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Updated May 4, 2015 - 11:27 PM EDT
Israeli FM Lieberman Won't Join New Govt
Saudis Use US-Supplied Cluster Bombs in Yemen
  Saudi Arabia Denies Reports of Ground Operations in South Yemen
  Saudi Arabia Searching for Next Step in Yemen Campaign
'Moderate' Qaeda Allies Worry About Syria Victory
  US Strike in Syria Kills Scores Linked to Arab-Kurd Rivalry
  Mass Executions Continue in Northern Iraq; 167 Killed
Sens. Cotton, Rubio Fail on Anti-Iran Amendments
  Kerry: Israel Wouldn't Attack Iran Without Consulting Us First
Texas Anti-Muslim Event Ends in Gunfire, 2 Deaths
Amid Rescue, Nigerian Troops and Boko Haram Killed Girls
ISIS on the Run? US Portrayal Is Very Far From the Truth  by Patrick Cockburn
USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Name for Lost Liberty  by Ron Paul
Kent State 1970: We Need Serious Look at What Happened and Why  by Murray Polner
The Maersk Tigris Incident  by Justin Raimondo
The Lasting Pain From Vietnam Silence  by Ray McGovern
Following the Money: The New Anti-Semitism?  by Jim Lobe & Charles Davis

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Pirate Party Surges in Polls to Become Biggest Political Party in Iceland
China, Pursuing Strategic Interests, Builds Presence in Antarctica
Upswing in Fighting in Ukraine Sends Civilians Fleeing
Mediterranean: Thousands of Migrants Rescued at Sea
German Prosecutors Launch Investigation of Spying Charges
Yemen Officials Say at Least 20 Arab Coalition Troops Land in Aden on 'Reconnaissance' Mission
Heavy Clashes in Aden Airport
Saudi-Led Alliance Hits Airbase in Yemen's Sanaa: Residents
Mass Executions Continue in Northern Iraq; 167 Killed
Shadow of Saddam Lives on in Iraq
Thirty-Four Journalists Killed in Last 12 Months in Iraq
Female Self-Immolation Still Major Challenge in Kurdistan
Kurdish Fighter's Fatigue a Likely Factor in Death of Canadian Soldier
Ahmadinejad Could Face Charges in Wake of Former Deputy's Imprisonment
Marco Rubio Defends His 'Poison Pill' Iran Amendment
Gunmen Kidnap Seven Pakistani Police in Punjab Attack
After Years of Tension, Anti-US Sentiment Ebbs in Pakistan
Philippine Rebels Kill Most Wanted Islamist Militant in South
Rebels Kill 8 Indian Paramilitary Soldiers
Likud Calls Coalition Demands 'Insane and Extortionist' as Right-Wing Parties Balk
PM's Associates: Avigdor Liberman Not Needed in Coalition
Carter Urges Palestinian Elections
Benjamin Netanyahu Rejected Kerry Proposal to Visit Israel After Election Win, Report Says
46 Injured in Ethiopian Israeli Protest Against Police Brutality in Tel Aviv
Police Fire Stun Grenades at Tel Aviv Rally by Ethiopian Israelis
France Sells 24 Rafale Warplanes to Qatar
Egypt Charges 40 Over ISIS Membership
Egypt Jails 14 Policemen, Doctor for Torture Deaths
Egypt Extends Mandate by Three Months to Deploy Military Abroad
Burundi Calls Opposition Protesters 'Terrorists'
Freed Nigerian Women Tell of Horror of Boko Haram Captivity
Exiled Eritreans Campaign for Freedom of Journalists
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