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Updated March 18, 2015 - 11:17 PM EDT
Netanyahu Gets Plurality in Election, Govt Unclear
22 Killed in Attack in Tunisia, ISIS Blamed
  More Than 7,000 Tunisians Said to Have Joined ISIS
Corker: Action on Anti-Iran Deal Bill Next Week
  Officials: Iran Deal Close as Talks Center on Technical Issues
Syria Shoots Down US Drone Along Latakia Coast
  369 Killed in Iraq Fighting; Kurds Threaten to Leave Parliament
  Life Under ISIS: Why I Deserted the 'Islamic State'
Pentagon Loses $500 Million in Arms to Yemen
  Meeting the Houthis – and Their Enemies
Ukraine Offers 'Conditional Autonomy' to East
For Afghan Villagers, US-Created Militias Scarier Than Taliban
NATO Expresses 'Concern' Over Expanded Russia Wargames
Euro Nations Join China's World Bank in Blow to US
Manila: US Had Key Role in Deadly Counterterrorism Raid in Philippines
The Worst Case for War With Iran  by Ali Gharib
Opposing Two States, Netanyahu Unmasks GOP-Likud Agenda of Fake Diplomacy  by Robert Naiman
Expanding NATO and the Paths to War and Peace  by Michael S. Rozeff
Rand Paul, Revisited  by Justin Raimondo
AIPAC Discovers 47 Useful Idiots  by Philip Giraldi
Is American Patriotism Getting Out of Hand?  by David Niose

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Why Iran Won't Capitulate
by Reza Marashi & Trita Parsi
Judge to Govt: 'National Security' Isn't 'Magic Word' That Allows Constitutional Rights Violations
ISIS War Boosts Biggest Independent African Arms Maker
UN Review 1961 Crash That Killed Dag Hammarskjold
Death Toll Up Sharply in Major 2014 Conflicts: Study
Serbians Told: Don't Throw Your Hand Grenades Into the Garbage
NSA Trying to Map Canadian Corporate Communications Traffic, Leak Shows
369 Killed in Iraq Fighting; Kurds Threaten to Leave Parliament
Syria Monitor Says Army Kills Six in Gas Attack, Military Denies It
An Iraqi Sunni Town Celebrates Rout of ISIS
The Spy Who Fooled the Assad Regime
Iraqi Kurds Attack Baghdad for Withholding Funds
ISIS Recruitment
Former US Air Force Mechanic Charged With Trying to Join ISIS
German Teenage Girls Suspected of Joining ISIS
Briton Detained En Route to Join Militants in Syria: Turkish Official
Dead Syria Fighters' Brother, 16, Banned From Travel
Deep Wounds for Netanyahu in Israel's Bitter Race
Sources Tell Channel 1: Benjamin Netanyahu Will Form Next Govt if Moshe Kahlon Endorses Him
Election Commission Barred Netanyahu From Interviews Violating 'No Ads on Election Day' Rule
Yemen's Houthis Replace Air Force Chief in Power Struggle: Military Sources
Houthis on the Backfoot as Public Anger Grows in Yemen
Middle East
Oil Touches Six-Year Low as Iran Talks Weigh
Putin, Erdogan Discuss 'Turkish Stream' Gas Project: Kremlin
EU Chooses Italian Negotiator as Middle East Envoy
Three Ukrainian Soldiers Killed in Past 24 Hours: Kiev Military
US-Cuba Talks on Restoring Diplomatic Ties End Abruptly
Top Tunisian Militant Killed While Fighting in Libya
Libya General Vows to Take Benghazi, Urges Foreign Support
Nigeria Says Has Pushed Boko Haram Out of All but Three Areas
Nigeria Begins 'Final Onslaught' Against Boko Haram
Cattle Herders Kill 82 in Christian Village in Central Nigeria
Egypt Policeman to Stand Trial Over Protester Death
DR Congo Democracy Activists in Goma Arrested
Ethiopian Airlines Pilot Found Guilty of Hijacking His Plane
Two Dead in UN Helicopter Crash in Mali
Pakistan to Hang Man 'Brutally Tortured Into False Confession' When He Was 14 Years Old
Pakistan Hangs 12 Convicts in Jails Across the Country
Lawyer for 'bin Laden Doctor' Killed in Pakistan
South Korea Blames North Korea for December Hack on Nuclear Operator
South Korea Tells China Not to Meddle in Decision Over Missile System
Myanmar Court Jails Three Over 'Insult to Buddhism'
Vietnam Calls for 'Self-Restraint' in Disputed South China Sea
France, Germany, and Italy Say They'll Join China-Led Bank
Venezuela Advert in US Press Demands Obama Rescind 'National Security Threat'
Fidel Castro Warns Venezuela Is Ready to Confront US on Sanctions
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Allies Against Islamism Can Learn From West Africa

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Loving America Means Letting It Go to War

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Not Quite Goodbye

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