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Updated May 2, 2015 - 11:19 PM EDT
Saudi Airstrike Kills Civilians in Yemeni Capital
  Air Strikes, Blockade Threaten Humanitarian Disaster for Millions
  UN Rejects Russia's Call for Yemen Ceasefire
  US Commander: Loss of Military Toehold in Yemen Is Worrisome
Iraq Officials Blame Sunni Refugees for Bombings
  Rallying Behind al-Qaeda, Islamist Rebels Make Gains in NW Syria
  4,811 Killed in Iraq During April
Rubio Says Lifting Iran Sanctions Threatens Israel
  Pentagon May Accompany Other Nations' Ships in Strait of Hormuz
  Is France Positioning Itself for Lead Role in Persian Gulf?
ISIS Fighters Gain Influence in N. Afghanistan
Prosecutor Charges 6 Baltimore Police in Death
German Secret Service Suspected of Deleting NSA Searches
William Pfaff, Critic of American Foreign Policy, Dies at 86
Drone Operators, Not US Snipers, Rack Up the Biggest Body Count  by Shane Smith
Vietnam Was No Business of the US Govt  by Jacob G. Hornberger
A Multi-Ethnic Syria Before the Jihadi War  by Brad Hoff
Avoiding Vietnam Without Regrets  by Sheldon Richman
Elliott Abrams' Shell Game on Settlements  by Mitchell Plitnick
The Case Against Predator Drones  by Bruce Fein

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Japan Media Under Growing Pressure to Toe the Line
Poll: Americans Approve of Drone Strikes on Groups Deemed 'Terrorists'
Guess Who Judith Miller Said Got Iraq WMD Reporting Right? (and It Wasn't Her)
US Seeks to Compensate 'Victims' of Sudan, Iran, and Cuba
The War at Home
When Police Ratchet Up the Force, Riots Get Worse, Not Better
Man Who Recorded Freddie Gray's Arrest Taken Into Custody After Complaining of Police Harassment
Baltimore Riots: How the Western Media Would Cover the Unrest if It Happened Elsewhere
FBI Slammed on Capitol Hill for 'Stupid' Ideas About Encryption
How the 'Kunduz Spa Resort' Turned Into a Taliban Den
India Rejects US 'Freedoms' Report
US Says China's Activity in South China Sea Won't Help Peace
North Korea Says Japan's NY Abduction Summit Bid to Deceive World
Clashes in Maldives as Protesters Call for Ex-President's Release
Police Find Dozens of Graves in Thailand Jungle on Rohingya Smuggling Route
Two Ukrainian Serviceman Killed in Past 24 Hours in East: Military
Ukraine Seeks More Than $16 Bln From Gazprom in Pricing Dispute
Italian Police Battle Rioters at Start of Milan Expo
The Italian Army Has Grown Its First Successful Crop of Marijuana
Extremists Worry the Balkans, Europe's Muslim Heartland
German President Mulls Greek Reparations
Brussels Burns as 100,000 Clash With Police During March Against EU Austerity Measures
Weekend Reviews
American Berserk: Miswriting the History of the Days of Rage
Review of James Bradley's The China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia
Grounded Review – Anne Hathaway Goes Full Throttle in One-Woman Show
Politicians Blame Anbar Refugees for Baghdad Blasts; 65 Killed Across Iraq
Report: ISIS Leader Incapacitated With Suspected Spinal Injuries After Air Strike
Baghdad Officials Blame Sunni Displaced for Wave of Bombings
Oil Off 2015 Highs on Record Iraq Exports, Strong Dollar
AIPAC Opposes Changes to Iran Bill It Would 'Ordinarily Support'
White House Looks to Ease Arab Fears Over Iran Nuclear Pact
ICC Prosecutor: Low-Ranking Israeli Soldiers, as Well as Palestinians, Could Be Prosecuted for War Crimes
Netanyahu's Iran Speech to Congress Carried NIS 6m Price Tag
Coalition Conundrums: Will Israel Finally Get a Stable Government?
Palestinian Authority Urges Australia to Restore 'Balance' to Mideast Policy
Middle East
Russian UN Envoy: West, Arab States Pay 'Lip Service' on Yemen Aid
Lebanese Army Says Received Bodies of Two Killed by Militants
Turkish May Day: Istanbul Police Clash With Leftists
Arrests Rise in Burundi Protests; Protesters Vow to Remain
Hundreds of Students Seek Refuge Outside US Embassy in Burundi
Russia: UN Security Council Should Stay Out of Burundi Dispute
234 More Women, Children Rescued, Nigeria Says
Central African Republic Child Abuse: UN Denies 'Cover Up'
Congo-Brazzaville Bans Islamic Face Veil in Public Places
Gunfire Forces Down Chopper in Mexico, 3 Soldiers Killed
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