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Updated January 30, 2015 - 11:14 PM EST
US Moves to Classify Afghan Military Oversight
  Afghan Soldier Kills Three US Contractors at Kabul Airport
  White House: Taliban Not Terrorists
Syria al-Qaeda Seizes 'Moderate' Rebel Positions
  Uncertainty on ISIS-Jordan Prisoner Swap as Another Deadline Passes
  Israel, Hezbollah Both Say Yesterday's Clash Is Over
EU Gets Greek Govt to Extend Russia Sanctions
  Five Ukraine Soldiers, Three Civilians Killed in Latest Fighting
Obama Must End Phone Record Collection: Privacy Board
  DEA Plan to Track Drivers Went Much Wider, New Docs Reveal
56 Killed as Bomb Hits Pakistan Shi'ite Mosque
Intel Gaps Mount as Yemen Drone War Continues
Simultaneous Attacks Across Egypt's Sinai Kill 32
Obama Wants Sequestration to End, Plans Massive Hikes
New Saudi King Announces Major Govt Shake-Up
Washington's Hawks Provide Ammunition for Tehran's Hawks  by Muhammad Sahimi
The Moore/Rogen Tweets Just Took Our National Temperature  by Shane Smith
Will Obama Bring CIA's Torturers to Justice?  by Trevor Timm
Bibi Netanyahu and the Myth of the 'Special Relationship'  by Justin Raimondo
Who Is in Charge in Yemen?  by Adam Baron
The American Sniper Was No Hero  by Sheldon Richman

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War on Terror Blamed for Rise in Extremism
McCain to Kissinger Protesters: 'Get Out of Here, You Low-Life Scum'
US Nuclear Scientist Jailed for Trying to Sell Secrets
CIA Promotes Paramilitary Officer to Lead Spy Branch
US Says 'No' to Handing Guantanamo Back to Cuba
Bill Calls for End to Travel Ban to Cuba
Blasts Target Baghdad Suburbs; 183 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Probes Alleged Massacre by Shi'ite Militia in Diyala
Yazidi Militia Makes Public Request for Israeli Help
Iraq's Parliament Approves 2015 Budget Following Oil Price Debate
Moscow-Hosted Syria Talks End, Sides Agree to Meet Again
Syria Kurds Kill 22 Jihadists Around Kobani
Hopes of Return Muted in Devastated Syrian Kurdish Town
Middle East
Houthis Reach Out as They Consolidate Power in Yemen
Iran Vote Delayed to Avoid Influencing Israel's Election, Senator Says
Boko Haram Crisis: Chad Captures Nigerian Town From Militants
Angry Youths Stone Nigerian Leader's Convoy; Police Fire Gas
Hundreds of Thousands of Africans Are Stateless
Medical Aid Group MSF Says Pulls Out of Parts of Sudan
UN Says Plans Future Libya Talks Within Country
US Military
A Knock at the Door, Then Shock: When Parents Die at War
Pentagon Official Urges NATO to Focus on Innovative Weapons
US Air Force Picks Boeing 747-8 to Replace Air Force One
Administration Official Criticizes Israeli Ambassador Over Netanyahu Visit
As Security Council Meets, Spain Blames Israel for Peacekeeper's Death
Jail Term for 14-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Stirs Controversy
Lieberman Slams Netanyahu for 'Proportional' Response to Hezbollah Attack
Suicide Bomber Hits Afghan Funeral
Pakistan ISIS Operative Confesses to Getting Funds Via US
North Korea 'May Be Trying to Restart Nuclear Reactor', US Think-Tank Warns
MH370: Malaysia Declares Plane's Disappearance an Accident
US Would Welcome Japan Air Patrols in South China Sea
Sri Lanka to Free Hundreds of Tamils and Return Their Land
Azerbaijan Sentences Opposition Journalist to 5 Years in Jail
German FM: EU Would Have to Respond to Large Military Offensive in Ukraine
Brits Say Russian Military Jets 'Disrupted UK Aviation'
Paris Police Question 8-Year-Old Who Said Charlie Hebdo Attackers 'Did Well'
German Couple Killed in Paraguay, Apparently by Guerrillas
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The Unquestioned, Ignored, Heroic Military

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