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Updated January 18, 2015 - 11:21 PM EST
Europe's 'Minority Report' Raids Future Terrorists
  Antiterror Raids Suggest Belgium Has Become Center for Extremists
1,000 US Troops to Train 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels
  Iraq Struggles to Retake Fallujah a Year After ISIS's Capture
  113 Killed Across Iraq as Hundreds of Yazidis Are Freed
US, UK Agree on Continuing Russia Sanctions
  Drone Footage Shows Ukraine's Donetsk Airport in Ruins
After 34 Years, CNN's Jim Clancy Out Over Anti-Israel Tweets
Anti-'Charlie Hebdo' Violence Spreads; 10 Dead in Niger
Morocco Crushed Dissent Using a US Interrogation Site
Latest FBI Claim of Disrupted Terror Plot Deserves Skepticism  by Glenn Greenwald & Andrew Fishman
Are All Terrorists Muslims? It's Not Even Close  by Dean Obeidallah
How Foreign-Policy Hawks Empowered Iran  by Conor Friedersdorf
Terror in Europe  by Nebojsa Malic
Here Comes the Counter-Massacre  by Shane Smith
Sent to Guantánamo as a Teen-Ager, and Now to Estonia  by Amy Davidson

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The Politics
of Torture

by Joseph Margulies
Air Force UFO Files Hit the Web
Chérif and Saïd Kouachi's Path to Paris Attack at Charlie Hebdo
US Blasts ICC War Crimes Probe of Israel as 'Tragic Irony'
Six From US Congress Visit Cuba
DoD: Military Suicide Rate Declining
To Avoid Detection, Terrorists Sent Emails With Spammy Subject Lines
113 Killed Across Iraq as Hundreds of Yazidis Are Freed
Sunnis in Iraq Are Kept Waiting for Reforms, and Word on Loved Ones
Six Dead as Kurds Fight Regime in Eastern Syria: Monitor
Extremists Use Killer Child in Chilling Propaganda Video
Yemen Arrests 2 French Qaeda Suspects: Top Official
Houthis Abduct Yemeni Official Amid Wrangling Over Constitution
Middle East
Hamas Welcomes ICC Inquiry Into Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Nuclear Talks Will Succeed Only if Pressure on Iran Stops: Tehran
Afghan Officials Say 5 Arrested for Pakistan School Massacre
Afghan Cabinet Nominee Wanted by Interpol for Tax Evasion
Another Hanging Brings Toll to 20 in Pakistan
Japan PM Shinzo Abe Pledges $2.5bn in Middle East Aid
Japan Seeks Closer Maritime Defense Ties With India
Korean City Irked by Slow Handover of Vacated US Base
China Turns to Citizen Militias to Patrol Border With North Korea
Hong Kong Police Release Student Leaders
Lawyers Demand Sri Lanka's Top Judge Quits Over Alleged Coup
India May Seek Other Suppliers if US Will Not Sell Drones: Senator
1,000 Villagers Trapped by Fighting in Eastern Myanmar
Mexico's Sinaloa Cartel Leaders Charged in San Diego
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No US Troops Were Reported Killed Last Week
Charlie Hebdo Reaction
Latest Charlie Hebdo Cover Continues to Roil Muslim World
Thousands Rally Against Mohammed Cartoons in Russia's Ingushetia
Iran Bans Paper for 'I Am Charlie' Headline
Pope Francis Is Wrong to Endorse Revenge in Wake of Paris Attacks, Says David Cameron
Pakistan President Wants Charlie Hebdo to Apologize for Hurting Muslims
Countrywide Protests Against Caricatures in Pakistan
Clashes at Charlie Hebdo Protest in Karachi, Three Injured
Gaza Graffiti Protest Over Charlie Hebdo Prophet Cartoon
Belgium Deploys Troops Following Anti-Terror Raids
Why Is Tiny Belgium Europe's Jihad-Recruiting Hub?
Soldiers to Guard Belgian Jewish Sites as Europol Warns of Further Attacks
'Terrorist' Arrest Sweeps
Stopping All Terrorist Attacks Is Impossible, Says Europol Chief
British Police Arrest Woman on Suspicion of Terrorism
Morocco Says It Breaks Up Militant Cell Recruiting for ISIS
Greece Arrests Not Linked to Belgian Terror Cell
Austria Mulls Quitting Saudi-Backed Religious Center in Vienna
Uganda Says Rebel LRA Commander in Custody of Central African Republic
Egypt Uncovers Explosives-Laden Tunnel Between Sinai and Gaza
Boko Haram Survivor Told Not to Search for Children, 'We Killed Them'
Chadian Peacekeeper Killed in Attack on UN Base in Northern Mali
3 Guards Wounded in Bombing at Algerian Embassy in Libya
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