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Updated March 12, 2015 - 11:26 PM EDT
GOP Senate Aides: Iran Letter Was 'Lighthearted'
  Stuxnet Leak Probe Stalls for Fear of Confirming US-Israel Involvement
US-Trained Iraqi Forces Probed Over War Crimes
  Defense Secretary: ISIS War Authorization 'Desperately Needed'
22 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in 'Friendly Fire' Air Strike
  As Iraq Invades Tikrit, ISIS Moves Against Ramadi
  Were Mere Copies of Iraq's National Treasures Destroyed?
  ISIS Launches Offensive Against Syrian Kurdish Border Town
  Iraq: 226 Killed in Fighting, 300 Found in Mass Graves
Israel Polls Tighten: Likud Shrinks in Week Before Vote
  Race Tightens in Israel as Polls Show Netanyahu's Party Trailing
  For Palestinians, Israel's Election Offers Bleak Horizon
UN Torture Expert Denied Access to Gitmo and US Prisons
  How Chicago Police Used Pot to Disappear Young People
US to Increase 'Non-Lethal' Military Aid to Ukraine
NATO Complains 'EU Army' Would Duplicate Them
US Sanctions May Save Venezuelan Government
NYT's Obsession With Discredited Allegations About Iran's Past Nuclear Work  by Yousaf Butt
Time to Respect Iran's Independence  by Massoud Hedeshi
The Surveillance State's Greatest Enemy? The US Constitution  by Conor Friedersdorf
Ten Reasons to Vote Against the Use of Military Force  by Rep. Dennis Kucinich
It's NATO That's Empire-Building, Not Putin  by Peter Hitchens
The National-Security State's ISIS Racket  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Confidence in Govt Plunges to Record Low, Survey Finds
Berlin's 'No' to Reparations Prompts Greek Threat to Seize German Assets
Senator Behind Iran Letter Personifies Hawkish Wave
New Cuba US Direct Phone Link Established
Rand Paul's Kurdistan: 'Draw New Lines' and 'Promise Them a Country'
The War at Home
Remains Found After 11 Service Members Involved in Helicopter Crash Off Florida Coast
Associated Press Sues State Department, Seeking Access to Clinton Records
Ferguson Police Chief Steps Down, Effective March 19
Kerry Mocks Antiwar Protester During ISIS Hearing
Ferguson Police Chief Steps Down, Effective 19 March
Secret Service Agents Probed in Alleged Crash at White House
Moving on From Attacking Islam, Pamela Geller Sponsors NYC Bus Ads Against New Israel Fund Donors
US Slaps Sanctions on Ukrainian Rebels, Russian Bank
Russia Says New US Sanctions Over Ukraine 'Unexplainable'
Russia May Ease Ukraine's Gas Terms, but Kiev Must Settle Its Bills
Ukraine Military Says One Soldier Killed in Separatist East
Sweden Offers Ukraine $100 Million Bilateral Loan
Ukraine Expects $5 Billion in First Tranche of IMF Aid: Interfax Ukraine
Poland, Latvia Skeptical of Proposed EU Army
Muslim Groups Accuse UK Government of Criminalizing Islam
Merkel Declines Putin's Invite for WW2 Commemoration in Moscow
Four Cops Among Five Killed in Karachi
Pakistan Soldiers Raid MQM's Karachi Headquarters
Philippine Military Says 23 Muslim Rebels Killed in Clashes
US Marine Offered Plea Deal Over Murder of Philippine Transgender Woman
China Says Wants Taiwan Participation in War Commemoration
China Says Dalai Lama Less and Less Influential, but Must Reincarnate
Afghanistan Can't Manage Billions in Aid, US Inspector Finds
US Asks Vietnam to Stop Helping Russian Bomber Flights
Bomb Blast in Crowded Market Kills 3 in Northeastern India
Myanmar Opposition Demands Inquiry Into Police Clashes With Students
Bangladesh Police Stood Close by During US Blogger Attack: Victim's Wife
Iraq: 226 Killed in Fighting, 300 Found in Mass Graves
ISIS Executes 20 Opponents in Northern Iraq: Officials
Iraqi FM Dismisses Saudi Worries About Iranian Control
ISIS Ransacks Assyrian Capital as Iraq Appeals for Help
Iraq's Newest Conflict Rescues Rusting Tanks From Scrapheap
Turkey Shuts Border Crossings as Fighting Worsens Around Syria's Aleppo
UN: War Plunged 80 Percent of Syrians Into Poverty
Why Did Victims in ISIS Beheading Videos Look So Calm? They Didn't Know It Was Real.
More Than 600 Medical Staff Killed in Syrian War
Global ISIS Reaction
Canada Says Foils Plot by ISIS Supporter to Bomb Toronto Financial District, US Consulate
Official: Man, Boy in ISIS Killing Video Are French Citizens
Family of Palestinian Killed by ISIS Says He Wasn't Spying for Israel
Italian Police: 'ISIS Flag' Was a Jacket in a Tree
Republican Unity Shatters After Backlash to Iran Letter
Kerry: Congress Doesn't Have Right to Change Deal With Iran, Once Signed
As Israeli Election Nears, Peace Earns Barely a Mention
Senior Likud Sources: Netanyahu May Not Win Election
Lieberman: Executions the Answer to Terrorism
Soldiers Wound Seven Palestinian Students in Stone-Throwing Protest
Palestinians Cancel Natural Gas Deal With Israel
Israel Razes 'Illegal' EU Building in Jerusalem
Gaza Novelist Writes of Lives Framed by Recurrent Wars
Middle East
Yemen Protesters Demand Return of Former Autocrat's Son
Saudis Recall Sweden Ambassador Amid Diplomatic Row
Nigeria, Chad, Niger Report Success Against Boko Haram
Question Marks Hang Over Flawed Darfur Peacekeeping Force
Venezuela Congress Gives 1st Ok to President Decree Powers
Mayoral Candidate Found Slain in Southern Mexico State
Cuban Dissident Leader Fends Off Leadership Challenge
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