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Updated March 24, 2015 - 11:27 PM EDT
US Suspends Afghan Troop Drawdown
Top Obama Aide: Israel Must End Occupation
  Netanyahu 'Apologizes' for Anti-Arab Comments During Vote
  67 MPs Now Recommend Netanyahu as Israeli PM
  Is Israel Democratic? Not So Clear
Israel Spied on Iran Talks
  As Nuclear Talks Progress, Iran's Hardliners Tone Down Rhetoric
  367 House Members Warn Obama Against Iran Deal
ISIS Moves Into Syria's Homs, Attacks Airport
  'ISIS Hackers' Googled Hit List; Troops' Names Were Already Public
Yemen Combatants Court Int'l Allies for Proxy War
House Overwhelmingly Votes to Arm Ukraine
Top Adviser: Pakistan Needs Tactical Nukes to Deter India
8 Civilians Killed as Libyan Govt Bombs Camp Near Tripoli
How The Middle East Destroys Western Leaders' Careers  by Patrick Cockburn
GOP Letter to Iran Violates Spirit of the Constitution  by Ivan Eland
Netanyahu's Party Explicitly Opposes the Two-State Solution  by Zaid Jilani
Are NGOs Agents of Subversion?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
US Meddling in Nigeria Going Overboard  by David Berggren
NSA's Plan: Improve Cybersecurity by Hacking Everyone Else  by Trevor Timm

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Documents Reveal Canada's Secret Hacking Tactics
House Roll-Call Vote on Sending Arms to Ukraine
Judge, Citing US State Secrets, Throws Out Lawsuit Over Iran
Sen. Tom Cotton: Big Hike for 'Declining' Military
Lawmakers Look to Cut $100 Billion From Nukes
US: Pullout Won't Stop Strikes on Extremists in Yemen
Yemen Militia Sends Forces South as UN Warns of Civil War
Yemeni Forces Fight Off Shi'ite Militia Heading for Aden: Sources
Britain Evacuates Special Forces From Yemen Over Worsening Security
Yemen Houthis Move on Key Waterway
Factbox: Leading Factions in Yemen's Crisis
Yemen Risks: Separatism, Sea Lanes, Qaeda, Poverty, Sectarianism
Yemen Minister Calls for Gulf Military Intervention
Judge, Citing US State Secrets, Throws Out Lawsuit Over Iran
Sen. Cotton: Iran Leader Greatest Threat to US Security
Iran Nuclear Talks: US Secretary of State John Kerry Hails 'Substantial Progress'
IAEA Says Has Made 'Limited Progress' on Iran Nuclear Inquiry
UK's Cameron: Alternatives to Iran Nuclear Deal 'Not Attractive'
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Invites Iraq's Abadi to Visit in Big Sign of Thaw
Oil Falls as Saudi Arabia Says It Won't Cut Output Alone
Middle East
Kuwait's Police Break Up March of Hundreds of Protesters
French Aid to Lebanon Linked to Political Deadlock
One Tunisian Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Landmine Blast
In Tunisia's Tourist Heartland, Anxious Wait After Attack
Suspected Bomb Makers Killed in Northern Mali Blast
Mali President Vows to Respect Peace Deal
Kenya to Build Separation Wall Along Porous Somali Border
Morocco: Militants Got Weapons Through Spanish Enclave
Burkina Faso Recalls 10 Envoys Linked to Ousted Leader
Executions, Beatings, and Forced Marriage: Life as a Boko Haram Captive
Nine-Year-Old Girl in Record Release of South Sudan Child Soldiers
Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan Sign Agreement Over Nile Resources as Addis Ababa Builds Dam
Algeria Temporarily Evacuates Turkish Workers After ISIS Threat: Sources
Tourists Flocking to Cuba 'Before the Americans Come'
Barbados Planning to Replace Queen as Head of State
Bombs Shake Baghdad; 189 Killed in Iraq
Remains of Iraqi Troops Found in Mass Grave in Yathrib
Obama, Iraqi Prime Minister to Meet April 14 in Washington: White House
Syrian Rebels Shell City of Aleppo, Killing at Least 13
Jordan Says Anti-ISIS Coalition to Train 'Syrian Tribes'
Canada to Extend Anti-ISIS Mission, Strike Targets in Syria
South Syrian Rebels Say Assad Foes Are Supplying More Arms

Turkish MP: US, Canadian Med Students Among Group in Syria

Syria Kurds Struggle Since Battle for Kobani
Israeli Military Prepares for Possible Violent Uprising in West Bank
Israel Praises US for Abstaining From UN Human Rights Session on Gaza
US State Department Questions Netanyahu's 'Sincerity' After Apology
Armed With New Website, Hamas Resumes Information War
British Foreign Office Concerned Over 'Radical Settler Activities' in East Jerusalem
Putin Sacks Two Senior Kremlin Officials Amid Speculation of Turf Wars
Ukraine's Former Ruling Party Hit by Spate of Apparent Suicides
One of Most Wanted ETA Separatists Held in France
Unexploded Bomb Forces Evacuation of 1,000 Czechs
Huge Unexploded WWII Bomb Found in London
Greece Heads for Showdown With Germany Over World War II Debts
US Pledges to Keep Funding Afghans Amid Calls for Slower Pullout
Afghan President Praises US Troops, Begins Push to Delay Drawdown
Afghan Protesters Demand Justice for Woman Killed by Mob
Eight 'Terrorists' Killed; 30 Arrested in Karachi
Trial Begins in Philippines of US Marine Charged With Murder
The War at Home
Ted Cruz Announces for President, Students in Front Row Sport 'Stand With Rand' Shirts
Woman Held 8 Days in NYC Psych Ward for Saying Obama Followed Her on Twitter — Even Though He Does
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