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Updated April 22, 2015 - 11:23 PM EDT
Saudi Arabia Resumes Airstrikes on Yemen
  Saudis Declare Victory: Is Yemen War Ending or Being Rebranded?
  Houthis Surprised by Saudi Operation's End, Claim Ceasefire 'Close'
US Naval Deployment to Yemen Targets Iran
  A Brief History of Iran-US Naval Altercations
ISIS Capabilities in Iraq Impress Military Experts
  ISIS Stalemate Forces US Into a Cold Assessment of Iraq Govt, Allies
  Pentagon Doubts Latest Iraqi Claims ISIS Leader 'Seriously Wounded'
  Kurds Warn ISIS Preparing Attack on Syrian City of Hasakah
  Iraq Seizes Ramadi Hospital, ISIS Still Controls Much of City
House Again Blocks Proposed Base Closures
  Rand Paul: Graham, McCain Are 'Lapdogs' for Obama's Foreign Policy
  GOP's Israel Support Deepens as Political Contributions Shift
  US Military Spending Up 45% Over Pre-9/11 Levels
Israel Deported Them, Then ISIS Beheaded Them
ISIS Now Says It Didn't Bomb Afghanistan
Court Sentences Elected Egypt President to 20 Years
How the US Contributed to Yemen’s Crisis  by Stephen Zunes
Marco Rubio Is Criminally Overrated on Foreign Policy  by Michael Brendan Dougherty
DOJ Claims Disparate Treatment Will ‘Promote Respect for the Law’
 by Marcy Wheeler
How To Judge a Political Candidate  by Justin Raimondo
AFRICOM Behaving Badly  by Nick Turse
Congress Cannot Be Taken Seriously on Cybersecurity  by Trevor Timm

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Lindsey Graham's 'All-Jewish Cabinet'
Amnesty International Condemns US Failure to Act on Torture Report
Gitmo's 9-Year Hunger Striker Asks to Go Home
US Special Forces Soldiers Killed With Prostitutes in Mali Were on Bar Crawl
Gen. Dempsey Apologizes to Fallen SEAL's Mom for Ramadi Comments
Coalition Strikes Kill Civilians in Mosul; 244 Killed Across Iraq
ISIS Takes Body Blows in Iraq While Affiliates Grow Elsewhere
Flee or Return: Ramadi Residents Face a Tough Choice
ISIS Beheads Opposition Fighters in Damascus Suburb
Iranian Ambassador Says Australian Jihadis in Iraq Will 'Get What They Deserve'
UK: Chilcot Inquiry Into Iraq War May Be Delayed Beyond 2015
Iranian Flotilla a 'Factor' in Warship Deployment Off Yemen: Pentagon
Arrival of More US Warships Off Yemen Tightens 'Siege': Houthis
Warships to Yemen Provide US With Options, Pentagon Says
Iran Welcomes End to Saudi-Led Ops in Yemen as 'Step Forward'
Lieberman's Bodyguards Bar Palestinian From Harvesting His Field
New Hamas Import Tax Leaves Gaza Merchants Fuming
Debate Ignites Over Arab Journalist's Role in Israeli Independence Event
Israel Court Jails Belgian for Spying for Iran
Arab Worker Stabbed in Herzliya: 'I'm Afraid to Go Back to Work'
Israeli Activists Want Arab Teen's Name Dropped From List of Terror Victims
Israel Adds Name of Murdered Palestinian Boy to Cemetery Wall
Middle East
Graham on Iran: No Deal With a Terrorist State
Pro-Kurdish Party Vows to Be 'Nightmare' for Turkey's Erdogan
Britain, France Urge UN Action on Middle East
Amnesty, Brotherhood Reject 'Sham' Morsi Sentence
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Says New Leaders Taking Over
Libya's Official Government Has No Luck Selling Oil Bypassing Tripoli: Sources
Ethiopians Struggle to Come to Terms With Beheadings of Compatriots in Libya
Libyan People Smuggler Derides EU Plan for Military Action
Sudan Appeal Forces Will Not Recognize Election Results
Sudan Won't Give Visas to US, British, French Envoys: Diplomats
Somali Militants Kill at Least 10 in Car Bomb Attack on Restaurant
Kenya Suspends Police Over Garissa 'Security Failings'
The War at Home
Senate Intelligence Chief Defends His Plan to Curb Cyberattacks
DEA Chief to Resign in Wake of Agency's Colombian Sex Scandal
The Navy's Bribery and Prostitution Scandal Is Even Worse Than It Looks
White House Confirms It Won't Call Armenian Expulsion 'Genocide'
100 Years On, Armenians in the Middle East Are Still on the Run
A Century On, 103-Year-Old Armenian Recalls Rescue From Mass Killings
US Puts 2 Greek Far-Left Militants on Terror Blacklist
Greece Hopes to Strike a Deal With Gazprom Soon
Deadly Clashes Near Azerbaijan's Breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh Region
Macedonia Says Kosovo Gunmen Take Police Hostage Overnight, Call for Albanian State
One Ukrainian Servicemen Killed in Past 24 Hours in East
Russian Premier Says Annexation of Crimea Was Worth Sanctions Fallout
NATO to Hold Major Cyber Defense Drill in Estonia
Poland to Buy US Patriot Missiles, Picks Airbus Helicopters
Former UK PM Major Says Scottish Nationalists Risk Destabilizing Britain
Afghan Forces Free 19 Kidnapped De-Miners: Ministry
B-1B Fliers Blamed in 'Friendly Fire' Deaths of 5 US Soldiers Back on Flight Duty for Air Force
New Law to Allow Japan to Supply US Military in South China Sea, Say Officials
Philippines Accuses China of Turning Water Cannon on Its Fishing Boats
Hun Sen Hostility Puts Decade-Old UN Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Doubt
Kazakh Leader to Extend Long Rule, Promises Stability
Pakistan Hangs 15, Highest Number Since Executions Resumed
Colombia Will Not Cave to Political Pressure to End Peace Talks: Santos
Colombia Frees Chinese Ship Caught Carrying Weapons Illegally
Like With Cuba, US Seeks 'Common Ground' With Venezuela
Honduras Foiled 2014 Cartel Plot to Kill President, Official Says
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