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Updated April 7, 2015 - 11:27 PM EDT
Israel, Saudis Soften Their Positions on Iran Deal
  US, Israel Continue to Talk Up Attacking Iran in Wake of Framework
  Rand Paul Finally, Sort Of, Responds to the Iran Negotiations
  GOP Hawks Set to Ruin Rand Paul's Big Day
140 Killed as Saudis Fuel South Yemen Clashes
  Yemen: 'This War Has Killed Everything That Was Beautiful'
  Saudis Continue to Block Yemen Aid Fights as Russia Urges Ceasefire
1,700 Bodies Found in Tikrit Mass Graves
  'Atrocities' Reported at Yarmouk Refugee Camp Near Damascus
  Al-Qaeda Kidnaps, Then Frees, 300 Syrian Kurds
Ukraine Rebels Spurn Poroshenko Referendum Offer
Spain: Israel Targeted UN Peacekeepers in Lebanon
Chelsea Manning and the Call of America’s Conscience  by Nozomi Hayase
Some Form of Formal Partitioning Is Still the Answer for Iraq  by Ivan Eland
Failed US Concepts: War on Terror and State Sponsor of Terrorism  by Michael Rozeff
Will Bob Corker Save the GOP?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
US-Backed Airstrikes on Yemen Kill Civilians – and Hopes for Peace  by Baraa Shiban
Netanyahu Accidentally Revealed His Desire for More War  by Elias Isquith

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John Oliver's Hilarious Interview With Edward Snowden
Snowden Statue Prompts Cover-Up at Brooklyn Park
Man Who Took Iconic Vietnam Photo Looks Back
US Considers New 'Fusion Cell' to Deal With Overseas Hostage Situations
'Obama Effect' Results in 200 Bitcoin Donations to Edward Snowden
Nuclear Experts Endorse Iran Nuclear Agreement in Open Letter
Saudi Arabia Welcomes Iran Nuclear Deal, Seeks Region Free of WMD
Chuck Schumer Bucks White House on Iran
Iran's Clerics Embrace Nuclear Deal, but Details Could Prove Troublesome
Iran Nuclear Deal Has Hungry Investors Circling
Obama: Nuclear Deal Cannot Depend on Iran Recognizing Israel
GOP Senator, Bob Corker, Is Key Player in Iran Accord
Energy Secretary: No Country Has Veto Power Over Iran Sanctions
White House: Iran Sanctions Phase-Out Still to Be Negotiated
Israel Official: Military Action Against Iran Still Possible
Obama Advisor: Military Option Against Iran Still on the Table if Deal Falls Through
Iran Talks Could Be Pivotal to Obama's Legacy
Sen. Majority Leader McConnell Slams Iran Nuke Deal
Iran Nuclear Deal Will Not Create Arms Race: Russia
Coalition Bombards Yemen Rebels, Drops More Arms
Pakistan PM, Military Leaders Discuss Saudi Request on Yemen
Saudi Policeman Killed During Raid in Oil-Rich Eastern Province
China Temporarily Shuts Embassy in Yemen
Palestinians Want UN Timetable to End Israeli Occupation
Israel to Detain Female Palestinian Lawmaker for 6 Months Without Trial
Jewish Home Party Wants Guarantee of Settlement Expansion for Coalition Membership
Israeli Arab MP: World Ignoring ISIS Massacre of Palestinians
Israel's Military Faces Delicate Balance in West Bank
Israeli Suspected of Staging His Kidnapping Says He Was Hiding From Criminals
In Netanyahu's Fourth Term, What's Next for Israeli Settlements?
Israel Cut Back Lumber Shipments to Gaza, Palestinian Importers Say
Families Barred From Israeli Park 'for Having Bread on Passover'
Afghan Elections: One Year on and Still No Government
Afghan Traders Protest Taxes; 10 Die as Bombs Target Police
Afghanistan's Taliban Say Mullah Omar Is Alive and Well
North Korea Declares No-Sail Zone, Missile Launch Seen as Possible: Reports
Suspected Kashmir Rebels Kill 3 Indian Policemen
Malaysia Detains 17 People Suspected of Plotting Terror Acts
Truce Monitors Find Philippine Police, Rebels Violated Ceasefire
The War at Home
Arab Nations' Donations to Clinton Foundation: Curing World's Ills or Currying Favor?
Security Pros Don't Like Obama's Proposal for Antihacking Law
Veterans Battle VA for Atomic Designation
Ft. Bragg Officers, Crew Disciplined in Fatal Howitzer Accident
PM Discusses Mosul With Kurds; 85 Killed Across Iraq
Iraq PM Says Will Cooperate With Kurds to Liberate Nineveh
Iraqi Premier Vows to Prevent Violations by Shi'ite Militia
Iraq PM Says Only 152 Homes, Shops Burned in Tikrit
Yarmouk Residents Claim ISIS Beheading People
Islamist Militants Release 300 Kidnapped Syrian Kurds
Barrel Bombs Hit Yarmouk Camp in Syria
Syrian Islamists Exchange 25 Women and Children Prisoners for Commander
UN Demands Access to Yarmouk Refugee Camp in Damascus
PLO to Hold Talks With Syria on Yarmouk Relief
US Official: Hezbollah Role in Syria Prolongs Conflict
Social Firms Race to Comply as Turkey Blocks Twitter, YouTube Over Image of Slain Prosecutor
Turkish Police Detain British Activist Over Killing of Government Prosecutor
Kurds Accuse Turkey's Erdogan of 'Constitutional Dictatorship'
Kenya Says It Destroys Two Al Shabaab Camps in Somalia
After Setbacks, Shabab Militants Learn to Kill on the Cheap
Kenyans Try to Trace a Student's Path to Terrorism
Kenya to Compile List of Suspected Al Shabaab Members: Government Source
Boko Haram Disguised as Preachers Kill 24 in Nigeria
One of Libya's Rival Governments Moves to Control Oil Revenue
South African Teen Stopped From Leaving to Join ISIS
French Forces Rescue Hostage in Mali Detained Since 2011
Body of a Rebel Leader Is Identified in Uganda
Opposition, Rights Group Demand Probe Into Congo Mass Burial
Poland to Build Watchtowers Along Border With Russia
Czech PM Criticizes His President After US Diplomatic Spat
Britain's Shrinking Army Emboldens US Foes: Ex UN Ambassador
Cuba-US Warming Held Up by Listing of Cuba as Terror Sponsor
Cuba Says Obama's Steps to Ease Embargo 'Insufficient'
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