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Updated March 9, 2015 - 11:22 PM EDT
The Kurdish Tiger's Roar Is Worse Than Its Bite
  Civilian Workers Among 30 Killed in US Strike on ISIS-Held Refinery
  Dispute With Kurds After Canadian Soldier Killed in 'Friendly Fire'
Without US Backing, Iraqi Troops Near Tikrit
  French PM: ISIS Could Have 10,000 Europeans by Year's End
Rand Paul Caves on Iran, Backs Move to Kill Deal
  Obama Touts Iran Progress, Also Threatens to Walk Away From Talks
Likud: Netanyahu Rules Out Two-State Solution
  Former Mossad Chief Blasts Government at Huge Tel Aviv Rally
US Plan to Train Ukraine National Guard 'On Hold'
5 Held, 2 Charged in Murder of Russian Opposition Figure
Tokyo Firebombing: Most Destructive Air Raid in History
How To Create a National Insecurity State  by Andrew Bacevich
50,000 Israelis Show Up at Wrong Protest  by Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man
The Original SERE Torture Scandal  by Solomon Hughes
‘F—k the EU,’ Revisited  by Justin Raimondo
The Speech  by Uri Avnery
Do We Need the DHS?  by Michael D. Tanner

More Viewpoints

European Commission President Calls for Collective EU Army to Challenge Russia
Boom in Journalist Drone Use Flies Into Legal Obstacles
CIA Creates New Office to Counter Cyber Threats
High-Risk Inmates at Australian Super-Max Jail Banned From Speaking Arabic
Tokyo Fire Bombing Survivor Fears Japan Starting Down Road to War Again
Battleground 2016
Neocons 'School' Scott Walker on Foreign Policy for 2016 Run
Bush 'Baffled' by Hillary's Secret Emails
Rand Paul: Hillary Pulled a Petraeus
Perry: US Got 'Short End' of Cuba Deal
Huckabee: US Giving Iran and Cuba 'Ice Cream and Candy'
Rand Paul: 'American Jewry' May Start Voting Republican
6th Suspect in Boris Nemtsov's Killing Blows Himself Up, Report Says
Man Held for Killing Nemtsov Admits Involvement: Judge
Nemtsov Murder Suspect 'Shocked' by Charlie Hebdo Cartoons, Says Chechen Leader
Rebel Sniper Kills Ukrainian Serviceman Despite Ceasefire: Military
China Vows Cooperation With Russia Despite West's Sanctions
China Defends Island Building in South China Sea, Says Not Seeking New World Order
China Says North Korean Leader Meeting to Happen When 'Convenient'
3 Dead in Afghan Prison Riot, Hostage Standoff
One Dead, 11 Wounded in Series of Attacks in Egypt
Egypt Executes an Islamist Supporter of Ousted President
Egypt Postpones Retrial of Al-Jazeera Duo
Egypt's Sisi Revives Call for Joint Arab Military Force
Boko Haram
Chad, Niger Launch Joint Offensive Against Boko Haram in Nigeria
Nigeria Stalls Chad, Aims to Beat Boko Haram Before Election
At Least Three Killed in North Mali Rocket Attack: UN
Belmokhtar Jihadist Group Claims Mali Restaurant Attack as Revenge on France and West
'Wonderful Somaliland': Self-Declared Country Aims for Spot on Tourist Map
Thousands of Colombians Rally in Support of Peace Deal
PM: Investigators Allege St Lucia Police Had 'Death List'
2 Brazilian Policemen Killed, 5 Injured in Rio Slums
Iraqi Troops Advance in Tikrit; 95 Killed
More UK Army Personnel Sent to Iraq
Iraqi Kurds Say Canadian Soldier Killed After Order Ignored
Iraq Calls for Air Power to Protect Antiquities
Iraqi Minister: Concerns Over ISIS Looting Third Ancient Site of Khorsabad
Gunmen Kill More Than 12 ISIS Militants in Eastern Syria
Syrian Airstrikes Kill at Least 10
Air Strike in Syria Hits Nusra Front Camp: Monitor, Sources
EU Accuses Syrian Man of Buying ISIS Oil for Govt; He Denies Charge
German Woman Fighter Dead in Kurd-ISIS Clashes in Syria
Lebanon's ISIS Prison: A Rare Glimpse Inside the Jail From Which Terror Attacks Have Been Directed
Fate of Lebanon Hostage Negotiations Unclear
Lebanese Pop Star Turned Militant Denies Role in Clashes
ISIS Recruitment
2 Teens Stopped at Sydney Airport From Joining ISIS
German Companion of 'Jihadi John' Identified
Mohammed Emwazi: Tanzanian Officer Recalls Airport Arrest
US Could 'Walk Away' on Iran Deal
Iran Deal Won't Expire After a Decade, Senior US Official Says
Obama Says Nuclear Deal Offered to Iran Is 'Extraordinarily Reasonable'
White House Names Israel Critic to Top Mideast Post
Israeli Intelligence Chief Visits US
Netanyahu to Obama: Remember That Israel Is an Ally
Lieberman Calls for Beheading of Arab Israeli Terrorists
Settlers to Benjamin Netanyahu: Do Not Take Down Our Homes
17 People Killed in Yemen Clashes
Yemen's Defense Minister Escapes Houthi-Controlled Sanaa
Middle East
Peace Corps Suspends Its Program in Jordan Due to Risk of Attacks
Blogger Lashing: Saudi Rejects Criticism of Badawi Case
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‘F—k the EU,’ Revisited

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ISIS, Art, and Barbarism

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Not Quite Goodbye

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