV Stations Endanger Hostages?
Charlie Hebdo Cofounder Blames Slain Editor for Provoking Attack
France to Protect All Religions, Vows Hollande
Paris: Global Reaction
Man Held in Belgium Over Possible Weapons Sale to Paris Attacker
Spanish High Court Orders Probe Into French Gunman's Stay in Spain
New Charlie Hebdo Muhammad Cartoon Stirs Muslim Anger in Mideast
Muslims Stage Angry Protests Over Charlie Hebdo's Mohammed Cartoon
Firebombs and Pigs Heads Thrown Into Mosques as Anti-Muslim Attacks Increase After Paris Shootings
Fighting Intensifies at Ukraine Airport, Two Soldiers Killed
Germany's Merkel Urges New EU Law on Data Tracking
Worried About Russia? Lithuania Says 'Keep Calm and Read the War Manual'
US to Help Bulgaria Depend Less on Russians
Boko Haram
US, UK Mulling Initiative to Deal With Boko Haram
Kerry Accuses Boko Haram of Crime Against Humanity
Chad Offers Cameroon Support in Fight Against Boko Haram
African States Must Overcome Distrust for Boko Haram Force to Work: UN
Libya Warplane Attacked Trawler Carrying Gasoline to Benghazi
Body of French Tourist Found in Algeria
Ethiopia Sentences Three Britons to Jail on Terrorism Charges
Islamist Rebels Kill Two Police Officers in North Somalia Attack
Mauritania Jails Anti-Slavery Activists
Ugandan Case Will Stretch War Crimes Court's Resources
Negotiators at Colombian Peace Talks to Examine Ceasefire
Looser Rules for Travel to Cuba, a Destination Already in Transition
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