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Updated April 30, 2015 - 11:12 PM EDT
US Poised to Expand ISIS Fight Worldwide
  Iraq Cleric Threatens US Plans to Declare Sunnis, Kurds 'Countries'
US Asks Iran to Help With Yemen Peace Talks
  Saudi King's Naming of New Heir a Sign of Widening Yemen War
Senate Rejects Iran Amendment Amid Veto Threat
  Iran Seized Ship Because of Business Dispute, Not Politics: Official
US Continues Afghan War Under 'Training' Guise
  165 Killed in Five Days of Fighting in Northern Afghanistan
  Americans Keep Paying for Bad Work From Afghan Contractors
ISWAP: Boko Haram Rebrands as ISIS Affiliate
FBI Helped Slain Hostage's Family Try to Ransom Him
When CIA Drone Strikes Kill Innocent Westerners  by Conor Friedersdorf
Why Did We Invade Iraq?  by Charles Davis
Neocons Bang the War Drums Trying to Sink the Iran Agreement  by Jim Newell
Can We Ever Make Anti-War Fashionable?  by Lucy Steigerwald
The Time to Limit NSA Snooping Is Now  by Jacob Sullum
Challenging American Exceptionalism  by Marjorie Cohn

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UN Aid Worker Suspended for Leaking Report on Child Abuse by French Troops
Jimmy Carter Cancels Thursday Visit to Gaza
Soviets Trained to Fight Under Nuclear Detonations
Ex-US, Russian Brass: 'De-Alert' Nukes or Risk Disaster
69 Killed Across Iraq as Sadr Threatens Return to Fight
Iraqi Official Blames Media for ISIS War Failures
We Pay ISIS to Save Yazidi Women, Kurdish Govt Says
Private Surveillance Drones Take Flight Over Iraq

Briton Admits Marks on IEDs Linked to Iraq Death of US Soldier Are His

Govt Bombing Kills 23 in North Syria
Syrian Opposition, Activists Report Chemical Attack in Idlib
40 US Soldiers Arrive in Turkey to Train Syrian Rebels
Obama Would Veto Any Bill That Would Undermine Iran Nuclear Talks: White House
Senate Roll-Call Vote on Tying Sanctions Relief to 'Terror Certification'
Iran Supreme Leader Tweets About Baltimore Unrest
Iran's Foreign Minister Says US Risks Ostracism if Signed Nuclear Deal Is Scrapped
Iran Suggests US Intelligence Operative May Have Taken Advantage of Detained Reporter
Yemen Government to Request Membership in GCC: Official Yemeni Spokesman
Pakistan Wants Peaceful Solution of Yemen: PM
Kahlon, UTJ Enter New Netanyahu Government
US Pressing France to Postpone UN Resolution on Palestine
Israel's Nuclear Whistleblower Detained Over 'Long Conversation' With Foreigners
Gaza Rally for Palestinian Unity Ends in Scuffles
Senior Likud Official: Netanyahu Has Drastic Plans for Communications Market
Cameron: Criticism of Israel's Gaza Killings 'Unfair'
Bid for US-Israel Anti-Tunnel Partnership Clears First House Hurdle
Arabs Carry Out Protest in Tel Aviv Over Housing Demolitions
Middle East
The United Arab Emirates Bulks Up on American Weapons
Fear and Reporting in Turkey
The War at Home
Life After the Sting: '(T)error' Doc Explores FBI Use of Paid Informants
Media Sues to Get Letters From Top Officials in Support of Petraeus
Judge: DEA Not Liable for Botched Sting That Killed Truck Driver
Effort to Cut Six F-35s Fails in Defense Bill
Baltimore: Amnesty International Sending Team to Observe How Police Deal With Protesters in Aftermath of Freddie Gray's Death
Sen. Burr Deflects Questions About Calling for Drone Killing
Army EOD Troops Detonate Civil War-Era Round
Agent Orange and Its Vietnamese Legacy
Vietnam War by Associated Press Photographers
Obama Hosts Japan's Abe, Hails Alliance as 'Indestructible'
Japan PM Abe Offers 'Deep Repentance' Over War With US
Japanese Prime Minister Stands by Apologies for Japan's WW2 Abuses
US Military Sends Jets to Northern Afghan City Under Siege
University Professor Shot Dead in Karachi
Hillary Clinton 2016: Book Alleges India Cash Swayed Her Nuclear Stance
Sri Lanka Parliament Votes to Curb President's Powers
North Korea Executed 15 People, Including Top Officials
British GCHQ Ordered to Destroy Illegal Communication Interceptions Between Kidnapped Libyan Dissident and Lawyers
Libya's $1.2bn Goldman Lawsuit Hangs in Balance After Lawyers Quit
Militants Kill Two Tunisian Reporters Kidnapped Last Year in Libya
Obama Increasing Help to France in African Terror Fight
Nigeria Rescue of 300 Does Not Include Most or All Chibok Girls
3 Killed in Attack in Mali's North
Egypt Islamists Get Life for Kerdasa Church Attack
'Number Three' Ugandan Rebel Leader Killed: Army
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