Anyone in either party who gets in War Party's way has been targeted for destruction – including anti-interventionist Sen. Rand Paul, war skeptic and Democrat Jim Webb, and the heroic Walter B. Jones, the Republican congressman who turned against the Iraq war and defeated an earlier attempt to knock him off.

But their real target is you – your tax dollars, your desire to live in peace, and your children – whom they regard as cannon fodder.

We can’t let them win – and they will win unless we can educate the public about their sinister agenda. That’s what is all about. We must win the information war before we win the battle for hearts and minds.

But we can’t do it without your help.

A group of generous donors has stepped up to the plate with $21,000 – on the condition that we match it. Now is the time for you to step up, too. Help us stop the War Party – please make your donation today.

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Updated February 26, 2015 - 10:59 PM EST
ISIS Captures 100 Iraqi Sunni Tribesmen
  Will US Troops Be Drawn Back Into Iraq War?
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Ukraine Truce Holding, US Threatening Russia
  Ukraine Faces Economic Ruin as Gas Dispute Remains Unresolved
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Reports on Leaks Damage Are Totally Redacted
  Canadian Spies Collect Domestic Emails in Secret Security Sweep
Latest MeK Allegations Against Iran Fabricated
Report: Libya Coup General to Meet With Israeli Officials
UN: Torture 'Regular and Prevalent' in Afghanistan
Obama Aide Susan Rice: Netanyahu's Speech 'Destructive'
Bobby Jindal Goes 'Macho': Less Talk More Killing
Rand Paul Should Stop Appeasing Neocons  by Jacob Heilbrunn
The Truth About Root Causes of Terrorism  by Ramzy Baroud
President Obama Is Apparently Not Imperial Enough for the GOP  by Gene Healy
Gitmo Comes to Chicago  by Lucy Steigerwald
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187 Killed, 100 Kidnapped Wednesday in Iraq
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Bomb Attacks Kill Dozens in Baghdad
Pentagon Speeds Shipment of M-16s and MRAPs to Iraqi Army
New Bill Would Punish Kurdish Genocide Deniers
Mission to Retake Mosul From ISIS Doomed, says Retired US General
Syrian Kurds Cut ISIS Supply Line Near Iraq
Abducted Syrian Christians Moved to Militant Stronghold
ISIS Kidnapping Underlines 'Grave Peril' of Assyrian Christians
Dem Congressman Warns ISIS Fight Could Lead to Another Vietnam
ISIS May Attack Jordan Malls, US Embassy Warns
ISIS: A Complex Messianic Group
Officials: Dozens of Australian Women 'Supporting Terrorism'
Houthis Take Over US-Trained Special Forces Base in Yemen Capital
Yemen Ex-Leader Saleh 'Amassed Up to $60bn': UN Probe
West Bank Mosque Torched by Settlers, Palestinians Say
Kerry Accuses Netanyahu of Cheerleading 2003 Iraq War
US-Israel Quarrel Intensifies Over Netanyahu Speech
Netanyahu Invites Arab Diplomats to His Big Speech – and Gets Rejected
Turkish Police Arrested and Accused of Wiretapping President Erdogan
Aquino Urges Autonomy for Philippine Muslims Despite Misgivings
Pakistan: Four TTP Militants Sentenced to Death for 2012 Prison Attack
Security Tightened at New Delhi Churches After Attacks
Sanctioned North Korea Shipping Firm Still Active, Renamed Ships: UN Panel
Reunions and Ransoms: A Day Online in Myanmar's Rohingya Camps
Protests Continue in Venezuela as Teen Shot by Police Is Buried
Venezuelan Students Demand End to 'Deadly Force' Order
Cuba Says Terror List, Banking Issues Are Blocking Better Ties With the US
Haitian Protesters Decry Dominican Treatment of Countrymen
Battleground at the Polls
Rand Paul Should Stop Appeasing Neocons
Maureen Dowd on Jeb Bush's Brainless Trust
Foundation Cashed in While Hillary Headed Foggy Bottom
Axelrod: Hillary's Personality Cult 'Dangerous'
Graham: Obama Perpetuating 'Military Fraud' in ISIS Fight
Hillary Clinton Opens Door to Govt Spying
Jeb Bush Says His Family's Iraq War Record Won't Dictate His
Bolton Welcomes Graham: 'I Could Get Hit by a Bus'
Libyan Parliament Proposes Haftar, a Divisive Figure, as Head of Army
Amnesty: Egypt Military Strike Against Libya May Amount to War Crime
South Africa Spied on Own Government to Get Facts on Joint Project With Russia
Dozens of Suspected Militants Killed in Egypt's North Sinai
DR Congo Launches Strikes Against FDLR Hutu Rebels
Goodluck Jonathan Using Fear of Islamists to Manipulate Election: Opposition
Tuareg Chief Rejects Independence for Northern Mali
300 People Killed in Kenya Terror Attacks Over Two Years
Mystery Drones Seen Over Paris for Second Night
Al-Jazeera Journalists Arrested for Allegedly Flying Other Drone Over Paris
An American Soldier in Bavaria Makes an Unusual Request for Asylum
Rusted Can of Zyklon B Poison Gas Found in German Garden
Austria Passes Controversial Reforms to 1912 Islam Law
Assange Appeals to Sweden's Supreme Court
NATO and Russia Hold Rival Military Exercises on Estonian Border
Russia, Cyprus Sign Military Deal on Use of Mediterranean Ports
Bitcoin Revolution Could Be the Next Internet, Says Bank of England
Think Tank: Some NATO Nations Cutting Defense Spending
Spain Court Rules Catalonia Independence Votes Illegal
Irishman Wounded by Booby-Trap Bomb as He Removes IRA Sign
Greece: Government Suspends Professional Soccer After Violence
The War at Home
Senators Move to End Deadlock Over Funding Homeland Security
Fort Hood Soldier Kills Himself After Triple Murder
Pakistani Man Denies al-Qaeda Ties at US Terror Trial
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