The last thing Americans want is another war – and yet, unless you act now, they will slowly but surely be pushed into it.

Even after months of horror stories about ISIS – the beheadings, the kidnappings, the rapes, the destruction -- Pew reports the public is evenly split on the introduction of US ground troops into the region. And that, after all, is the goal of this media campaign: to get US troops back into Iraq – and into Syria.

Misinformation, half-truths, and outright lies are passing as "fact" – and we here at are manning the battlements to defend against this assault on truth.

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Updated March 2, 2015 - 10:55 PM EST
US Scraps Attack on Mosul; Iraqis Not Ready
Iraq: 4,134 Killed in February
  Iraq Sending 27,000 Troops to Attack ISIS in Tikrit
Routed by Qaeda, US-Armed Syria Rebels Dissolve
  Syria Tribes Contact ISIS, Trying to Secure Release of Christians
Rift Widens as Netanyahu Arrives for US Speech
  Netanyahu a 'Danger' to Israel, Say 200 Security Veterans
  Obama Would Veto Bill Giving Congress Power Over Iran Deal
Russian Opposition Rally Over Murder of Former Deputy PM
I Am Delighted Netanyahu Will Speak to Congress  by Muhammad Sahimi
Department of Homeland Security: What Is It Good For?  by Ron Paul
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Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?  by Justin Raimondo
Fascism Is Coming Alive Again  by Eric Margolis
What Terrorists Are Really Angry About  by John Mueller

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Iraq: 4,134 Killed in February; Major Operation Begins in North
US Boots Needed to Defeat ISIS, Boehner Says
Iraq PM Urges Forces to Spare Civilians in Tikrit Battle
ISIS Executes Five-Year-Old Girl West of Ramadi
Iraq PM: ISIS 'Barbarians' Will Not Destroy Our History
Kurdish Oil Deal With Baghdad Hangs by a Thread
Australia Bans Travel to Mosul Ahead of Possible Offensive
Syria Agrees to UN Fact-Finding Mission in Aleppo
ISIS Frees 19 of 220 Abducted Assyrian Christians
Iran Says It Will Open Up to Internet Firms if They Respect Cultural Values
Iran Offer to Cut Centrifuges by a Third Led to Progress in Nuclear Talks
Sen. Schumer: 'I Don't Trust These Iranians'
Former Israeli Army Chief Helped Block Netanyahu Attacking Iran
13,000 Troops Called Up in Surprise West Bank Drill
Likud Fears It May Only Win 18 Seats in Upcoming Election
Kerry to Defend Israel as Netanyahu Readies Critique of Iran Talks
With Dozens Bailing, Will PM Address Empty Seats at Congress?
What Netanyahu Doesn't Talk About When He Talks About Iran
Herzog: Netanyahu Speech 'Solely for Sake of Elections'
Nearly Half of US Voters Disapprove of GOP's Netanyahu Invite
Former US Secretary: Netanyahu Speech 'Poisoning' Ties
Netanyahu's Speech Opens Political Divisions in Israel, Too
Middle East
First Iran Flight Lands in Shi'ite-Held Yemen Capital
Kurdish Rebels Call Disarmament Move Historic, Want Turkey to Step Up Reforms
Cleared of Cover-Up Charges, Argentine Leader Comes Out Swinging
Argentine President Denies Cover-Up in Bombing Inquiry
US Officials Called 'Terrorists' Mock Venezuela Travel Ban
Popular Peru Ex-Minister Charged in Killing of Journalist
Battleground 2016
The Real Republican Foreign Policy Scandal Is That GOP Elites Still Agitate for Pre-Emptive War
Rand Paul Wins 2015 CPAC Straw Poll
Rick Perry Wants US Troops to Fight ISIS
Jindal: Obama Not Fighting ISIS Because Iran
Italy to Begin Naval Exercises Off Libya
Libya Foreign Minister Says 5,000 Foreign Fighers Fighting Along With Extremists
Canada Rules Out Military Intervention in Libya
Rockets Kill Two, Wound 30 in Libya's Benghazi
Bomb Kills 2 Near Police Station in Southern Egypt
Egypt Parliament Elections Set for Delay After Court Ruling
Egypt's Sisi Meets New Saudi King to Discuss Middle East Crises
Nigerian Female Suspect Beaten to Death by Mob Did Not Have Bomb
Algerians Suffering From French Atomic Legacy, 55 Years After Nuke Tests
Mali Government Signs Peace Deal, Tuareg Rebels Delay
Congo Says Kills Rebels, Gains Ground in Drive to Crush Insurgency
Hundreds of Boys 'Kidnapped and Forced Into Becoming Child Soldiers' in South Sudan
US Marines Continue Fighting Alongside Georgians in Afghanistan
Afghan Policewomen Struggle Against Culture
N. Korea, Angered by Drills, Fires Short-Range Missiles Off Coast
Pakistan Doesn't Want to Be Part of Arms Race: Sartaj
Hong Kong Arrests 33 in Protest Against Chinese Shoppers
Tajikistan Parliamentary Voting Sullied by Pressure on Opponents
UK Defense Spending Cuts 'Concern' US Army Chief
'Jihadi John' Part of Network Linked to Failed London Bombers: Court Papers
Exposed: Ukraine's Massive Witch Hunt
Greece Protests Planned Turkish Air Maneuvers in Aegean Sea
2 Detained in German Anti-Terror Raid Have Been Set Free
Radicalization Fear Forces Danish Boy Into Juvenile Home
Estonia's Ruling Pro-Western Reform Party Wins Election
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