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Updated January 20, 2015 - 11:24 PM EST
Obama Speech to Push ISIS War Authorization
Israel Kills Iranian General in Syria Attack
  Israel Shores Up N. Defenses, Awaiting Hezbollah's Retaliation
  Support for Syria Peace Plans a Big Shift in US Policy
Western Troops in First Ground Battle With ISIS
  175 Killed Across Iraq as More Displaced Families Flee Fighting
Docs Show NSA Preparations for Cyber-War
  New Police Radars Can 'See' Inside Homes
  UK Spies Captured Emails of Journalists From Top Int'l Media
US Commander: Afghan War Could Be Extended
Pakistan Slams Latest US Drone Strike
Yemen Rebels Seize Presidential Palace Amid Coup Claims
Chechens Arrested in France Probably Not Terrorists
NSA Hacked North Korea, Installed 'Early Warning Radar'
Ukraine Scraps Ceasefire, Launches 'Full-Scale Offensive'
Saturation Media Coverage of the Paris Terrorist Attacks Is Unhelpful  by Ivan Eland
Terrorism in Paris, Sydney the Legacy of Colonial Blunders  by Stephen Kinzer
Paris, Iraq, and Abu Ghraib  by Jacob G. Hornberger
How Embargoes Destroy Freedom  by Ryan McMaken
Paris Attacks Show Hypocrisy of West's Outrage  by Noam Chomsky
Why Police Spying on Americans Is Everyone's Problem  by Michael German

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700 Fort Bliss Soldiers Deploying to Djibouti for Security, Training Mission
Airasia Crash 'Not Due to Terrorism': Investigators
Prosecutor in Argentina Bombing Inquiry Is Found Dead
NYC May Yank Terror Report to Appease Muslims, Settle Suits: Report
The Hidden Cameras in NYC's Subways
Syria Begins Destruction of Chemical Weapons Facilities: Sources
UN Saw Drones Over Syria Before Israel Strike in Breach of Truce
Kobani: Kurdish Fighters Capture 'Strategic Hilltop'
175 Killed Across Iraq as More Displaced Families Flee Fighting
Al-Sadr Calls for Control Over Iraq Militias
Yazidi Girl Who Escaped ISIS Now Searches for Missing Relatives
The Iraqi TV Show Where 'Bombers' Meet Their Victims
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Border Guards Get Shoot on Sight Orders
Former Saudi Oil Boss Says It Can Cope With Low Price
'Hezbollah Will Find It Hard to Show Restraint After Golan Attack,': Top Israeli Ex-General
Report: Iron Dome Deployed to Northern Israel After Syria Strike
Israel Shuts Civil Airspace Over Golan Following Syria Air Strike
US Senator Threatens Aid Cut to Palestinians Over ICC Move
Radical Islamists Try to Storm French Center in Gaza
EU Appeals Hamas Court Ruling Taking Group Off Terror List
Yisrael Beytenu Newbie Panned for Anti-Arab Facebook Posts
Middle East
Iran Protesters Chant 'Death to France' Over Cartoon
Bahrain's Main Opposition Leader Accused of Plotting Coup
US Plans to Set Up Embassy in Cuba
US Delegation Meets With Cuban Officials, Not Castro
Cuba May Be Opening, but Business Travel Remains Limited
Guatemala Ex-Police Chief Found Guilty of Spanish Embassy Attack
Wedding Attack Reinforces Afghans' Suspicion of Military
Turkey to Increase Military Presence in Afghanistan
Pakistan Gunmen Kill Polio Guard in Karachi
India Arrests After Muslim Men Burnt Alive in Bihar
China Police Shoot Two Uighurs Trying to Enter Vietnam
New Fighting Near Biggest Libyan Oil Port
Libya's Representative to OPEC Disappears From Tripoli, Says Family
Egypt Jihadists Claim Attack on Sinai Pipeline to Jordan
Mubarak's Wife Says Husband Has Been Vindicated
Central African Republic
French Aid Worker Kidnapped in Central African Republic
The African State Where a Grenade Is Cheaper Than a Coke
Boko Haram Crisis: Some of Cameroon Captives Freed
Nigerians Face Killings, Hunger in Boko Haram's 'State'
Kenya: Police Tear-Gas School Kids in Demo Over Playground
Four Dead in Protests Over Possible DR Congo Election Delay
Hundreds of Thousands Join 'Anti-Charlie' Rally in Chechnya
Hospital and University Hit as Ukraine Clashes Flare
EU Calls for Anti-Terror Alliance With Arab Countries
British PM David Cameron Defends Letter to Islamic Leaders
Armenian Baby Becomes Seventh Casualty of Killing Spree Blamed on Russian Soldier
Hollande Sees Popularity Ratings Double in Wake of Strong French Response to Charlie Hebdo Killings
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Justin Raimondo
The Uses of Charlie Hebdo

Ivan Eland
Saturation Media Coverage of the Paris Terrorist Attacks Is Unhelpful

Nebojsa Malic
Terror in Europe

Lucy Steigerwald
Victims of War and Terrorism Lose Their Individuality

David R. Henderson
Questioning the Powerful

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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