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Updated February 9, 2015 - 11:19 PM EST
NATO Split as US, UK Oppose Ukraine Peace Plan
  US Arms Might Fan Ukraine War: OSCE Chief
  Ukraine Arrests Journalist After Call to Dodge Draft
Ex-Rebels Form Pro-Assad Militia, Battle Islamists
  Britain Has No Plan for Tackling ISIS, and No Idea Who's in Charge
  $25 Million Shipment of US Artillery Arrives in Lebanon
  Top Democrat Pushes for ISIS War Authorization
Netanyahu Vows to Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal
  Creative Thinking Gets Iran Nuclear Negotiations Closer to a Deal
DHS Chief: Budget Shutdown a Threat to National Security
  Fact Check: What Happens if Homeland Security Shuts Down?
No Signs of Bomb in Attack on Michigan Coast Guard Station
'Honor' the Vietnam Veteran, Forget the War  by Christian Appy & Nick Turse
Were the Saudis Behind 9/11?  by Eric Margolis
More Recklessness From the Washington Post Editorial Page  by Paul R. Pillar
Kiev’s Bloody War Is Backfiring  by Justin Raimondo
Don't Arm Ukraine  by John Mearsheimer
Spy Agencies Secretly Rely on Hackers for Intel and Expertise  by Glenn Greenwald

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Obama Won't Return Torture Report Without Court Okay
Report: 30 Politicians to Be Criticized in UK Iraq Report
After a Decade of Twists, Vanishing Marine Goes to Trial
Canada: More US Soldiers Could Be Sent Back for Court Martial on Desertion Charges
149 Killed in Iraq as Security Forces Claim Baiji Again
US-Backed Iraqi Forces Face Risky Urban Warfare in Battle Against ISIS
Jordan Says It Launched 56 Airstrikes Against ISIS
Japan Seizes Passport of Syria-Bound Journalist
Kerry Notes Successes Against ISIS, Says More Time Is Needed
In Europe, Parents' Dismay as Syria Jihad Lures Troubled Teens
Radical Scholar Provided Japan With Channel to ISIS at Hostage Crisis Peak
Arab Leaders Bemoan Lack of Strategy, Weapons Against Jihadists
Israeli Officials: Benjamin Netanyahu to Give Speech to Congress as Planned
Turkish-Israeli Trade Booms Despite Bitter Rhetoric Against Israel
Nuclear Talks Extension 'Not in Anyone's Interest', Iran Says
Iran's Khamenei Hints Ready to Accept Fair Nuclear Deal as Talks Proceed
Middle East
Turkey Detains 21 Police Officers in Wiretapping Probe
Yemen Crisis: UN-Brokered Talks to Resume Monday
Argentine Experts Question Mexico's Missing Student Probe
Egypt Retrial for Al-Jazeera Journalists
25 People Killed in Egyptian Soccer Riot
Mubarak-Era Tycoon to Run for Parliament in Egypt
Niger Army Repels Fresh Boko Haram Attack on Border Town
Nigeria Opposition: Election Delay 'A Setback for Democracy'
Three Sudanese Aid Workers Killed: Government Official
Man Shot Dead by Police in Tunisia Protest: Witnesses
Congo Vows Offensive to Oust Hutu Rebels After 20 Years
Libya's Hariga Oil Port Shut by Strike, Closing Last Onshore Export Terminal
Leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France Plan New Minsk Peace Talks
France Holds Six in Suspected Terrorism Ring: Interior Minister
Met Police Anti-Terror Plans 'Changed' After Paris Attack
Police Force in Afghanistan Is Studied for Ties to Taliban
Canada Loses Three High-Tech Artillery Shells While Leaving Afghanistan
North Korea Launches 5 Short-Range Missiles
China President Plans to Make 1st State Visit to US
Pakistan: Militants Blow Up School in Orakzai Agency
India and Pakistan Suspend Kashmir Border Trade After Drug Trafficking Case
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