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Updated March 8, 2015 - 11:25 PM EDT
A Bloody Disaster: Iraqi Army's Fight Against ISIS
  Canadian Soldier Killed, 3 Wounded in Iraq Friendly Fire
  After Tikrit Battle, US Sees Even Bigger Test
  Bloody Saturday in Iraq: 304 Killed
US Ops Against ISIS Likely to Expand, Last Years
  In Terror War, US Enters Period of Pessimism and Gloom
US Plan to Train Ukraine National Guard 'On Hold'
  Ukraine Govt, Rebels Claim Completing Weapons Pullback
Mitch McConnell Postpones Iran Vote
Boko Haram Purportedly Vows Allegiance to ISIS
Russian Authorities Arrest 5 in Killing of Opposition Leader
Saudi Arabia Becomes World's Biggest Defense Importer
An Open Letter to Petro Poroshenko  by Michael Pesek
Netanyahu Still Swaying Congress  by Stephen Zunes
The Jewish Billionaire Behind a New Christian Anti-Iran Group  by Eli Clifton
ISIS, Art, and Barbarism  by Lucy Steigerwald
Netanyahu's Impossible Dream  by Steve Chapman
Let's All Pity Netanyahu and the GOP  by Patrick L. Smith

More Viewpoints

CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou on Torture Coverup, Silencing Dissent
Peru Recalls Ambassador to Chile Over 'Military Espionage'
Army Eases Ban on Transgender Soldiers
Anti-Drone Protesters Arrested, Cited at Creech Air Force Base
Documents Shine Light on Shadowy New Zealand Surveillance Base
Tens of Thousands Attend Anti-Netanyahu Rally in Tel Aviv
Ex-Mossad Chief Pans Netanyahu's 'Bullshit' Speech to Congress
Abbas Won't Cut Security Ties With Israel Before Elections
Benjamin Netanyahu Aide Denies PM Okayed Return to '67 Lines in Talks With Palestinians
The Man Who Will Decide Israel's Election
Palestinians Says Gaza Fisherman Shot Dead by Israeli Navy
Iran: Technical Roadblocks for Nuclear Deal Eliminated
US, France 'On Same Page' Over Iran, Want Stronger Deal: Kerry
Middle East
Yemen President Considers 'Aden Country's Capital'
Gang-Raped Saudi Woman Sentenced to 200 Lashes, 6 Months in Jail
Turkish Troops Open Fire on Civilians at Kurdistan Border
Germany Downplays Report of Rift With NATO Over Breedlove Comments
Kosovars Who Fought for Land Are Now Eager to Leave
Rebel Pageant: Ukrainian Fighters Trade in Boots for Heels
Egypt Executes 'Supporter' of Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt to Open Rafah Border Crossing With Gaza
Silence in Egypt Over Police Abuses Amid 'War on Terror'
Egypt to Purchase Antey-2500 Missile System From Russia: Tass
2 Killed, 16 Injured in Mahalla Explosion
9 Foreigners Unaccounted for After ISIS Attack on Libyan Oil Field
UN Libya Envoy Favors Naval Blockade to Patrol Libyan Coast
Libyan Islamist Leader Backs UN Talks, but Tensions High
French Citizen Among Those Killed in Mali Attack: Fabius
Terrorism Possibly Behind Mali Attack: Belgian Foreign Minister
Three Bombings Blamed on Boko Haram Kill 58 in NE Nigeria
Weekend Reviews
National Security State
A Triumph of Antiwar Literature
Snowden a Worthy Hero in State-Versus-Individual Thriller
A Libertarian Historian's Masterpiece on the Civil War
Americans Still Dying
Fortunately, No American Troops Were Reported Killed Last Week
Canadian Soldier Among 304 Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Troops Battle to Advance in Towns on Edge of Tikrit
ISIS Militants Destroy Remains of Hatra in Northern Iraq
ISIS Hang Dead Bodies From Hawija City Entrance
Iraq Can Take Back Tikrit: US General
Iraqi Gunmen Kidnap 31 'Criminal Suspects'
ISIS Attacks More Christian Villages in Northeastern Syria
Medical Aid to Kobani Blocked By Turkish Customs
Artifact Destruction a Security Issue in Iraq and Syria
ISIS Recruitment
Spain: Jihadi Female Recruiter Arrested at Barcelona Airport
ISIS-Bound British Schoolgirls: Police Admit Mistakes in Investigation
Six Killed in Gunmen Attack on Sufi Place of Worship in Kabul
Afghan Leader Says Won't Compromise Social Freedoms in Peace Efforts
Afghan Artist Dons Suit of Armor to Protest Street Harassment
China City Boss Warns Against Islamic Head Coverings in Xinjiang
China's Uighurs Look Towards Turkey for Help
China Border Province Says Did Not Host Myanmar Rebel Leader
Chasing Chinese Planes 400 Times a Year Is Wearing Out Japan's Top Guns
China Could Struggle to Meet 2020 Nuclear Energy Targets: Executive
Philippine Army Kills 14 Rebels, Offensive to Push Into Next Week
Abu Sayyaf Group Releases Malaysian Cop
US Says Meeting of India and Pakistan Foreign Secretaries Encouraging
Indonesia Executions Show Hurdles of Death Penalty Diplomacy
WWII-Era Bomb Dredged Up Near Thai Village
Japan, North Korea Could Resume Abduction Talks This Month: Nikkei
Mexico Official: 14 Police Arrested for Kidnap, Extortion
Four Workers at Mexico Goldcorp Mine Missing, May Be Kidnapped: Prosecutor
Colombia, FARC Rebels Agree to Remove Landmines
Police in Brazilian City Aided Revenge Killings, Report Says
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ISIS in Ukraine

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ISIS, Art, and Barbarism

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Not Quite Goodbye

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The US Government Is Making the Problem of Islamist Extremism Worse

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Questioning the Powerful

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Yet Another War of Deceit

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