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Updated March 15, 2015 - 11:21 PM EDT
Syrian Opposition Mulls Leaving Assad in Power
  CIA: US Does Not Want to See Syrian Regime 'Collapse'
  Non-Lethal Aid: US Spends Millions on Anti-Assad Journalists
Atrocities Committed by US-Trained Iraqis, Again
  In Iraq, US Struggles to Tell Good Guys From Bad Guys
US to Keep Higher Level of Troops in Afghanistan
  CIA Money From Secret Fund Ended Up in Hands of al-Qaeda: Report
How US Outsources Terror Interrogations
  Senate Cybersecurity Bill Seen as Trojan Horse for More Spying
  New Zealand Used NSA System to Target Officials, Activist
US Role in Philippine Clash Revealed
White House Issues Iran Deal Warning to Senate
'Obama Says the War Is Over. So Why Can't I Leave Gitmo?'
US Frets Over South African Vault With Fuel for 6 Nukes
Why Is the US Really Sanctioning Venezuela?  by Marcy Wheeler
The Senate GOP's Obnoxious Iran Letter  by Daniel Larison
The NSA Has Taken Over the Internet Backbone – We're Suing to Get It Back  by Patrick C. Toomey
For Whom To Vote?  by Uri Avnery
Nuland's Mastery of Ukraine Propaganda  by Robert Parry
The Ukraine Mess Is the Worst of Obama's Many Foreign Policy Disasters  by William Pfaff

More Viewpoints

New Players Replacing Newspapers in Seeking Government Info
The Orwellian Re-Branding of 'Mass Surveillance' as Merely 'Bulk Collection'
Vatican: Force May Be Needed to Combat ISIS
Assange Faces DNA Test in Swedish Rape Case
Mass Grave Discovered Near Kirkuk; 53 Killed Across Iraq
Iraqi Forces Poised for Final Tikrit Assault
Iraqi Kurds Says ISIS Used Chlorine Gas Against Them
In Iraq's Tikrit, Tensions Flare Over Footage of Death of an Unknown Soldier
Sunni Iraqi Fighters Join the Armed Shi'ite Factions
Iraqi Turkmens Demand Armed Force of Their Own Ahead of Mosul Offensive Against ISIS
Kurdish, Christian Forces Gain on ISIS in NE Syria Battles
Assad Relative Assassinated in Syria: Activists
Bomb Explodes Near Bank in Egypt's Alexandria, Wounding 4
Egypt Sacks 41 Judges for Supporting the Brotherhood: Sources
UAE Pledges $4bn Towards Egypt's Economic Recovery
Boko Haram
Nigerian Military Acknowledges Presence of Foreign Mercenaries
Cameroon Denies Summarily Executing Boko Haram Suspects
Boko Haram Can No Longer Take a Town in Niger: Minister
Policeman Killed as Gunmen Abduct Three Chinese in Nigeria
Powerful Libyan Militia Alliance in Rare Clash With ISIS
Sierra Leone Vice President Requests Asylum at US Embassy
Death Toll Four in Attack on Kenya Governor Convoy, Says Official
Russian Jewish Leader Slams Ukraine Moguls in Flap Over World War II Nazi Ally
US Army Sending Armored Convoy 1,100 Miles Through Europe
Ukraine's Poroshenko Says Fighting in East Has Abated
Belgium to 'Isolate' Prisoners Who May Radicalize Others
7 Killed in Serbian Military Helicopter Crash Near Belgrade
The War at Home
CISA Cybersecurity Bill Advances Despite Privacy Concerns
New US Stealth Bomber Shrouded in Mystery
Psssst: Wanna Buy a Used Spy Website?
It's Not Over: Veterans Waiting Months for Appointments
Lawsuit Filed Against Navy for Destroyed Experimental Airship
Weekend Reviews
At Last, a Balanced Assessment of the Ukrainian Conflict
Ukraine: Another Stupid War
Kill the Messenger Review – Intelligent, Rigorous Biopic of Crusading Journalist – Now on DVD
Kill the Messenger Review – What Really Happened to Gary Webb
In Fractured Israel, All Electoral Bets Are Off
Netanyahu Tried to Cancel Intel Briefing for US Senators on Iran Dangers
Israeli Soldiers Raid Homes, Question Kids as Young as 9
Netanyahu Blames Flagging Poll Numbers on Global Leftist Plot
Ex-Security Chief Knocks Netanyahu, Backs Herzog
Flagging Before Election, Netanyahu Ramps Up Rhetoric
Israel Security Officials Recommend Barrier on Jordan Border
Hamas Blames Palestinian Authority for Gaza Violence
Crunch Time as Iran Nuclear Talks Resume
Kerry Says Unclear Whether Interim Iran Deal Within Reach
Yemeni Opposition Announces United Front Against Houthis
Houthis Say They Have Secured Aid Package From Iran
Saudi Arabia/Kuwait
US Shuts Down Saudi Embassy Amid Security Fears
US Warns of Possible Attacks on Western Oil Workers in Saudi Arabia
Kuwait Arrests Islamist Leader Over Saudi 'Insult'
Pakistani Man Blamed in Target Killing of 120 Political Rivals
One Killed, Four Injured in Karachi Explosion
Pakistan Again Detains Mumbai Attacks Suspect
Pakistan to Execute Juvenile Who Confessed Under Torture: Family
China Sends Fighter Jets to Myanmar Border After Bomb Kills Four
China Lashes Out at US 'Pirate-Style Sense of Insecurity'
Philippine Muslim Rebels Warn Trust in Government Eroded
Bangladesh Seeking Police on Duty When US Blogger Was Killed
Modi Visits Tamils' Cultural Heart in Tour of Sri Lanka
US Ambassador Attack Renews Focus on Contentious South Korean Security Law
US, India Concerned Over 13-Year Jail Sentence for Maldives' Ex-President Nasheed
Venezuela Gears Up Military Machine Amid Economic Crunch
Venezuela Conducts Military Exercises, Claiming US Threat
South American Bloc Demands US Revoke Venezuela Order
Guyana Defends Oil Concession in Waters Claimed by Venezuela
Venezuela's Turmoil Spurs Exodus of Major League Teams
Canada: 'Day of Action' Protests Denounce New Policing Powers
Six Suspected FARC Fighters Killed in Colombia
EU Plans High-Level Visit to Cuba as Ties With West Warm
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