When I began in December 1995, a Democrat named Bill Clinton was in the White House. His foreign policy was bellicose yet largely supported by the Washington establishment. As the president bombed Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Sudan, it was out of fashion to be antiwar, and opposing the U.S. Empire was left to a few "extremists" on both ends of the spectrum.

Since then, my "hobby" has blossomed into the most important and widely read pro-peace site online. Every day, our small but dedicated staff searches far and wide to find and publicize news and analysis that the mainstream media excludes.'s popularity boomed in response to George W. Bush's post-9/11 global war on terror, especially his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. But remember: it was U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East in the 1990s and before that led to the blowback of 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the accompanying assault on our liberties.

Barack Obama promised to end the worst excesses of the Bush administration. Instead, he and members of his administration led the U.S. into violent intrigues in Pakistan, Yemen, and Ukraine in addition to instigating chaos in Libya, Syria, and Egypt. Meanwhile, Guantánamo remains open, sanctions on Iran remain, and the militarization of domestic law enforcement exacerbates police brutality.

To think that people once saw Barack Obama as the "antiwar candidate."

The costs of war – in lives, dollars, and our liberties – are the same regardless of the party in power. The world needs a consistent and honest source in foreign policy reporting. That’s We are needed more than ever – and we need you to keep us afloat.

We don't have a huge staff with cushy jobs, living it up on your donations. We appreciate every penny (and bitcoin.) We work around the clock. As webmaster and general manager, I work seven days a week, from six in the morning till ten at night – and those are the quiet days.

We don't take your support for granted. Please don't take us for granted, either. While the harshest critics of U.S. foreign policy have been proven right, their voices are muted by the "mainstream" media.

Don’t let our voice be stilled. Please help us continue to expose the Empire’s lies.

Eric Garris
Founder and Webmaster

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Updated February 15, 2015 - 11:05 PM EST
Libyan ISIS Beheads 21 Egyptian Christians
Violations, But Ukraine Ceasefire Mostly Holds
  As Ukraine Ceasefire Begins, Threats From the Margins
  The Govt Is Losing Territory in Eastern Ukrainians' Hearts and Minds
  NATO Expansion After Cold War at Heart of Crisis in Ukraine
Both Sides in Congress Hate Obama War Request
  Sprouting New Limbs, ISIS Raises Fears of Unending War
US Copters Support Iraqi Troops Battling ISIS
  Tribal Leader: Iraqi Troops in Anbar Could 'Collapse Within Hours'
  Sunnis May Exit Iraq Parliament After Sheik's Slaying
Danish Police Kill Gunman Believed Behind 2 Shootings
The Real Problem of 'Getting to Yes' With Iran  by Gareth Porter
US Confirmed Existence of Israeli H-Bomb Program in 1987  by Grant Smith
Ukrainian Journalists Fall Prey to Hyper-Patriotism  by Maxim Tucker
Maybe a Ceasefire, But Not Peace  by Nebojsa Malic
Obama's War Spreads Ever Wider  by Noah Feldman
Broken Hearts Club: 6 Allies We Need to Divorce  by Doug Bandow

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Iraqi Forces Abandon Town Near Air Base; 136 Killed Across Iraq
Clashes Continue in Iraq Near Base of US Troops
Pentagon: Attack on Al-Asad Base No Threat to US Troops
Sunni Tribal Leader and Seven Others Killed in Baghdad Ambush
Hezbollah Making Gains Against Anti-Assad Islamists in South Syria, Nasrallah Deputy Says
Kurds Regain Syrian Villages From ISIS: Monitor
100 Killed in Week of Clashes in South Syria: Monitor
Heartbroken Lover of ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller Pretended They Were Married... but Says She Denied It to ISIS 'Judge'
Yemeni Houthi Fighters Fire on Protesters After Clashes Kill 26
Fighting in Yemen Kills 16 Shi'ite Rebels, 10 Sunni Tribesmen
Qatar Pulls Out Mission Employees From Yemen
UAE Closes Embassy in Yemen as Violence Continues
Gulf States Demand Forceful UN Action on Yemen
Lieberman: If It Were Up to Me, Hamas Leaders Would Be 'Underground in Graves'
Freed Palestinian Schoolgirl Insists on Her Innocence
Middle East
Police Fire Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets at Bahrain Protesters on Anniversary of 2011 Uprising
Rafik Hariri: Lebanon Marks 10th Anniversary of Death
Washington Post Reporter and His Wife Accused of Espionage, Iranian Hard-Liner Says
Gunmen Kill Driver, Wound Polio Worker in Northwest Pakistan
Violence Plagues Polio Vaccination Teams in Pakistan
Pakistan, China Agree to Maintain Strategic Balance in South Asia
13 Kokang Ethnic Army Members Killed in Renewed Clashes With Myanmar Gov't Forces
US Agencies Adjust to Shifting Landscape in Afghanistan
The War at Home
Muslim Family Attacked While Shopping at Dearborn Kroger
Houston Muslim School Burned Down in What Investigators Say Is Likely an Arson Attack
Former US Army Sniper Pleads Guilty to Murder Plot
From Laos With Love. Vietnam Bombs Become NY Jewelry
Navy Debuts Robot That Can Fight Fires Aboard Ships
US Alleges Russian Fighting in Ukraine Hours Ahead of Ceasefire
Former UK Army Chief Condemns Armored Vehicle Transfer to Ukraine
Denmark Shooting: Likely Terror Attack Called an Assassination Attempt
Polish Presidential Candidate Vows Better Ties With Russia
German Anti-Euro Party Eyes First Seats in Western State
Egypt Ends US Arms 'Monopoly' With French Jet Fighter Deal
Six Wounded in Bomb Attack on Police Station in Egypt's Sinai: Sources
Police Say They Thwart 2 Suicide Car Bomb Attacks in Egypt
Boko Haram
Boko Haram Attacks Nigerian City of Gombe
Niger Bolsters Border Security After Boko Haram Attack
France Struggles to Assist Boko Haram Fight From Afar
Islamic Militants Seize Radio, TV Stations in Central Libya
South Sudan Calls Off Elections, Aims to Extend President's Term: Government Spokesman
Top Officials Close Rank Around Argentina's Embattled President
US Eases Restrictions on Imports From Cuban Entrepreneurs
Americans Still Dying
Texas SSgt Killed When Stryker Vehicle Overturns During Training Exercise
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