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Updated May 1, 2015 - 11:24 PM EDT
Dozens Killed as Houthis, Saudis Fight on Border
  ISIS Issues Video Showing Execution of 15 Soldiers in Yemen
  UN Warns Yemen Campaign's Civilian Toll Violates Laws of War
4,811 Killed in Iraq During April
  Iraqi Officials Say Shiite Militias Can Deploy in Sunni Anbar Province
  Iraqis See US Plan to Arm Sunni Militias as Attempt to Split Country
Iran Bill in Peril by Deal-Killing Amendments
  US Navy to Accompany Ships Through Strait of Hormuz
House Panel OKs Watered-Down NSA Reform Bill
  Good, Bad, and Ugly of Pending Congressional Surveillance Bills
  Psychologists Met in Secret With Bush Officials to Help Justify Torture
  Coverup Claims: Germany Spied on EU Partners for US
White House Expects 'Two-State Commitment' From Israel
  Israel Blames Arabs for Lack of Progress of Nuclear-Free Middle East
Prosecutor Charges 6 Baltimore Officers in Gray's Death
Deficit Hawks Go After Military Bill's 'Slush Fund' Spending
The American Century Is Over  by Scott McConnell
America Is Never (Ever, Ever) Ending the War on Terror  by Robert Golan-Vilella
61 Times Bill Kristol Was Reminded of Hitler and Churchill  by Jonathan Chait
Lessons of the Vietnam War  by Justin Raimondo
The One-State Conundrum  by Sandy Tolan
Feds Are Using Fear, Not Facts, in Anti-Encryption Crusade  by Joshua Kopstein

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Pentagon Is Buying the Wrong Ship, and It's Costing Taxpayers Billions
Can Bitcoin Conquer Argentina?
Airbus to Sue NSA, German Spies Accused of Swiping Tech Secrets
Miscues at US Counterterror Base Put Aircraft in Danger
4,811 Killed in Iraq During April
Why Iraqis Are Joining ISIS: Captured Militants Speak Out
Syria ISIS Arms Dump 'Blows Up'
Syria Strikes Kill More Than 20 Civilians, Activists Say
Jordan's Overland Trade Paralyzed by Iraq, Syria Border Woes
Senator Cotton and Iran Foreign Minister Face Off on Twitter
Iran FM Says Nuclear Deal Deadline Not 'Sacrosanct'
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Iran Says Warships at Entrance to Key Yemen Strait
Yemenis in Desperate Need of Food and Fuel After Weeks of Airstrikes
Saudi Border Guard Killed on Yemen Frontier
Israeli Soldiers Looted Home in Gaza 'To Pay for Victory Party'
Ethiopian-Israeli Protest Against Police Brutality Turns Violent, Over a Dozen Hurt
Israeli Military Worries Over Troops' Use of Social Media
New UN Peace Envoy Visits Gaza for First Time, Calls for End to Israel's Blockade
Protesters Shot in New Clashes in Burundi
US to Burundi Leader: Country May Explode if Political Critics Are Silenced
Nine Soldiers Killed in Rebel Attack in Mali: Defense Ministry
Kenya Will Not Force Somali Refugees Out, Despite Deadline for Camp Closure
Libya's Benghazi, Cradle of Anti-Gadhafi Revolt, Torn by Chaos That Followed
Angola Bans Church Groups After Deadly Sect Clashes
Pakistan Says Hindu Settlements in Indian Kashmir Violate UN Resolutions
Malala Yousafzai's Attackers Sentenced
Vietnam War
Nixon and the My Lai Massacre Coverup
Vietnam War 40 Years On: Ex-Marines Recall Being on the Final Choppers Out of Saigon
I Was One of the Last Americans to Leave Saigon: Dick Hughes' Vietnam Oral History
The War at Home
Jon Stewart Tears Into Judith Miller Over Iraq Reporting
Jesse Trentadue's Quest for the Truth About OKC Bombing
US Official: FBI Has Exemption to Arrange Payments to Hostage-Takers
Interrogations Advisor Urges Bush-Era Torture Probe
Fort Bragg Airborne Training Suspended After Two Soldiers' Deaths
Congress Discussing Major Changes in Military Retirement
Austrian Court Refuses Extradition of Ukrainian Oligarch Dmytro Firtash to US
One Ukrainian Serviceman Killed in Separatist Attacks: Kiev Military
German Police Foil Islamist Attack Ahead of Frankfurt Cycle Race
China-Russia Navies to Hold First Mediterranean Joint Drills
Finland Signs Nuclear Construction Deal With Russian Firm
EU Promises 'Fight' if Hungary Brings Death Penalty Back
Canadian Military 'Hostile' to Women, Gays: Report
Guatemala Extradites Alleged Drug Kingpin to United States
Argentine Families Expect Pope to Open Dictatorship Files
Ex-Colombia Spy Chief Maria Del Pilar Hurtado Jailed for 14 Years
Kim Jong-Un Snubs Vladimir Putin, Cancelling Planned Visit for Russia WW2 Anniversary
In Korea, Gloria Steinem Plans to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk – Literally
Soldier Missing From Korean War Accounted For
China Says US Welcome to Use Civilian Facilities in South China Sea
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