Anyone in either party who gets in War Party's way has been targeted for destruction – including anti-interventionist Sen. Rand Paul, war skeptic and Democrat Jim Webb, and the heroic Walter B. Jones, the Republican congressman who turned against the Iraq war and defeated an earlier attempt to knock him off.

But their real target is you – your tax dollars, your desire to live in peace, and your children – whom they regard as cannon fodder.

We can’t let them win – and they will win unless we can educate the public about their sinister agenda. That’s what is all about. We must win the information war before we win the battle for hearts and minds.

But we can’t do it without your help.

A group of generous donors has stepped up to the plate with $21,000 – on the condition that we match it. Now is the time for you to step up, too. Help us stop the War Party – please make your donation today.

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Updated March 1, 2015 - 11:25 PM EST
US Scraps Attack on Mosul; Iraqis Not Ready
  Al-Qaeda Overruns US-Backed Syria Rebel Bases
  ISIS Fighters Attack Samarra Ahead of Army Offensive
Ukraine Military, Rebels Withdrawing Heavy Arms
  Ally of Ousted Ukraine Leader Found Dead in Alleged Suicide
How UK Intel Primed Both Sides of the 'Terror War'
Former Russian Deputy PM Slain in Moscow
Israel Pushing US for Massive Military Subsidies
US Drone Attack in Yemen Kills Four Suspected Militants
US 'Success Story': The Creation and Abandonment of Kosovo  by Thomas Harrington
Israeli NGO Abuses US Laws to Attack Opponents  by Philip Giraldi
CNN Analyst: Putin Hijacked MH370 and Landed It in Kazakhstan  by Nebojsa Malic
Rehab, Jeb Bush-Style  by Michael A. Cohen
Netanyahu's Iran Exaggerations Now Clear for All to See  by J.J. Goldberg
How the US Fuels Authoritarianism in the Horn of Africa  by David Berggren

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Battleground 2016
Rand Paul Wins 2015 CPAC Straw Poll
Rick Perry Wants US Troops to Fight ISIS
Jindal: Obama Not Fighting ISIS Because Iran
Defense Firms Expect Increased Spending From Republicans as Republicans Decry Increased Spending
The War at Home
#gitmo2chicago: Protests Target Police 'Black Site'
VA Report: Claims' Dates at Arkansas Benefits Center Altered
Researchers Seek Combat Troops With Lung Symptoms
US Air Force Eyes Competition to End Reliance on Russian-Built Rocket Engines
Ukrainian Journalist Killed in Shelling Despite Ceasefire
Ruins and Recriminations After Rebel Advance on Two East Ukrainian Towns
Spain's Catalonia Prepares for Independence Ahead of Vote

US Seeks to Deport 150 Bosnians Over War Crimes

Azerbaijani Forces Kill Two Armenian Troops: Rebels
Germany Prepared to Sell Tank Howitzers to Lithuania
Police in Germany's Bremen Heighten Security Citing Possible Islamist Threat
Egypt Court Sentences Top Brotherhood Leader to Life
3.2 Billion Euros of Egypt-French Arms Deal Financed by Loan From Paris: Sisi
Boko Haram
Boko Haram Hits Rural Nigerian Market
Blasts From Women Suicide Bombers Kill 4 in North Nigeria
Cameroonians Demonstrate Against Attacks by Boko Haram
UNICEF: Hundreds of S. Sudanese Boys Believed Abducted
Somalia's Al Shabaab Injures Police in Mogadishu Car Bomb
In Algeria, Women 'Imams' Battle Islamist Radicalization
Al-Thini Calls for Naval Observer Force Off Libyan Coast
Venezuela to Limit US Diplomat Number, Require Tourist Visas
Dueling Protests in Venezuela as Tensions Mount
Senator: Venezuela Frees 4 US Missionaries
Maduro Says Venezuela Captures US Citizens Linked to Espionage
Cuba and US a Step Closer to Reopening Embassies
Americans Still Dying
West Monroe (LA) Community Mourns Fallen Soldier in Final Homecoming
US Begins Vetting Syrian Rebels for Military Training: Pentagon
Syrian Army Takes Villages in South
Assad or No Assad, West Asks, as ISIS Rises and Conflict Rages
ISIS Court Set to Release 29 Kidnapped Christian Assyrians in Syria: Observatory
'Jihadi John' Unmasked: First Picture of Mohammed Emwazi as an Adult Emerges
Heavy Clashes and Bombings Leave 97 Dead, 127 Wounded in Iraq
Iran Offers to Protect Iraqi Artifacts After Militant Attack
New Zealand Troops Could Opt Out of Iraq Deployment
Belgium Sending 35 Military Trainers to Iraq
Iraq Reopens Baghdad Museum 12 Years After Looting
Two Suspected ISIS Fighters Arrested in South Lebanon
Lebanon Interior Minister: Army Offensive Against Syria Jihadis 'Timely'
Egypt Court Declares Hamas a 'Terrorist' Group: Report
Hamas Says Egypt Listing It as Terrorist Organization Is 'Shocking and Dangerous'
Netanyahu's 'Scaremongering' Will Not Stop Nuclear Deal, Says Iranian Official
Palestinian Killed in Blast Near Ruined Gaza Airport
Protest Erupts as Herzog and Livni Visit Arab Town
Anti-Israel Divestment Push Gains Traction at US Colleges
Middle East
Yemen Separatists Pull Out of UN-Backed Talks
Kurdish Rebel Leader in Turkey Calls for Disarmament Congress
US Sends Spy Plane to Patrol Disputed Asian Seas
Toll in Philippine Clashes With Islamists Rises to 26
Pakistan: Indian Forces Continue Unprovoked Firing Across Working Boundary
Bangladeshi Forces Raid Militant Hideout in Chittagong Town
US Bill Links Hong Kong Economic Privileges to Autonomy
Sri Lanka Concerned by China Loans, Rules Out Submarine Visits
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