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Updated April 16, 2015 - 11:09 PM EDT
Al-Qaeda Captures Yemen Airport, Oil Terminal
  Saudis Stop Food Ships From Reaching Yemen
  Saudi Ambassador to US Rejects UN Criticism on Yemen Casualties
  Iraq PM: Saudi Attack on Yemen Could Lead to Regional Sectarian War
ISIS Takes 3 Iraqi Villages, Presses Into Ramadi
  ISIS Withdraws From Damascus Camp, al-Qaeda Takes Over
  NBC Reporter Wasn't Kidnapped by Pro-Assad Militia
  ISIS Makes Gains in Anbar, While 290 Are Killed Across Iraq
How Israel Hid Secret Nuclear Weapons Program
  Bachmann: Obama's Poor Treatment of Israel Will Bring Return of Jesus
  Israeli Arabs Protest as 25,000 Homes Face Demolition
Iran Slams Senate Bill: Deal With Six Countries, Not Just US
  Lockheed Hopes Talk of Iran Getting S-300 Will Sell More F-35 Planes
NSA and FBI Fight to Retain Spy Powers
Japan Tops China in US Govt Debt Holdings
A Shifting Narrative on Iran  by Philip Giraldi
Do Something, Anything: Naming and Shaming in Yarmouk  by Ramzy Baroud
The World of Threats to the US Is an Illusion  by Stephen Kinzer
Changing Why Wars Happened  by Lucy Steigerwald
We're Facing a New Cold War  by Noam Chomsky
America's Not-So-Ultimate Weapon: Economic Warfare  by Paul R. Pillar

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Blackwater's Legacy Goes Beyond Public View
Shared Roots of the War on Drugs and the War on Terror
What Is the State Sponsors of Terrorism List?
Push to Grant Snowden Citizenship Continues in Iceland
Saudi Envoy Says Yemen Air Strikes 'Very Successful'
Iran Says It Will Use Influence to Broker Peace in Yemen
Yemen Envoy Urges GCC to Bring Factions to Dialogue
Egypt and Saudi Mull 'Large-Scale' Military Drills as Yemen Strikes Continue
UN Yemen Envoy to Step Down, May Be Replaced by Mauritanian: Source
Iran's Rouhani Says Nuclear Deal Possible Only if Sanctions Lifted: State TV
Iran's Zarif Says Russian Missile Deal Won't Affect Nuclear Talks
Israel Happy at Compromise Deal on Iran Between Congress-Obama: Minister
Russian, Iranian Companies Discuss Barter Deal Terms
Israeli Ambassador Dermer Cut Off From Obama's Staff, White House Entry Logs Show
Dozens of WB Hamas Members Arrested in Overnight Raid
Netanyahu's Major Hurdle: Bennett or Lieberman for Israel's Foreign Minister?
Bomb in North Egypt Kills Two Military Academy Students
Egypt Official Says She Burned Books 'Corrupting' Children
Nigerian Military Focus Where Abducted Girls Are Believed Held
UN Base in Mali Hit by Deadly Suicide Bombing
'Ugandan Islamists' Behead at Least Five in DR Congo
Libya Seeks Russian Support Over Arms Ban
At Least Three Killed in Guinea Protests: Opposition
Citing Political Pressure, 5,000 Burundians Flee to Rwanda
Tanzanians Lynch Suspected Somali Militant, Police Arrest 10
Cuba Praises 'Fair' US Pledge on Terrorism List
Barriers Remain for American Business in Cuba
Cubans to Open Talks About US Fugitives as Ties Warm
ISIS Makes Gains in Anbar, While 290 Are Killed Across Iraq
Iraq Says ISIS Still Fierce; Eyes Baiji, Anbar Fights
Father of Blackwater Victim: 'Too Late' for Apologies
Fighting Adds to Plight of Destitute Refugees in Syrian Camp
Syria Mortar Shell Fired 'Toward' Israel; No Injuries
Australian Model Killed Fighting With ISIS in Syria
Middle East
Human Rights and Free Speech Lagging in Gulf Monarchies
Amnesty Says Bahrain Reforms Don't End Rights Violations
'Lost Generation' of 15 Million Children Out of School in Middle East
European Parliament Urges Turkey to Recognize Armenian Genocide
Lebanese TV Journalist in the Dock for Hariri Tribunal Leaks
Former Ally of Deposed Ukrainian President Found Shot Dead
Army Unmoved as Ukraine Villagers Plead for Guns to Go
One Ukrainian Serviceman Killed in Past 24 Hours in East: Military
Russia Criticizes Canada for Sending Troops to Ukraine
G7 Ministers: Lifting Russia Sanctions Tied to Fulfilling Minsk
Greece in Talks With Russia to Buy Missiles for S-300 Systems
Polish PM Sees Ride by Russian Bikers as a 'Provocation'
Indian Government Says Church Attacks Not Political
Canada Sells Uranium to India in Breakthrough Deal
Philippines Seeks Help From US in South China Sea Dispute
US Navy Officer Pleads Guilty in Asian Bribery Scandal
One Year On, Thailand's Testy Coup Leader Battles Dictator Label
China Calls on Dalai Lama to 'Put Aside Illusions' About Talks
Colombia Resumes Air Raids on Rebels After 11 Troops Killed
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