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Updated March 10, 2015 - 11:12 PM EDT
The CIA Campaign to Steal Apple's Secrets
Rand Paul Caves on Iran, Backs Move to Kill Deal
  Senator Behind Iran Letter Meets With Defense Contractors
  Obama: Senate Republicans Aligning With Iran Hardliners
Hamas Offers Long-Term Truce for Blockade End
  State Dept: We Expect Next Israeli Govt to Support Two-State Solution
US Bombs Nusra HQ in Key City on Turkey-Syria Border
  ISIS Kills at Least Nine of Its Own in Infighting in Syria
Officials Confirm: Ukraine Ceasefire Is Holding
US Sends Armored Vehicles, 3,000 Troops to Baltics
Obama Declares Venezuela a 'National Security Threat'
Tokyo Firebombing: Most Destructive Air Raid in History
When Tokyo Rose Ran for President  by Ron Unz
At Last, a Balanced Assessment of the Ukrainian Conflict  by Jonathan Steele
Domestic Military Expansion Spreads Through the US  by Dahr Jamail
Does Iran Really Want a Bomb?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Israel Needs Some Tough Love  by Ivan Eland
Washington Should Reject Netanyahu's Propaganda  by Azadeh Shahshahani & Audrey Bomse

More Viewpoints

German Military Worried About Islamists Infiltrating to Get Arms Training
Venezuela Recalls Top Envoy From Washington Following US Sanctions
Arab League Calls for Multinational Force to Fight Islamic Militants
Petraeus Sees ISIS Gains, Hawks It Up on Iran, Syria
Syria-Based Jihadis Prepare for Lebanon Offensive
Senator Who Organized Letter to Iran Has Said He Wants to Sabotage Negotiations
Part I: GOP Letter on Iran
Part II: Iran Responds to GOP Letter
Republicans Warn Iran Nuclear Deal With Obama May Not Last
US Offers $5 Million for Missing American, Appeals to Iran
Pakistan Tests Missile That Could Carry Nuclear Warhead to Every Part of India
Karzai: Afghanistan Should Not Give Up Control of Its Foreign Policy
Afghan Lawmaker Says Wary of Pakistan Role in Taliban Peace Moves
Separatist's Release Cracks Fragile Coalition in Kashmir
Kashmir Fight Adds to Hurdles for Modi's India Reform Push
Philippine Military Says 73 Muslim Rebels Dead in Offensive
US Terror Suspect Thought Killed in Philippines Raid: Army
Manila's Aquino Says He Was 'Fooled' About Deadly Botched Commando Raid
South Korea
South Korea Split Over How to React to Attack on US Ambassador
South Korean Lawmakers Put Forward Views for Adopting US Missile Defence
Germany's Merkel Addresses WWII Reconciliation in Japan
Myanmar Is Sliding Toward Conflict, UN Investigator Says
Forty Years After Escaping War, 'Boat People' Find Fortune Back in Vietnam
4 in Custody Over Links to Attacks That Terrorized Paris
Putin Admits Annexation of Crimea Put in Motion Weeks Before Referendum
Ukraine's Poroshenko Says Rebels Have Withdrawn Significant Amount of Heavy Weapons
US Urges Europe to Commit More Troops to UN Peacekeeping
The War at Home
Schumer: Hackers Could 'Steer Planes Into One Another'
Two Weeks On, Superfish Debacle Still Causing Pain for Some Lenovo Customers
Palestinian Women Speak in Omaha of Horrors Back Home
Department of Defense Releases Third Quarter 2014 Suicide Information
Kurds Launch Major Offensive; 211 Killed in Iraq
Gen. Dempsey: Iraqi Divide 'Strains Anti-ISIS Coalition'
ISIS Executes 20 Opponents in Northern Iraq: Officials
Iraqi Minister: We're Comfortable Receiving Aid From Iran
General Says US Will 'Consider' Saving Iraqi Antiquities Being Destroyed by ISIS
Iraqi Kurds Say Keeping Their Side of Baghdad Oil Deal
Czech Government Approves Sale of Fighter Jets to Iraq
Tracking a Trail of Historical Obliteration: ISIS Wipes Out Revered Ancient Sites
Netanyahu Denies Backing Away From Two-State Solution
PA Calls for Arrest of Avigdor Liberman for Saying Anti-Israel Arab Citizens Should Be Beheaded
Hamas Says West Bank Arrests Prove Security Cooperation Ongoing
Poll Shows Most Jewish Israelis Against Unity Government
Israel's Chief Rabbinate Loses Right to Ban Christmas Trees in Israeli Hotels
UN Envoy Proposes 3-5 Year Gaza Truce to Aid Reconstruction
Dozens of Hamas Supporters Detained in West Bank
Netanyahu's Former US Envoy Now Among His Israeli Rivals
Former Diplomats Slam Lieberman for Saying Disloyal Israeli Arabs Should Be Decapitated
Al-Qaeda Attacks Yemen Army Base, Four Dead: Residents
Yemen Houthis Launch 'Martyr' Videos to Raise Morale
Bomb Kills Three Soldiers in Egypt's Sinai
Egyptian President Pushes US for Military Aid in Fox News Interview
Under New King, Saudi Interests May Diverge From Egypt
Libyan General Sworn as Top Commander as His Planes Hit Tripoli Airport
UN Delays Approval of Libya Request for Weapons, Jets
Mali Attacks Targeted Peace Talks, Says French Minister
Mali FM Tells Rebels 'Time Running Out' for Peace Deal
Chad, Niger Soldiers Killed as Boko Haram Loses Nigerian Towns
International Criminal Court Seeks UN Action on Sudan
US Withdraws $3 Million Bounty for Somali Islamist Who Defected
Gunmen Open Fire on Mexican Border Mayor's Convoy
Terror in Coahuila: Up to 300 Disappeared in Mexico's Forgotten Massacre
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Israel Needs Some Tough Love

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ISIS, Art, and Barbarism

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