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Updated May 5, 2015 - 11:24 PM EDT
Officials Doubt ISIS Connection in Texas Attack
First Saudi Ground Troops Arrive in Yemen
  Yemen's al-Qaeda Takes Hands-Off Approach in Seized City
  Aid Groups 'Alarmed' by Saudi Attacks on Yemen Airports
Iraqi Troops Surrounded as ISIS Advances
  Al-Qaeda Suicide Bomber Attacks Syrian Capital, Wounds General
  Al-Qaeda-Led Rebels Pound Syrian Army Positions on Lebanon Border
Israeli Military Ordered to Kill Civilians in Gaza
  Israeli Commander: Civilian Toll Will Be Even Higher in Next Gaza War
  Gaza War Policies Favored Safety of Soldiers Over Civilians: Vets
Israeli FM Lieberman Won't Join New Govt
  Israeli Officials Say Narrow Majority Coalition 'Ungovernable'
Who Is Bombing Whom in the Middle East?
Israel Lobby Pushes Deal-Breaking Full-Access Inspections
Anti-Cuban Embargo Movement Picks Up Steam in US
Taliban Meets Afghan Officials, Demands NATO Pullout
The Ghosts of Vietnam Should Haunt US – but Don't  by Eric Margolis
Freddie Gray and the Western District Way  by Dan Sanchez
Saudi Attack on Yemen Aims to Prevent Thaw Between Iran and the West  by Muhammad Sahimi
War Rarely Enhances Freedom  by Ivan Eland
A Boy Called Bibi  by Uri Avnery
The Battle Between American-Jewish Political Donors Heats Up  by Jonathan Cook

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Liberals, Conservatives Unite vs. NSA Spying
Germany's Merkel Pressed Over BND Spying for US
France Set to Join the Spy Game
US Citizen Fights to Sue FBI Agents for 'Inhuman' Detention Abroad
Baltic Military Shadow-Boxing Said to Reach Cold War Levels
UN Urges Saudi-Led Coalition to Stop Targeting Yemen Airport
US Defends Cluster Bomb Transfers
Saudi-Led Alliance Mulls Partial Truces in Yemen: Statement
Senegal Pledges 2,100 Troops to Aid Effort in Yemen
Baiji Refinery in Peril, 106 Killed Across Iraq
Pentagon Admits Our Anti-ISIS Strikes Killed Civilians
Set to Begin, US Plan for Syrian Rebels Already Mired in Doubt
'Death Everywhere' in Aleppo
Fertilizer, Also Suited for Bombs, Flows to ISIS Territory From Turkey
Two UN Peacekeepers Wounded by Syria Mortars on Golan Heights
Israeli Guards Shoot Palestinian Attacker in Jerusalem: Police
Palestinians Protest to UN Over Detention of 9-Year-Old From East Jerusalem
Probe Into Palestinian Teen's Death Deeply Flawed, Documents Show
Police: Ethiopian Israeli Protesters 'Crossed Red Line'
Likud Lashes Out at Lieberman for Choosing Opposition
Shas Signs Coalition Agreement With Likud
Palestinians Forced to Live in 'Fridges of Death' After Gaza War
Discussing Police, Iran President Pushes Against Hard-Liners
American Prisoner Resumes Hunger Strike Over Languishing Case
France, Saudi Arabia: Iran Nuclear Deal Must Avoid Destabilizing Region
Canada Appeals Against Bail for Omar Khadr, Youngest Ever Guantánamo Prisoner
Actor in Venezuela Film 'Bad Hair' Is Killed in Police Shootout
Panama's Noriega to Be Tried for Activist's Disappearance
The War at Home
Gunman in Texas Was FBI Suspect in Jihad Inquiry
Fox News Apologizes for Baltimore Police Shooting Report: 'We Screwed Up'
Obama to Tap Gen. Joseph Dunford to Top Military Post
Former CIA Leader Defends Drone Strikes, Torture
Clinton Willing to Testify Once to Benghazi Panel: Lawyer
US Has 'Super Responsibilities' as Superpower: Congressman Al Green
Suicide Bomber Targets Afghan Civil Servants' Bus in Kabul
Afghan Talks Agree on Reopening Taliban Political Office
Gangsters Release Kidnapped Pakistani Police
US Cannot Confirm al-Qaeda Claim in Blogger's Killing in Bangladesh
Two Ukrainian Servicemen Killed in Eastern Ukraine
Gunmen in Nigerian Military Gears Kill Scores in Plateau Villages
Nigeria's Boko Haram in Disarray as Government Forces Advance
Troops Kill 28 Suspected Militants in Central Nigeria: Military
Libya Peace Plan Faces Immediate Rejection From Rival Government
Egypt: 'I Am a Journalist, Not a Criminal'
Burundi Protests: Three Killed in Bujumbura
Kerry Says Kenya Has Role in Resolving Somalia, South Sudan Conflicts
Somalia's Government Ban Al-Shabab Name From Media
Central African Republic Opens Forum That Aims to End Conflict
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