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Updated January 21, 2015 - 11:24 PM EST
Obama Speech: Wars Over, Needs OK for New War
  Obama's Cyber Proposals Sound Good, but Erode Information Security
UN: ISIS Executing Scores Across Its Territory
  Israel's Killing of Iranian General Threatens 'Tacit Understandings'
  39 Killed, Mostly Civilians, in Syria Strikes on ISIS Territory
  ISIS Demands $200 Million for Japanese Hostages
Yemen Rebels Seize Palace Amid Coup Claims
  Why Yemen Constantly Appears to Be in the Middle of a Coup
Palestinian Stabs 13 in Tel Aviv Bus Attack
AP Keeps the Irresponsible Iran Hysteria Going
Europe Mulls Surveillance Expansion After Attacks
Libyan Govt Restores Ex-General to Key Army Post
Chechens Arrested in France Probably Not Terrorists
Ukraine Announces Mass Conscription for 'Continental War'
A Tale of Two Presidents: Putin Versus Obama  by Philip Giraldi
France Begins Jailing People for Ironic Comments  by Ali Abunimah
Where Is Justice for the Men Still Abandoned in Guantánamo Bay?  by Morris Davis
Charlie Hebdo and the 'Blowback' Debate  by Justin Raimondo
How Pentagon Really Gets Funded  by Philip A. Reboli
America's Terrorism Fear Factory Rolls On  by John Mueller

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Full Text of Obama's State of the Union Address
Iraq War Report 'Delayed Until After UK Election'
Most Govts Conceal Data Despite G20 Pledges: Study
Yemenis Charged in US Over Alleged al-Qaeda Link
US Sending MRAPs to Somalia for AU Mission
Torture & Gitmo
Intel Chair Calls to Block Release of Torture Report
CIA Report Found Value of Brutal Interrogation Was Inflated
Family Seeks Release of a Gitmo Detainee Turned Author
Lawyer of Detainee: Donald Rumsfeld Should Be Charged With Conspiracy to Torture
Mass Graves Uncovered; 157 Killed in Iraq
ISIS Executes 13 Teens for Watching Soccer
Canadian Soldiers Directing Air Strikes in Iraq
ISIS Rounds Up 15 Pigeon Breeders in Iraq After Deciding It Is Un-Islamic to Keep Birds
Syrian Refugees at Snowed-In Camp Long for Ceasefire
A Look at the Hostages Believed Held by ISIS
Profiles of the Japanese Hostages Held by ISIS
Japanese Premier Vows to Save ISIS Hostages
Japan Chief Govt Spokesman: No Change in Stance of Not Giving Into Terrorism
Man Goes on Trial in Germany for Helping Attack on Syrian Jail
Israeli Military Steps Up Use of Live .22 Caliber Bullets Against Palestinian Stone-Throwers
Qunaitra Raid Revives Fears of Lebanese-Israeli War
Tipping the Balance of Israeli Politics Through Math
Two Settlers Arrested for Shooting Palestinians
Israel Arabs Declare Nationwide Strike After Bedouin Deaths
Russia and Iran Sign Military Cooperation Deal
Russia May Send S-300 Missile System to Iran
Iran Oil Minister Says Country Is Strong Enough to Deal With Oil at $25 as Prices Plunge
Turkish Police Launch Wiretapping Raids Targeting Erdogan Foes
Turks, Kurds Push for Peace Breakthrough Despite New Surge in Violence
Middle East
Lebanon Charges 28 Over Cafe Bombing: Judicial Source
Bahraini Activist Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for One Tweet
Cuba Wants Off US Terrorism List Before Restoring Normal Ties
US Outpost in Cuba to Step Out of the Shadows
Russian Spy Ship Docks in Cuba
Mexico: DNA Tests Can't Identify Possible Student Remains
Supporters of US Vigilante Call for Her Release in Mexico
Paris Terror Spurs Plan for Military Zones Around Nuclear Plants
City of Paris Aims to Sue Fox News Over Islamic 'No-Go' Zones Remarks
British Jihadist Who Faked Death Admits Terror Offenses
Scottish MPs Lay Down Gauntlet Over UK Nuclear Fleet
Amnesty International: Europeans Should Come Clean on CIA Torture
Ukrainian Nationalists Hurt in Grenade Attack, Stokes Anti-Russian Feeling
Dutch Court Blocks Extradition to US Over Torture Concerns
Russia Must Strengthen Army to Defend Itself: Putin
Bulgaria to Extradite 'Old Friend' of Charlie Hebdo Attackers
Nagorno-Karabakh Says One Soldier Killed in Fighting
Macedonian Journalist Has Jail Sentence Suspended for One Month
Roadside Bomb Kills Eight Afghan Civilians: Officials
Charges and Clashing Interests Mar Selection of a Cabinet for Afghanistan
US NGO Banned for Anti-Pakistan Activities
Severe Fuel Shortage Enrages Pakistanis, Spurs Criticism of Sharif's Government
South Korea to Conduct Military Drills With US, Develop New Weapons
North Korea Uses Defector's Partial Retraction to Lash Out at Washington
South Korea Group Launches Anti-North Leaflets Despite Calls to Refrain
Opposition Turns Violent Inside Nepal Parliament, on Streets
India's President Speaks Out Against Partisan Politics
Mistrust Between Nigeria, Cameroon Stalls Fight Against Boko Haram
10,000 Cameroonians Flee Inland After Boko Haram Attacks
Nigeria Boko Haram 'Leader' Claims Baga Attack in New Video
Charlie Hebdo: Niger Protesters Torched 45 Churches: Police
Photos Show American Held in Egypt Badly Bruised and Ill
Kenyan Officials Condemn Use of Tear Gas at Children's Protest
United Nations Employee Kidnapped in Central African Republic
Mali: The World's Deadliest Peacekeeping Mission
Tunisian Military Court Gives Blogger One Year in Prison
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Charlie Hebdo and the 'Blowback' Debate

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Saturation Media Coverage of the Paris Terrorist Attacks Is Unhelpful

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Terror in Europe

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Victims of War and Terrorism Lose Their Individuality

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