When I began in December 1995, a Democrat named Bill Clinton was in the White House. His foreign policy was bellicose yet largely supported by the Washington establishment. As the president bombed Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Sudan, it was out of fashion to be antiwar, and opposing the U.S. Empire was left to a few "extremists" on both ends of the spectrum.

Since then, my "hobby" has blossomed into the most important and widely read pro-peace site online. Every day, our small but dedicated staff searches far and wide to find and publicize news and analysis that the mainstream media excludes.'s popularity boomed in response to George W. Bush's post-9/11 global war on terror, especially his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. But remember: it was U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East in the 1990s and before that led to the blowback of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the accompanying assault on our liberties.

Barack Obama promised to end the worst excesses of the Bush administration. Instead, he and members of his administration led the U.S. into violent intrigues in Pakistan, Yemen, and Ukraine in addition to instigating chaos in Libya, Syria, and Egypt. Meanwhile, Guantánamo remains open, sanctions on Iran remain, and the militarization of domestic law enforcement exacerbates police brutality.

To think that people once saw Barack Obama as the "antiwar candidate."

The costs of war – in lives, dollars, and our liberties – are the same regardless of the party in power. The world needs a consistent and honest source in foreign policy reporting. That’s We are needed more than ever – and we need you to keep us afloat.

We don't have a huge staff with cushy jobs, living it up on your donations. We appreciate every penny (and bitcoin.) We work around the clock. As webmaster and general manager, I work seven days a week, from six in the morning till ten at night – and those are the quiet days.

We don't take your support for granted. Please don't take us for granted, either. While the harshest critics of U.S. foreign policy have been proven right, their voices are muted by the "mainstream" media.

Don’t let our voice be stilled. Please help us continue to expose the Empire’s lies.

Eric Garris
Founder and Webmaster

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Updated February 14, 2015 - 10:25 PM EST
Shots Fired at Copenhagen Synagogue
  Shooting at Copenhagen Blasphemy Seminar, One Dead
Violations, But Ukraine Ceasefire Mostly Holds
  Ukraine Ultranationalists Spurn Ceasefire
  Ukraine Maiden Activist Says: We Shot First
  Senator Deceived by Ukrainian Delegation With Deceptive Photos
Israel Slams Diplomacy, Threatens to Attack Iran
  AP Confirms Massive Civilian Toll in Israel's Gaza War
Escalation: US Sending Ground Troops to Kuwait
  Pentagon: ISIS Failed in Attack on Anbar Base
  Talk of Push Against ISIS, But Iraqi Troops Likely Not Ready
  George W. Bush Is Intervening in Iraq – Again
Collapse of Yemen Took US by Surprise
  Yemeni Houthi Fighters Fire on Protesters After Clashes Kill 26
Nuclear Threat Higher Than in the Cold War
Pentagon: ISIS Afghan Expansion 'Of Great Concern'
Pakistani Taliban Attacks Shi'ite Mosque, Killing at Least 22
The Real Problem of 'Getting to Yes' With Iran  by Gareth Porter
US Confirmed Existence of Israeli H-Bomb Program in 1987  by Grant Smith
Ukrainian Journalists Fall Prey to Hyper-Patriotism  by Maxim Tucker
Maybe a Ceasefire, But Not Peace  by Nebojsa Malic
Obama's War Spreads Ever Wider  by Noah Feldman
Broken Hearts Club: 6 Allies We Need to Divorce  by Doug Bandow

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FBI and Justice Department Can't Find Their Drone Privacy Reports
Brian Williams' SEAL Team 6 Tales Take Fire: Fails 'Sniff Test,' Says Socom Officer
NBC Investigating Brian Williams' Claims That He Witnessed Fall of Berlin Wall and Met Pope John Paul II
Pentagon's Massive $534 Billion Budget Request Could Force Deep Cuts Elsewhere
Fighting Continues in Anbar; 179 Killed in Iraq
UN Envoy to Syria Says Assad Is Crucial to Hopes to End War
US Moving to Resupply Jordan's Military With Munitions
Video: Elderly Woman Challenges ISIS Militants, Calling Them 'Devils'
Daughters of Jihad: The German Women of ISIS
Iranian Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Sent Obama Secret Letter: WSJ
New Iran UN Envoy to Take Up Post After US Rejects 1st Pick
Israeli Court Orders State to Raze West Bank Outpost
Israel Releases 14-Year-Old Palestinian Girl From Prison
After 40 Years of Decline, Israel Defense Burden Still High
Israel's Arab Parties Face Test of Unity
Palestinian Schoolgirl Freed After Six Weeks in Israeli Jail
'Know Your Enemy': Palestinian Reporters Tackle Hebrew
Jewish Home Attacks Likud as Parties Spar Over Right-Wing Votes
Al-Qaeda Freed 6 Inmates in Yemen Prison Attack, Officials Say
Qaeda Suspects Kill Yemen Air Force Pilot
Yemen Unrest: Saudi Arabia Closes Embassy
Germany, Italy Close Embassies in Yemen Due to Security Fears
Turkish Police Use Water Cannon on Protesters Decrying Religion in Schools
Dozens of Myanmar Troops Killed Fighting Northern Rebels
Pakistan Arrests Peshawar School Massacre Suspects
Top Filipino Militant Wounded in Deadly January Clash: Official
With Eye on Japan, China Plans Big Military Parades Under Xi: Sources
China Plans International Tourism Zone With North Korea, Russia
Rights Group Urges Thai Lawmakers to Drop Plan for Military Detention of Civilians
Venezuela Officials Say Ex-General, 13 Others in Coup Plot
US Allows Imports of Privately Produced Products From Cuba
Dresden: 70 Years Ago
Dresden Marks 70 Years Since Massive Allied Bombing
Germany Marks 70th Anniversary of Dresden Firebombing
Ukrainian President Appoints Mikheil Saakashvili as His Aide
Eight Ukrainian Servicemen Killed in 24 Hours Despite Peace Deal
Two Ukraine Civilians Killed in Rebel Shelling Near Luhansk: Regional Administration
Even With Ceasefire, Economy in Ukraine Is Crumbling
Russia: No Promises to Release Ukraine Pilot Savchenko
EU Needs Stricter Border Checks to Disrupt Terrorists, Say Leaders
France Charges 6 With Recruiting Militants to Fight in Syria
Italy Minister Sees Less Risk of Greece Moving Toward Russia
Egyptian Police Captain Dies in Cairo Bomb Blast, 8 Others Wounded
Egypt Ready for Libya Evacuations as ISIS Hostage Photos Emerge
Egypt to Purchase Fighter Jets and a Warship From France
US 'Not Concerned' by French Jet Sale to Egypt
Nigeria's 'Boko Haram' Militants Attack Chad for First Time
UN Envoy Says Expects Nigeria to Do More in Boko Haram Fight
Burundi Launches Inquiry Into Reports of Rebel Executions
Uprooted South Sudanese Fear the Call to Return Home
The War at Home
Obama Says FBI to Investigate Chapel Hill Slaying of Three Young Muslims
White House Warns Tech World That Sony-Style Hacks 'Could Become the Norm'
Jeb Bush Says He Won't 'Relitigate' His Brother's Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Anti-Terrorism Summit Reinforces 'Fear and Hate' Towards Muslims, Critics Warn
Oregon Man Admits Helping People Linked to Pakistan Suicide Bombing
GOP Infighting Grows Over DHS Funding
22 Marines Exposed to Halon Fire Retardant in Training Accident
Argentina's President Formally Charged Over Alleged Terrorist Attack Cover-Up
Argentine President's Aide Condemns 'Judicial Coup'
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