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Updated March 28, 2015 - 11:10 PM EDT
Yemen Houthis Advance Despite Saudi-Led Strikes
  Yemen President Replaced in Arab Spring Back, Calling for Peace
US on Both Sides Between Iran, Saudi Arabia
  Yemen Invasion Could Define Saudi Policy for Years to Come
  Saudi Ambassador: We Won't Rule Out Making Nukes
  Pakistan Hesitant to Join Saudi War, Fearing Sectarian Strife
Second Syria Provincial Capital Falls to al-Qaeda
  US Picks 400 Recruits to Become Syrian Rebels
  Syrian Army Closes in on City Near Lebanese Border
  UN Rights Chief: ISIS More Accepting of Diversity Than Some States
Kerry Updates Israel as Iran Deal Looks Imminent
For GOP, Support for Israel Is New Litmus Test
US Lobbying Fails as Allies Flock to China-Led Bank
Bergdahl Tried to Walk to Nearest Base, Report Wrongdoing
Report: 1.3 Million Lives Lost to US War on Terror
Yemen Exploding: Is the Stage Set for the Big War?  by Ron Paul
Netanyahu the Mythbuster: 'Special Relationship' No More  by Ramzy Baroud
Should Bergdahl Suffer More Than Generals Who Did Far Worse?  by Peter Maass
Sanctions and the Fate of the Nuclear Talks  by Gareth Porter
A Reality Check on Defense Spending  by Ryan McMaken
Neocons: The Echo of German Fascism  by Todd E. Pierce

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EU: Leave Facebook if You Don't Want to Be Spied On
Canada Govt to Dilute Anti-Terror Bill: CBC
Maine National Guard Kuwait Deployment Canceled
Hillary Clinton Deleted All Email From Personal Server
France Calls for Islamic State to Be Referred to ICC
GOP Hawks Upset With Bush After Baker Israel Speech
The War at Home
NYT Accidentally Undermines John Bolton 'Bomb Iran' Op-Ed in Own Pages
Rand Paul Reverses Stance on Defense Spending by Trying to Increase It
Report: US Troops Exposed to Chemical Agents in Iraq Are Dying – and the Pentagon Is Covering It Up
Operation Jade Helm: Special Forces 'Realistic Military Training' in Seven Southwestern States Prompts Martial Law Fears
We Need a Million More Bowe Bergdahls, Says a Former US Army Ranger
Repairs to Downed Border Fence Top $700,000
Obama Moving Away From Israel, Toward Iran, Says Key Republican
Militias Return to Fighting; 142 Killed in Iraq
Top Iraqi Cleric Urges Unity Amid Tension Over US Strikes
Syria's Assad Calls Chemical Attack Allegations 'Propaganda'
Syria's Bashar Assad Says 'Open' to Dialogue With US
Official: 1,500 North Caucasus People Fight in Iraq, Syria
Israel Killed More Palestinians in 2014 Than in Any Other Year Since 1967
Without US Cover at UN, Israel Could Face Diplomatic Avalanche
US 'Disappointed UN Rights Council Continues to Single Out Israel'
Israel Releases Withheld Tax Revenues to Palestinian Authority
Palestinian Fathers Can Now Be With Their Israeli Wives During Childbirth
EU Weighs New Methods to Coax Israel Back to Peace Talks
France to Begin Push for UN Middle East Action in 'Coming Weeks'
Middle East
Taking to Twitter, Iran's President Argues for Rapid End to Sanctions
Cluster Bomb Wounds 6 Boys in Southern Lebanon
Ukrainian Oligarchs' Private Armies Flex Their Muscles
Ukraine Will Release Senior Official for Lack of Evidence
US Rescues Two Saudi Fighter Pilots After Splashdown Near Yemen
Yemen FM Urges Swift End to Air Strikes on Houthis
Arab League Meets to Finalize Details of Joint Military Force
Yemeni 'President' Arrives in Egypt for Arab League Summit
Britain: Saudis Could Not Accept 'Iranian-Backed Regime in Yemen'
Morocco Backs Saudi Coalition in Yemen
Saudi Arabia & Pakistan
Pakistan's Long History of Fighting Saudi Arabia's Wars
Deteriorating Saudi Image in Pakistan
Taliban Attacks in Pakistan Kill 5 Police Officers, Wound 10
Protests Continue a Week After Woman Lynched in Afghan Capital
UN Concerned by Spread of Arms in Libya, Arms Embargo Unchanged
Libyan Forces Said to Leave Bases Near Oil Ports; Hopes They May Reopen
Nigeria President Warns Against Bloodshed Ahead of Saturday Poll
Boko Haram HQ Gwoza in Nigeria 'Retaken'
Somalia Hotel Rocked by Bomb and Gunfight in Mogadishu
Chad Strongman Says Nigeria Is Absent in Fight Against Boko Haram
In Mexico, Firing of Journalist Highlights Rising Pressures on News Media
Weekend Reviews
Making Sense of the Islamic State
Was American Sniper Antiwar?
Andrew Cockburn Understands Assassination
An Intimate Portrait of the Human Cost of War
Cops of the World No More
In Washington, the Real Power Lies With the Spooks, Eavesdroppers and Assassins
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